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A comparison of the differences between the american independent film clerks and the hollywood film

Movie pauses, waiting for signal to arrive 5. Film festivals still ideal 7. Internet being flooded with films Hard to be noticed Longer notes on independent film and the web: Difficulty for many film makers. Next to impossible to get into distribution.

Gary Zeidenstein and Amine Bitar made an independent movie: Typical of many Indies. They tried film festivals but there was so much competition that they were often rejected. So they set up a web site to publicize their film and show it on-line. They also opened the site to other filmmakers and were besieged with submissions. Always Independent Films www. It is one of at least 2 dozen sites showing films as filmmakers block to what could be a new means of distribution.

Some independent film makers hope the Web will let them bypass Hollywood and reach viewers directly. Or that they can use the web to drum up huge publicity as the makers of the Blair Witch Project did.

BWP was a low budget amateur film that became a blockbuster in movie theaters after generating a buzz with a clever and appealing web site. The use of digital film and the Internet may have a profound influence on filmmaking, reducing costs of making and distributing the product.

Lower the bar and more may come in. Such a popularization has already happened in music, with garage bands now distributing their music directly over the web by using the MP3 protocol. The Internet could also provide a market for short films, which now have few outlets. Short films are more suitable for the web than full length features because it takes hours to download a long film using a conventional personal computer modem.

Problems with movies on the Internet. Long download times 3. Movie sometimes pauses, waiting for more of the signal to arrive But all of these problems should diminish as more people get high speed access. There is little or no money to be made by showing movies on the Internet. Most web sites do not pay filmmakers for their movies because many are happy just to get the exposure. And most sites do not charge viewers to see the movies, hoping instead to support themselves with advertising.

Some of the sites plan pay per view services or offer video cassettes for sale, but it is far from certain that any of the movie sites will be self supporting. One site that does charge viewers, Sightsound. In April the site offered the movie PI, which had been in theaters, and fewer than people viewed it.

One way around the technical limitations of the Internet is to use it to sell videocassettes. Sokolow said the exposure helped them land another job directing a sitcom for a web site.

He said that he and Mr.

A comparison of the differences between the american independent film clerks and the hollywood film

Lobl had not interested big studios in the movie. Todd Lincoln, 33 year old from Tulsa, parlayed his exposure on the web into a job making music videos. Lincoln made 2 films Honeypot, Xavier that are among the most widely watched on Ifilm. David Garrett, a writer and producer of the film, said he and his partner, Jason Ward, had received many inquiries since the film appeared and had closed a deal to produce a pilot for Fox TV.

Still, the odds are very long.

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Always Independent Films says that 3 films on its site have attracted distributors, including Mr. It was licensed by a company that will try to place it in video stores. The problem is that the very advantage of the web -- its low barrier to entry -- is also a disadvantage because so many films are being shown there that it is hard for one to rise above the crowd. And having a film freely available on the web can discourage a profit minded distributor from picking it up. Then there is the image quality.

  • The signs of the burgeoning of the digital age portended revolutionary change;
  • He said that he and Mr;
  • He drinks his coffee out of a lid of the cookie jar;
  • Miramax began an unbroken, eleven-year streak lasting from 1992 until 2002, of Best Picture-nominated films each year, beginning with The Crying Game 1992;
  • Ripley 1999 , and The Cider House Rules 1999;
  • Film festivals still ideal 7.

Azaroff, commenting on the picture quality. Another film maker said that it is mainly kids who contact him after seeing his short film on the web. The inquiries from industry execs have come from film festivals or videocassette mailings. Making oneself heard on the web can require aggressive marketing. Two first time filmmakers Terry Keefe and Michael Wechsler, of LA not only put trailers of their "Slaves of Hollywood" on some movie web sites but they also sent out hundreds of email messages with links to those sites.

How to find independent movies. Reviews on line or in newspaper, magazines. Look for the less than big budget shows. Identify a few good directors and watch for their work. It is witty and poignant look at a reunion of s activists on the verge of adulthood. One of the results: It is a captivating look at a variety of issues, including racial prejudice and drug addiction. Examines the controversy through the eyes of individual ball players.

Rather than simple caricatures, each man is seen as having complex reasons for agreeing or refusing to throw the World Series. Sayles relies on visuals a lot: Somber study of life in a mid sized contemporary American town, weaving several story lines together.

Story of a girl living with her grandparents in County Donegal. Sayles wrote and directed this film, which tells of a Texas sheriff trying to unravel the life and death of his father, who had been sheriff 15 years earlier.

Dealt with some tough issues: Nearly 40 years after the mysterious disappearance of brutal Sheriff Charley Wade Kris Kristoffersonhis skeletal remains are unearthed outside the tiny border town of Frontera, Texas. One Internet movie review site: Sayles attempts to show how authority uses history to construct the borders that separate countries, communities and individuals.

Applying the Auteur Theory to Kevin Smith

Spanish language political road movie to be released through Sony Pictures Classics. Fictional Latin American country resembling civil-war torn Guatemala. Three week filming period.

Grainy, low budget, black and white movie about low-renting living in a New Jersey suburb. Much of Clerks is extremely funny and dead on; intentionally satirical. While Dante attempts to get through his unrewarding non-career with as much patience, politeness and dignity as he can muster, Randal is openly abusive of his customers. When the story begins, Dante has been forced to work the a.

Things go from bad to worse: His relief shift never shows. He misses his afternoon hockey game. During this time, he attempts to hold his hockey game on the convenience store roof, visits a funeral and goes a few rounds with the women in his life. Together they have a scuzzy charm.

Desson Howe, Washington Post: Smith satirizes the various types that come into the convenience store: Its hero, Dante Hicks, is a clerk in a convenience store and his friend Randal works next door in the video store. Both stores are in a strip mall in Asbury Park, N. The movie has the attitude of a gas station attendant who tells you to check your own oil.

They are tired and bored, underpaid and unlucky in love, and their encounters with customers feel like a series of psychological tests. He sleeps in his clothes closet. He drinks his coffee out of a lid of the cookie jar.

He gets in desultory conversations with customers who are opposed to cigarettes, or looking for porno magazines or claim the vacant-eye guy leaning against the building is a heavy metal star from Russia.

Randal, next door, is working in the kind of video store with a stock so bad that he goes to another store when he wants to rent a video.

  • Existing alongside mainstream Hollywood film production is that of the independents;
  • But, if nothing else, Sex, Lies And Videotape kickstarted the career of Steven Soderburgh, which in itself would make it one of the most important films of its era.

He has customers with questions like: Do you have that one with that guy who was in that movie last year? And he discusses deep cinematic questions with Dante, such as: But it is not all that it seems; they become good friends and when the friendship leads to intimacy, crises of all sizes and stipulations bubble and boil.

Holden falls hard, only to find out that she is a lesbian. Alyssa is seriously confounded by her attraction to a male, not to mention disturbed by being deserted by her sisterhood support system. But even as Holden finds himself coming to terms with being in love with someone who has heretofore loved only women, and perhaps losing his best friend and collaborator, he is confronted with a revelation that presents an entirely new dilemma.

20 directors who broke through at Sundance

Kevin made it comfortable for everyone who made us feel safe enough to go deeper than we might ordinarily have. No, my insecurities stem from the fear of having to measure up to somebody Spike Lee Born Spike Lee represents one of a new breed of black film makers who are seeking alternate routes of distribution, financing, marketing and exhibition to achieve greater control of black on screen images. Released by Island Pictures in The studios are not doing me any favors by giving me money to do my films.