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A personal account of spending time in my living room

So to me, one of the most important parts of self care is being alone. As a natural introvert, being surrounded by people all the time is draining. Every so often, I need time by myself to relax and recharge.

In 2014, my boyfriend and I decided to pack up everything and moved to Montana. We had been living together in Florida for the past year and it had been terrible. So we decided to move to a state neither of us had ever been to and start anew. At the same company. In the same department. Moving somewhere new with your S.

You have to build all new relationships. So what can happen is you become this weird island together. We needed some guidelines to figure out the best way for both of us to get the alone time we desperately needed. Here are some things we figured out to help us get some time alone: Have your own designated spaces This is kind of challenging pending on the size of the place you live, but try and have spaces within your home that you can get some separation without having to physically leave.

Loneliness and isolation

If you only live in a one bedroom apartment, you can try having one spend time doing things in the bedroom, one in the living room. Set time every so often to stay in these spaces separately and not bother one another.

Ten easy steps to happier living

It might not give a full charge on your alone time batteries, but it will definitely help. Often times, we would get invited out as a duo. At first, I felt pressure to always go with. How would it look if he always went, and I always stayed home? I wanted to go home and have some time to myself while my S.

Those hours he was gone gave me a chance to recharge my social batteries. As it turns out, everyone was fine with it. I had been pushing myself for nothing.

  • It's been nine months on my own and a difficult adjustment;
  • Decent apartments can be hard to come by in Manhattan, so it's all hands on deck, trying to help with the search;
  • Build trust gradually, take it slow and accept your new friend as they are;
  • But despite the worldwide prevalence, living alone isn't really discussed, or understood;
  • Not long ago, someone who was dissatisfied with their spouse and wanted a divorce had to justify that decision.

Set aside time for activities outside of your home So this is beneficial for two different reasons. Firstly, it gives both you and your significant other time alone in your home. That way, both of you get some time to zen out completely alone in your own space. Also, you both have the opportunity to be out by yourself. Personally, I find a lot of joy in being out by myself. The point is, setting time aside to do exactly what you want to do by yourself is freeing.

However, if you set some down some rules and boundaries, it gets a lot easier. At the end of the day, it only will make your relationship stronger. Do you have any tips on getting alone time when you live with your significant other? Share in the comments below!