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A study into reflection and the factors it achieves

  • The alternative promoted involves investigating and focusing upon multiple factors and their complex inter-relationships; this includes factors in the larger social context, sources of stress in the social context, adaptive strengthsin the population, evidence of resiliency, and effective coping strategies in response to stress;
  • This has included providing websites that feature e-health videos, as well as disseminating e-health avatar videos—all of which have been evaluated in doctoral dissertation research;
  • A focus can then be placed upon which attempts to cope with stress in the social context reflect maladaptive affective, behavioral, and cognitive coping responses—versus those deemed to reflect adaptive affective, behavioral and cognitive coping responses;
  • The result is that the RGDH is well positioned to address a wide variety of health disparities through the systematic application of sound ethical principles that guide the execution of the mission, ensuring high quality in our multi-faceted work.