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An overview of the amityville horror novel by john g jones

History[ edit ] In an interview after George and Kathy took lie detector tests they revealed for the first time to the public that they were still experiencing paranormal problems. At the time they were in the process of writing three books: Amityville II" which would tell of their continuing ordeal. Two books were never published Until a few years later with Amityville: The Evil Escapes but a year later John.

G Jones took interest in re-writing "A Force of Magnitude: Plot[ edit ] The Lutz family barely escapes 112 Ocean Ave. While fleeing Amityville, they are attacked, but got away. They arrive at Kathy's mother's house, where they think they are safe. Soon after, George is awoken by a supernatural force.

George and Kathy realize that they are being followed. Over the next few days, Kathy and her mother spot Missy playing with Jodie. Events plague the family. They get The Amityville Horror published and have to deal not only with the supernatural, but skeptics and a never ending line of press.

Criticisms[ edit ] This book like the previous was also released as a "true story".

Amityville Horror: Untold Stories

It was criticized that much of the story seems to be fictional. Some have said that the book is an easy work of fiction that feeds off of the success of the original story. The most controversial part of the book is the completely new version of the 28th night.

Amityville: The Final Chapter

Changes from the first book[ edit ] There are numerous changes from what was told in the first book. The final night in the original book was very intense and moved very quickly. In "Amityville II" the ending is re written and very similar to the film version.

The Amityville Horror II

In this version, George and Kathy calmly leave the house, with George even going back into the house to grab some pairs of clothes. The biggest film similarity is when the family realizes they almost left Harry behind, causing George to run back to the house although in the book George runs down the driveway and into the boathouse. The night at Kathy's mother's house is also changed greatly.

In "Amityville II" it begins right after they leave the house. The first night at Kathy's mother's house is also re-written. Validity[ edit ] In numerous interviews, the Lutz family claimed they were followed by what was at the house.

Hans Holzer in his investigation of the property discovered that the house is allegedly built on an Indian burial ground. He also suggests that Defeo was possessed by the Indian chief only because he wanted him out of the house. Therefore, according to Holzer, the Lutz family was not followed by the ghosts. However, demonologist Lorraine Warren specifically said that the force in the house was not bound there, implying they could have been followed.