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An overview of the novel jurassic park by michael crichton

How goes a great month? Month of love, eh? On the fictional Isla Nublar near Costa Rica, a billionaire philanthropist and a small team of genetic scientists create a wildlife park of cloned dinosaurs.

Jurassic Park (novel)

When an incident results in the death of an employee, Jurassic Park owner John Hammond brings in three specialists to sign off on the park to calm investors. Well, read on, then. Even though I remember the dinosaurs more than the people, the characters are different enough to stand away from one another, and their motives and motivations are sound. For a thriller, this works just fine.

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One thing that pricked me, though, was the underrepresentation of characters of colour. All characters that mattered at all were alluded to be white. Sure, there was the Haitian maid stereotypeBlack safari valets stereotypeand the one main character of colour, Dr Henry Wu, the Asian whiz recruited directly out of college stereoooooootype!

But come on, really? Not every time black guy servant; sometimes, black guy tech whiz or billionaire. The underrepresentation of women in the book put me quite off as well. The main cast featured ONE woman not counting the little girl, Alex, who was also portrayed as a whiny little brat—not good at allEllie Sattler, who in my opinion, seemed like she was thrown in as an afterthought.

Though Ellie is an important part of the cast in her role as a paleobotanistshe was given far less page time than the men. Before any decisions can be made, something goes wrong. They find a way to survive. They find a way to blow the park out of existence. He immediately turns it bittersweet. The Government of Costa Rica clamps down on the survivors and keeps them in the country. At least, not now.

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Not in the next few years. Not until the Government is absolutely sure no dinosaur got away and is wreaking havoc somewhere in the middle of town. I dunno how I felt about that ending. Everything is split into chunks of titled sequences, most shorter than usual chapter length, but still containing one to three scenes within.

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  • Finally I realized that the fascination with dinosaurs was permanent.

Further down the book, the scenes get shorter, making it a quick and pacy read. It sort of freshened the reading experience for me, breaking away from the more rigid chapter system. Reading the book, though, I see that Jurassic Park is about much more. Under all that fun of running around with dinosaurs, there are stern critiques of science. Of the commercialization of scientific advances and the ungodly mix of scientific advancements and capitalist consumerism.

That keeping such nature controlled was in its own way, an imbalance. And because this is odd in fiction, it threw me off at first, then just as quickly, drew me again.

Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

I think it goes to teach a key point here: Forget about how Achebe did it, forget about how Stephen King did it; if it works, do it! The story is strong and the premise is fresh. So, is it a great book? Will I recommend it to you? Yes, if you wanna take a break from slow, boggy literature and hit a drag of something fast, pacy.

Jurassic Park

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  • He was looking at the graceful, curving neck of an enormous creature, rising fifty feet into the air;
  • Not in the next few years;
  • In the end, it is a mystery.

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