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An review of lessons from playing basketball

He has a great patience with his students. He teaches my son 8 yo from the fundamentals. My son loves to be with coach Mickey and learns a lot basketball skills from him.

Mickey is a great basketball coach. I have been working with him for about the past half a year; I have learned a lot from him. He is very insightful and can point out where I did wrong in an instant.

Also training with him is very fun! I strongly recommend him. Coach Mickey is nice and patient. Just one class with him, I am able to improve my game. Seems that I have been playing with wrong and inefficient fundamentals.

  • My son can improve ball handling and shooting skills;
  • Our son loves Mickey's attitude and positive spirit.

I really look forward to work with coach Mickey further more. Coach Mickey is an amazing coach. My son has recently started his basketball sessions with him.

He is very calm ,patient and makes learning a lot of fun. My son loves the way he teaches and always looks forward to having his next class with him.

We are glad to have him as a coach for our son. Coach Mickey is awesome! My son can improve ball handling and shooting skills. Now he feels confident to play basketball in games.

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Mickey has patient and a small group seems to work well for kids to improve their skills. Mickey has done a great job with our son, who is a late-starter in basketball, starting at age 14. Mickey helped him build the skills to play the game. Our son loves Mickey's attitude and positive spirit.

  • He teaches my son 8 yo from the fundamentals;
  • My son started with 1:

His feedback is always constructive which helps him to build skills while building confidence. He makes things fun which keeps him enjoying the game.

Over the years we've had many kids take lessons with many coaches in many different sports and, in our opinion, Mickey is as good as it gets. Mickey was amazing with my son. He was so vested in helping him get good at basketball, he was practically like an older brother. Mickey took a 360 approach to getting good at bball - focussing on basic fitness skills, as well as shooting skills and team play approaches and strategy.

Often times Mickey would invite my son to just play actual games with his friends, and then give him feedback after. It helped my son feel and become very confident in the game.

Would recommend Mickey any day! Coach Mickey was amazing! I was visiting the area from Los Angeles with my nephew and he eats and breathes basketball. I looked up some programs in the Mountain View area and we found Mickey in Sunnyvale. His price was very reasonable and will be willing to give you a discount if you purchase multiple lessons.

My nephew was very shy on the first day but Mickey does a great job of breaking the ice. I was skeptical at first but after the second day I was able to see a lot of improvement in my nephews shooting, footwork, and layups. The only downside is that I wanted my nephew to join a group lesson but we weren't able to partner him up with anyone at the time. Regardless, I think it was a great investment and I would highly recommend Coach Mickey to any beginners.

Coach Mickey is very attentive and he was such a great help to my nephew to improve his skills in basketball. I would highly recommend him. My nephew loved the group sessions because he was able to interact with others at his skill level and work harder to improve.

I've always played basketball with my friends or pick up games at the park, but I never really had the chance to learn the basic fundamentals. Coach Mickey has elevated my game to another level just by going over simple techniques and drills. He's a fantastic instructor that understands the concept of individual skills and team play.

Coach Mickey is amazing! I have been working on improving my basketball skills with him for a short time now,and I can confidently say I an review of lessons from playing basketball learned a ton! He definitely knows what he is doing and always encourages me to be my best on the court! I started picking up basketball in middle school but had no formal training.

I knew some basics but didn't know how to advance. Coach Mickey is patient, encouraging and has taught me many things to improve my skills. He pushes me to strive for excellence but never fails to encourage me when I don't get it, and keeps showing me in different ways how to do it right. After a couple of sessions with him, I was excited to find out that I can do what I thought I can't or easily gave up before, and I look forward to achieving more "mission impossible" in the future!

I am really thankful to be coached by him! Our son has been training with Coach Mickey for the last month. We see great progress on his footwork and posture. He looks forward to his training every week. Thanks Coach for being such an encouraging and positive teacher. Coach Mickey is great he has a great and simple way to teach the kid the fundamentals without stressing them to do it right, it's starts with the one thing you need.

I also have taken a class myself and it was fun, and i was in a group class with another person and it was competitive. It was competitive because he would always say first one to how ever many baskets which made it some more fun. We also played against each other so he could tell us to play live and we would play live 1 vs.

  • I strongly recommend him;
  • Baseball review the rules of baseball are adapted in this lesson that provides review practice for students with a little creativity;
  • I've always played basketball with my friends or pick up games at the park, but I never really had the chance to learn the basic fundamentals.

In conclusion if your looking for a great beginner or intermediate coach' Coach Mickey is the best coach to go to for that! Coach Mickey was an excellent coach. He is passionate about teaching basketball skills to kids.

My kid is extremely interested in basketball and he is always been very honest and been an excellent mentor to my kid. I highly recommend him for any one who want to excel in basketball skills. Mickey is a great teacher. He is patient and has a very pleasant personality.

He points out precisely what needs to be improved. My son likes his style of coaching a lot. We had our first lesson with Mickey and he was terrific. But maybe you should take my kids' word for it - they give him "one million out of five stars.

An review of lessons from playing basketball

He strikes a good balance of being challenging and also encouraging. He is kind and funny with the kids, and my interactions with him have been responsive and respectful. I think he will be a fantastic role model for my boys age 7 and 9. Mickey has been coaching my son recently. He is a very patient, responsible and reliable person. My son started with 1: Mickey listens very attentively to what my son wants to improve on and recommends the right drills.

My son absolutely enjoys the lessons and he always looks forward to it. I am so glad to have Mickey as his coach. Our kids just recently started basketball training with Mickey, doing some individual and some group sessions.

We are very happy with his knowledge, insight, and attitude. The kids seem to be improving, and they enjoy going.

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Coach Mickey is great! We seem a lot of improvement since my son started with him about a month ago taking both private and group lessons with him. He is very patient and works well with kids. He begins with basic and focusing on fundamentals making sure the kids practice proper forms.

Our son tells us he learns new skills after each lesson.

We highly recommend him! Coach Mickey This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. Learn more 37 reviews.