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Best way to improve public health is by increasing the number of sports facilities

Wednesday, 04 April 2018 12: Some people say that the best way to improve public health is by increasing the number of sports facilities. Others, however, say that this would have little effect on public health and that other measures are required. Discuss both these views and give your opinion. To improve public health some people suggest that the sports can play a vital role. By increasing the number of sports facilities we can create an environment of courage, sportsmanship, and tolerance.

Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample | Increasing The Number Of Sports Facilities Will Improve Public Health

The minds of youth can also be directed towards healthy activities through sports promotion. However, some people believe that sports facilities alone are not sufficient to improve public health.

These factors need to be addressed to improve overall public health. Speaking of flourishing poverty, inflation, and unemployment — availing sports facilities could be a luxury. And then there is a vast majority of areas deprived of basic health facilities, where one doctor is available for thousands of people.

Sports can play a role but only if people are content with their lives. There is a dire need for government to take solid actions to improve the general well-being of the people. Firstly, it must improve the security situation in the country to give peace of mind to the public.

Thirdly, the society must improve general hygiene level to have a positive impact on overall public health. Public health has been always one of the sophisticated issues in each society and over last several years, there have been done lots of efforts by governments to improve public health in some countries.

However, some believe that extending sports facilities in each corner of the country can have a deep effect on this matter; some other opine that other ways would be more appreciated to have a healthy society. So this essay has tried to cover both of mentioned views and then will suggest one of the best strategies to increase health indicators. Availability of the sports facilities can make a situation that anyone in any place can do exercise and undeniably it affects some parameters of public health in a society.

However, making sports facilities in each street or residential areas can have a bit effect on public health, this cannot encourage people to do exercise lonely.

Hence, public awareness about the role of exercising in health would be considered besides extending gems. For example, Media should concern more about the public health and broadcast some suitable programs to show the importance of exercising on physical and mind health.

Also, there should be held several meeting in schools and universities to invite people to go to gems by describing its benefits. A group of people believe that by adding more sports facilities in the community, it will increase the public awareness about a healthy lifestyle. On the contrary, others think that the idea is ineffective and they believe that there are other ways which are more effective and efficient.

The following essay will discuss in details about the two statements. On the one hand, some people think that the best solution for improving public health is by providing a lot of sports facilities in the society. The existence of jogging tracks facilities, athletic fields, basketball hall or football ground in residential areas would trigger the residents in doing some exercises. With the increasing number of people who do physical exercises, it is expected that the rate of several diseases which are caused by unhealthy lifestyles, such as diabetics, heart attack or obesity would be reduced.

Consequently, public health expenditures would be declined and could be allocated for other important aspects such as education or public transportation. On the other hand, another group of people believe that building some sports facilities in the community would not be effective without health education campaigns.

It is undeniable that health campaign is an essential matter since it is important to open the mind of the public about having a healthy lifestyle. The campaign should be well prepared, socialised properly best way to improve public health is by increasing the number of sports facilities implemented thoroughly, therefore, the public will get the awareness about healthy lifestyles.

Once people have realised about the lifestyles, then they would utilise the sports facilities that have been built by the Government. In conclusion, several people think that adding more sports facilities in the neighbourhood would improve the public health, but others believe that it would only have a small effect. There are other things that should also be prepared besides building the facilities. In my opinion, I do believe that building some sports facilities in residential areas should be aligned with health education campaigns, therefore, the facilities would be utilised by the public.

The government has a vested interest in the mental and physical well-being of its citizens. In the recent years, there is an increased spend by Government to improve the sports infrastructure to encourage people to stay healthy.

But, it can be argued that providing sports facilities alone will not be enough to motivate the people to stay fitter but other incentives are required to make the people stay fit.

This essay analyses the benefits of Government actions to promote public health and suggests other methods that can be employed to improve them. Firstly, physical and psychological benefits created by sports activities contribute to a better healthy body. Regular practice of games like badminton and basketball increases the heart rate and burns the deposited fat from the body that in turn can help improve the health of the individuals. Furthermore, engaging in games can improve the concentration and relieve stress accumulated at the workplace.

Thus, sports-related activities help the people in leading a healthy lifestyle. However, the bigger challenge for the Government is to create awareness about the health and instil interest in their mind to engage in sports-related activities.

Creating sports facilities in several places of cities may not generate a lot of interest among the public to use them. They have to create awareness campaigns and incentivise the sports facilities so that the general public can appreciate the benefits of using them. It can be achieved by advertisement campaigns and special prizes for good attendance.

In conclusion, Government should aim at creating a healthy society by not only creating sports facilities but also encourage public to use the facilities. I strongly believe that Governments following the above-mentioned actions will lead to a healthy society. There are those who claim that the best way to uplift public health is through adding more sports facilities. However, others say that this would produce few effects on public health and that other alternatives are needed.

These views will now be discussed and I will give my opinion at the end of the essay. Some people believe that having a lot of sports facilities is the best way to improve public health.

IELTS Essay Correction: Improve Public Health By Increasing Sports Facilities – 1.

In our community, for instance, members of the local council in cooperation with youth sector proposed the constitution of a gymnasium was finished early last year. It became the venue for different events not only within our community but also the neighbouring community. Since the construction of the sports facility, the local health station reported a significant decrease in clinic visit of the locals.

On the other hand, other people think sports facilities will have a little effect on public health and that other measures are needed.

They believe that there are activities that are more effective and more important, health programs for example. For them, having an activity that everyone can participate in is more effective than building more sports facilities.

Perhaps activities, like conducting a daily exercise or helping the local health department in locating ill people within the community, would be a greater help. As for my experience, I was once a volunteer in our health station wherein we do look for people in the community needing health attention and we refer them to the municipal health office for evaluation and treatment. In conclusion, I think both views are of great help in improving public health. We, the residents, to the best of our ability should cooperate and help our community leaders in improving public health.

Many people believe that sports facilities are essential for improving public health as sporting activity helps to maintain body diet. But sports facility is not the only solution to improve public health. While a healthy place lets us live a healthy life, living in a dirty place and bad foods lead to numbers of health problems.

In my opinion, other measures are required to improve public health along with the increase of sports facilities. Sports facilities are very important for public health either directly or indirectly. If you exercise regularly, you will have less disease than others who do not exercise at all. Beside this, doctors always prescribe to walk in the morning for controlling various diseases like diabetes. Moreover, sports facilities let the children grow healthy and tall.

Furthermore, to the fact, sporting activity keeps you away from getting addicted to alcohol or drugs. So, the importance of sports facility cannot be ignored in any way. On the other hand, other measures like reducing water contamination, environmental pollution, air and sound pollution etc. Doctors always prescribe for fresh air which is very important for healthiness.

Moreover, there are a number of deadly viruses transmits via air and water. So, if we can reduce air and water pollution, it will help to improve public health certainly. Finally, everybody needs to understand the reasons behind health deterioration. All specialist doctor related to public health emphasises the importance of pollution free environment, balanced diet as well as an increase of sports facilities.

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In my opinion, various measures need to be taken to improve public health by the appropriate authority rather than concentrating on a particular issue like increasing sports facilities only. Certain people believe that to improve people's physical condition more gyms and similar infrastructural objects have to be built. Opponents state that these actions will not be productive and other actions have to be made.

In my opinion, although sports facilities are increasingly gaining in popularity, they cannot noticeably affect the population's health. Initially, it is obvious that gyms have always been a decent alternative to nightclubs or bars, considering that youngsters are often visitors there. As we know, our ancestors did a lot of physical works during their lives. Therefore we ought to visit fitness centres to load ourselves with exercises; otherwise, you will be weak and maybe even taken ill.

The main problem is the growing number of these facilities does not mean that more visitors will come. Moreover, there are other important aspects of well-being.

For example, a proper diet without red meat and sugar might be healthier than a morning jog. The government should pay more attention to advertising healthful organic groceries thereby reducing a consumption of food full of chemicals and pesticides.

Secondly, the concept of fit lifestyle has to be introduced and become a compulsory part of school education. Lastly, to prevent addictions and improve public health prices on alcohol and tobacco products may be increased.

In conclusion, to improve public health objects such as swimming pools, stadiums and gyms are required. However other measures focused on healthy diet, advertising organic food or proper education will be more beneficial. Without health no one can lead a good life because good health is essential for people to work, to think, even to lead a basic life.

There are strong reasons behind on both the views. However, I opt to the fact that sports activity is not enough for good health because a perfect man needs both physical and mental activity and other factors like proper diet, awareness among people, health care facilities and a healthy lifestyle also contribute towards a healthy life.