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Detective don and the absent minded jewel thief

And the more, the merrier! Heiji and Hakuba are also coming to help, to what will turn out to be a fight to death against the Black Organization. Will the Gosho Boys and their allies be able to win? Let's say you'll have the 4 Gosho Boys, as I promised: Cooperation "- So, Tantei-kun, where did you hide it?

He was sitting on the couch, in Kogoro's living room, hands tied behind him, and Kid's face was close to his. I searched the whole flat and couldn't put my hands on it. You already gave it to the FBI? Or is it still by your IT specialist? Didn't we agree last time we would work together? What did They tell you? Did They do anything to Aoko-san? He then shrugged as a sign of defeat.

Detective don and the absent minded jewel thief

His wallet is downstairs on his desk by the way. The mastermind changed, he's far more of a psycho than the first. They were clear about the fact they won't hesitate killing her if I don't do what they say. Nothing too serious, I think. At the bell, Agasa opened his door to look at a familiar face. You just got me quite scared there" he confessed while closing the door.

The resemblance detective don and the absent minded jewel thief quite striking. I hope she finishes soon, I'm getting tired of fast-food I must say. Though you better not repeat it to her, I'll get scolded for my high calories intake. Who's that Nii-chan with you? Let me introduce to you the Kaitou Kid.

And I wanted to double check everything. Broadly, all the data on the card is coded, so it's quite a pain to get anything out of it. I had to decide what I was looking for and determine the file's characteristics to identify it by the frame only. Did you find the APTX 4869 formula? I've found something that looks like it, indeed, that's one of the part of the chip I decrypted.

I need to lead a few more tests to be sure, so don't get too much excited at the moment. We can only copy the parts I decifer, which is, as I said, a long process.

You said you would give me that chip out of free will but we both need it. And I can't take the risk to show up at the trade without the real thing. I'm already working day and night on the chip and you can see the results after 4 days. Give me one subject to focus on. He wanted his own body back really badly but then, what? He would put everyone in danger if he stayed with them, as he would top on the hunting list from the men in black. Still no future with Ran in there. He sighted and lifted his eyes to Haibara.

Now we need to work on the plan for the exchange. I don't want to imply the FBI, as I was supposed to give them the card and I don't think they'd like the idea of me using it as a bait but with just the 2 of us. I'll call Hattori, I think he'll be able to help with the plan and coordination during the operation at least. Do you have anyone on your side? You're used to work with at least an accomplice, right?

I may have someone else, it'll be a pain in the butt but he's efficient and intelligent and he'll probably be in, at least for Aoko. Don' see why I can't do that at yar house.

Conan was facing him in the other couch, his face hesitating between concern, as the teen was still looking a bit feeble, and amusement, at the idea he probably defied - again - his father. I just have ta call twice a day an' Kazuka'll come tomorrow ta "look after me". Was already hard avoiding her skippin' school today. If it's just fer paperwork, I can help.

Just don' ask me too often ta get up from th's couch. Behave, or I'll throw you through the room just like he does. He turned his head to the door when the bell rang. Sorry for intruding, my fellow classmate decided I had to pay you a courtesy detective don and the absent minded jewel thief. You see, I wanted to show you. Though, nothing surprising coming from an unmannered man like you.

We have to go back in time, 8 years ago, when Kaitou Kid was a well-known international thief. He was approached by a certain organization, who wanted him to help them to find and steal a specific jewel, a doublet they used to call Pandora. After working a while with them, he concluded the men were some disreputable characters, even for a thief, so he was determined to stop their collaboration.

He also decided to prevent them from reaching their goal and became a thief only targeting jewels, trying to find before them the Pandora and destroy it. But the organization was quite the powerful one and discovered Kid's identity.

Having his name, it wasn't hard to plan an "accident" during one of his many magic shows, as the Thief was also a magician outside his secret life. I decided to take over from my father by targeting jewels to find the ones who murdered him, whatever the consequences. Fame, wealth, I don't care about all that, I just want justice. I think you understand I won't be any softer in trying to catch you during the heists just because you told me the truth?

Detective don and the absent minded jewel thief

No, what's important now is the second part of the story. Their goal was to have me work for them, so they try and found a leverage. Don't you dare think I don't worry about her.

I'm hurt, I need ta built up back som' strength!

  1. As Barry prepared to drive away, the windshield shattered, spraying slivers of glass in both eyes. After two years in his shrunken form, Conan had started to see the Karate girl as nothing more than an elder sister.
  2. Harry Aronson, house guests, they departed in an expensive roadster.
  3. One more thing You depend on Slate for sharp, distinctive coverage of the latest developments in politics and culture. When the shrunken boy voiced his worries about showing up unannounced, the other said everything would be just fine.

He got a grip on himself. I noticed you tended to forget the "niisan" a lot today.

  • The trivia concerns Barry, who was remembered in Worcester, Massachusetts, as "a kid crook;
  • As Shinichi appeared no more than eight, it would have looked very weird if they objected;
  • Monahan, on the other hand, fancied himself a ladies man, and it was his attempt to juggle two women that contributed to his arrest;
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Last time I checked, I'm quite sure the handsome meitantei I am wasn't 7 years old. He looked at the other teen as to share the joke but both their faces were straight.

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Feeling it was perhaps not a joke at all, he lost his smile and turned back to Conan. Would you mind enlighten me about that little mystery? We are speaking about an international structure, with many men, probably infiltrated in high Japanese authorities, police included.

I accidently met them 6 months ago and they left me for dead after feeding me with some unknown drug. When I woke up, I was under this shrunken form. I've decided to keep a low profile and took "Edogawa Conan" alias since. And Hattori-kun's your side-kick? Wanna do another pyjamas party with the 3 of us? But the idea of him ready for everything for Aoko's sake was fun: Your review has been posted.