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Explain the strategic purpose of school support staff

  1. Here are some of them and a short description of their roles. Pupil support staff are responsible for pupils outside the classroom, break, lunchtime and outside school hours.
  2. Administrative or office staff- who oversee processes and services supporting the whole school.
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SENCO, d teachers and e support staff roles. Governors The governing body is responsible for the conduct of its schools and must promote high standards of educational achievement at the school.

It appoints and performance manages the head teacher, agreeing the school improvement strategy which includes setting statutory targets with supporting budgets and staffing structures. In addition it holds the head teacher to account for the performance of the school and ensures that parents are involved, consulted and informed as appropriate, with information to the community being made available as required.

In order to do this, governors need to gain knowledge of how their school operates through training, by attending meetings and by getting to know their school community, for example through a small number of visits to the school during the school day.

The strategic purpose of members of the school team

Governors need to work together as a team, under the leadership of the chair of the governing body. Most governing bodies require their governors to sign a code of practice. Senior management team The senior management team is usually made up of the head teacher and deputy head.

However depending on the school size the team could be bigger and more varied.

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Their role is to set the strategic direction of the school and then manage this, lead any changes and generally make sure that the school is doing the best it can for the children who attend. They must be aware of the current state of the school, be imaginative in launching new and relevant initiatives in a way that can get the whole school behind the idea, be diligent in keeping track of these initiatives and their progress.

Other statutory roles e. Teachers Teachers prepare lessons and try to make them as interesting as possible. They prepare homework assignments and assessments.

They ensure that the information they pass on is current and correct to the best of their knowledge. They do not judge any of their students.

Schools as organisations Essay

Support staff roles This refers to employees allocated to work in schools to assist administrators, teachers and school councillors to address special educational needs within the school. They work under the supervision of school principles and the direction of certified teachers.

They must be versatile, well trained and multi skilled in order to fulfil the requirements of their respective roles.

Support staff could include LSAs, educational psychologists and healthcare professionals. This is what I put for these and as I said in my last post this was all marked and given back as being fine. Laura Avoid plagiarism by not copy and pasting this member's work Purple-2706.