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Islam religion belief in allah and affirmation of his oneness

I seek refuge in Allah from the evils of the accursed satan. Allah is Most Great: We are the people who have accepted Allah; we believe in the one God and follow His Messenger, Prophet Muhammad, who brought us the holy words of the second kalimah: For whom are these words meant?

Muhammad was born in Mecca into the Quraysh tribe. No, it has spread to all the different tribes throughout Africa and the Middle East and to people the world over, of every race and religion.

Look how many Muslims there are in the world today. Who has the right to call himself a Muslim and who does not? To whom does Islam belong? Does it belong to one sect more than to another? A person might say he follows one of the four imams: Allah belongs equally to everyone.

Every tongue that has recited the kalimah with certitude belongs to the same family and dwells within Islam. They all bear witness to the oneness of Allah and to His Chosen Messenger, 4 Muhammad, the Final Prophet, the Prophet for the beginning and for the end; everything that was given in the beginning was made complete in him.

All those who accept this truth and the one treasure called Allah are part of the same body of true believers. To believe in Islam with perfect faith 6 is to live in that one body in unity. Therefore, anyone who has truly accepted Prophet Muhammad and has faith in the kalimah will never harm or kill another who has also affirmed these words, no matter what fault that person may have committed.

A tongue that has recited the kalimah, a tongue that has accepted Allah and His Messenger, should never attack another person in any way. By affirming the kalimah, it is possible for us to attain a certain state, but we must remember that those who have not accepted it are still our neighbors.

We must love them, not destroy them. Neighbors are not there to fight with, they are not there to be our enemies. Once we have recited the kalimah, we must show our neighbors only love, trust, and friendship. We must melt their hearts and make them trust us and embrace us.

Then they will begin to act in the same way themselves. Islam does not mean killing or attacking others. When such a thing happens, Islam is harming itself. To embrace others with love and to dispel their hunger, disease, poverty, and difficulties is Islam.

The Affirmation of Faith

To speak to someone from within the embrace of unity is Islam. To be together, to eat together, to live as one life in a state of affection is Islam. That is love, God's love, and Islam is the affection displayed through that love.

Islam is the compassion shown by acting with God's three thousand gracious qualities. Islam is establishing the praise of God and establishing the qualities of patience, contentment, surrendering all responsibility to God, and praising God for whatever happens. To become one is Islam. Just as the five fingers come together to form one hand, there is one group formed of all those who love Allah.

In this world there are seventy-three different groups of human beings, and out of those, there is one group composed of all who have faith in God without the slightest doubt or wavering.

That group is in true Islam. For a Muslim there is only one race; there is no black, white, or yellow. There is no fighting and no division. How can we divide Islam and fight over it? How can we listen to people who goad us into conflict by complaining, "Those people are different from us''?

The nature of true Islam is to bring together what has been divided. Once we were separate and scattered in many different directions, but the kalimah and Islam brought us together to worship the one God and embrace each other heart to heart.

True Islam is unity. We must be one.

  • We must embrace each brother and sister with love and trust;
  • Some of the meat is consumed, but most is supposed to be distributed to the poor and needy;
  • And tomorrow He will question us all, no matter who we are or what position we hold;
  • Is that not so?

We must not create divisions by talk of different groups or different status. There are no divisions within Islam. Once someone has said the kalimah there is only one way to describe him: Earlier he might have been different, but now he is a Muslim.

He might have followed another religion before, but as soon as he embraces the one God, he is in Islam. There are no titles or differences in Islam.

Islam and World Peace - Explanations of a Sufi

There is only one great title: Al-Mawla, the Lord, the Protector. We may call men of wisdom by the title of master, or mawlawi, and we may even call those who have converted to Islam mawla al-Islam, or friends of Islam, but Allah alone is the Lord and Master of Islam, the only One worthy of worship. We are slaves to Him alone. We must not create divisions in Islam by calling some high and others low. There is no such thing in the kalimah.

Can we recite the kalimah and then separate Muslims into different categories, saying some are high and some are low? No, we cannot say that.

A tree may have many branches, but the flowers and fruits on that tree are all the same. Is that not so? What does it matter if a fruit is on a lower branch or a higher one? Their seeds are the same. We cannot show favoritism in Islam. We are all the creations of Allah, the children of Adam.

The tribe of Abraham, the followers of Muhammad. Allah sends food to all and protects us all. And tomorrow He will question us all, no matter who we are or what position we hold. On the Day of Questioning 9 and the Day of judgment, each of us will be judged for whatever good and evil he has gathered.

Before that time we cannot tell if someone is good or bad, or high or low in status. We are all Adam's children, all fruits from the same tree.

The Five Pillars of Islam

Of course, there is one small difference. One fruit may be fully ripe and very tasty, another may be in the process of ripening, and another may still be as hard as rock. But we cannot hurry the unripe fruits by beating them. Each one will ripen in its own time, according to how much sun it receives and whether the wind blows on it from a southerly or northerly direction.

Similarly, if we want to help the children of Adam to ripen, we can only do it by showering them with good qualities, not by beating them. We have to ripen them and make them peaceful with the kind of loving affection that regards other lives as our own.

  • People quote the Qur'an constantly;
  • All adult Muslims who are able to do so are obliged to pay a wealth tax annually.

We have been told, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself. That will not ripen anyone. Only if a man's heart is melting with love can he reach a state of acceptance. His heart has to be right. When we show someone love, compassion, trust, and friendship, he will melt in our embrace. So, let us embrace our neighbors as the Prophet has taught us. Let us share with them the things that Allah has given us.

To live together in unity with all groups is the proof that we are all the children of Adam. Love your neighbor as yourself; don't take his land and kill him! You must not accumulate wealth and destroy your good qualities. Money is a corpse. Unshakable faith, certitude, and determination is your only wealth, that is your paradise. You cannot hold on to anything else.

You cannot divide up the earth and keep a share for yourself; anything taken from the earth will have to be given back to it. Nor can you divide up the waters and keep a portion as your own. You can't hold on to water. Even if you drink a thousand cupfuls, you have to eliminate it sometime. No matter how much you take, water belongs to water and earth belongs to earth. The Prophet Muhammad gave us the laws and the words of God, but he did not seek to hold on to wealth or land or possessions in exchange.

He did not want such things. All he wanted was for us to accept Allah. How did he get us to do that? By showing us good qualities.