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Music should never be put to censorship by the government

Here are some of the cities where tap water is most risky to be consumed because of the pollution. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Milwaukee has lead pipelines that provide many homes with drinking water built before 1950.

The Government’s Act of Altering Media

Lead is very dangerous and causes terrible diseases especially in children. Lead poisoning can cause anemia, but also damage to the brain and the kidneys.

  • History is littered with facts of destroyed library collections, and libraries themselves have far too often become flaming pyres;
  • The National Archives and Records Administration;
  • His "Areopagitica" also became one of the most quoted arguments for freedom of expression, and remains today a true beacon of enlightenment;
  • The painful paradox that history's worst crimes continue to repeat themselves cannot be resolved by creating a database such as the Beacon for Freedom of Expression, but it will provide another tool for enlightenment and action by people;
  • His Norwegian publisher barely survived an attempted assassination in Oslo in October 1993;
  • It will grow steadily through the continued joint efforts of its competent partners.

Chicago, Illinois The same problem has Chicago. A great problem is that newspaper reporters had to dig out the story and raise awareness, while city officials are still mostly ignoring the problem.

  • They are used as a regular straw and the filter inside prevents the contaminants to pass;
  • This leniency may be attributed to the regime's recognition of the importance of intellectuals for the conveyance of the new ideals;
  • As activists were arrested or fled the country, new volunteers took on the illegal work, keeping the chain of communication unbroken until the end of the war;
  • According Arthur Schlesinger, the author of Censorship - 500 Years of Conflict, Twain's book was still in jeopardy of censorship in 1984.

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Pittsburg pipelines are in the ground for more than 150 years. They are made from lead.


Last year, Pittsburg citizens received a notification from the water company explaining that their water is no longer safe for use. This is not the greatest problem, however. Some researchers found out that the data passed in the public is false, and the amount of lead in the water is even higher.

  1. In the spring of 1918, a decree was issued formally separating church and state.
  2. In 1988 the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa against Rushdie, calling on all good Muslims to kill Rushdie and his publishers. This type of censorship and regulation reached the White House during the Nixon administration.
  3. It was left to the FCC, broadcast executives, radio program directors, record company managers, and adult opinion to decide what could or could not be used. Songs were banned because they had sexually explicit lyrics and during a musical performance from Elvis Presley at The Ed Sullivan Show, the king was only filmed from the waist up over because it was considered too sexual.

Flint, Michigan Officials in Flint changed the source of water from one place o another in 2014 but failed to install some part properly which caused very serious problems. The water coming out of the pipes was so contaminated that the water was not good for anything. People had to buy bottled water for drinking, cooking and even showering.

Boston, Massachusetts Another city that recently started a battle with old lead pipes is Boston.

Is music censorship a good thing?

A test conducted in over 300 schools in the city showed that at least half of them have bad drinking water. Now, before more serious actions are taken, schools are shutting down the water completely or taking the necessary steps to fix the problems if that is possible. Baltimore, Maryland Four percent of samples taken from tap water in Baltimore contained lead levels higher than the limit and a lot of other samples had lead on a level that is alarmingly high.

A lot of cities in the USA are made with lead pipes because that was normal back in the day.

The Long History of Censorship

However, this must be changed as the health problems the population will face will be unbelievable. How to Deal With It There are more different options when it comes to purifying the tap water.

Some are pretty easy and some are survivor methods not suitable for home usage. For example, boiling and cooling the water is one of the options, but this is simply ridiculous for home usage. Then, you have the life straws, very popular among the outdoor adventurers.

They are used as a regular straw and the filter inside prevents the contaminants to pass.

Censorship In Radio

Probably the best option is the water filter pitchers that work in a similar way. The filter inside lets only safe and drinkable water to pass through. It is made from two compartments, one where the unsafe water is poured and the other where safe water is ready for consumption. The filter must be changed after some time, but this is definitely the best option for home usage and purifying the unsafe tap water.