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Summary of a ghost story by jerome k jrome

It was first published in 1891. The stories are connected by a framing device in which the unnamed narrator attends a Christmas Eve dinner party at his uncle's house.

The Man of Science

After having eaten and drunk a large amount of alcohol, the guests, as was normal on Christmas Eve in Victorian Britain, tell ghost stories to each other. The narrator does not include all of the stories that are told that evening in the anthology. He has to leave two of them out because he does not understand them. The last story in the anthology is the narrator's own story of the ghostly experience that he has on that Christmas Eve, which ends with him making a public disgrace of himself.

Although there are some ghosts who are active every night, some who appear on other dates such as Halloween, Midsummer or special anniversaries and some who come to foretell disasters that are about to befall their families, the majority of British ghosts confine their hauntings to Christmas Eve. Also, whenever six or more English-speaking people gather on Christmas Eve, for some reason, they feel the need to tell each other about their genuine encounters with ghosts.

The narrator says, "There is a good deal of similarity about our ghostly experiences, but this of course is not our fault but the fault of the ghosts. One story involves a young man who is staying at a friend's home over Christmas.

He wakes up in the night to see a strange woman in his bedroom.

After-Supper Ghost Stories

When he looks again, the woman has gone. He mentions the occurrence the following morning at breakfast. He is surprised when his host tells him not to speak about it anymore. Later, the host tells the guest that he saw the ghost of a woman who was either murdered in that bedroom or who murdered someone else there. Another typical Christmas Eve ghost story concerns a skeptical guest who is staying with a friend over Christmas.

He hears that one bedroom in the house is haunted, does not believe it and asks to spend the night in that bedroom. The following morning, the guest's hair has turned white and he will not talk about what he saw during the night. The narrator says that hearing six ghost stories in a row is enough.

After that, they become monotonous because of their similarities. A dinner party is held there on Christmas Eve. It is attended by the narrator, the local clergyman, old Dr. Aunt Maria goes to bed soon after dinner. The men then drink whisky punch and gin punch, tell comic stories and sing comic songs. The clergyman tells them that he will demonstrate how con artists swindle people out of their money with the Three-card Monte trick. The demonstration does not go well for the clergyman because all the other guests pick the right card every time.

Somehow, the narrator does not remember how, the topic of ghosts comes up in conversation. All of the guests then begin telling each other ghost stories. The first story is told by young Teddy Biffles. A ghost comes out of it, passes right through Teddy and wails. Teddy is summary of a ghost story by jerome k jrome at first. He then remembers that spirits can only harm sinful people and has no difficulty getting to sleep. The following morning, Teddy Biffles tells his father about his ghostly encounter.

Teddy's father tells him that the ghost is that of a man named Johnson. Johnson had been in love with a young woman whose first name was Emily, Teddy's father does not know what her surname was. Emily's family had once rented the home in which Teddy's family now lives. Emily's father said that Johnson was too poor to marry her. For that reason, Johnson went to Australia and tried to seek his fortune by embarking on a life of crime as a bushranger.

There were not many travelers for Johnson to rob and it took him twenty years to become rich. Johnson returned to England, only to find that Emily and her family had left one night without paying the rent and nobody knew where they had gone. Johnson searched the world for Emily but could not find her. He returned to England again and rented the same house in which Emily used to live. He lived the rest of his life there in terrible sadness. His unhappy ghost lingered after his death, which meant that the landlord gave Teddy Biffles' father a reduction on the rent.

Teddy Biffles sees Johnson a great many times afterwards, as do the rest of his family. Although the ghost is harmless and does not frighten them, he becomes an irritant. This is because the ghost is always unhappy and is constantly wailing and groaning as a result. Teddy Biffles' father decides that he wants Johnson out of his house.

Summary Bibliography: Jerome K. Jerome

Teddy's mother says that the only way to get rid of the ghost is to find Emily's grave. Johnson would then haunt the grave instead of their house. Teddy Biffles and his family are unable to find the grave of the woman Johnson loved. Teddy's father suggests passing off the grave of someone else named Emily as that of Johnson's lost love. Unfortunately, they cannot find a grave belonging to anyone else whose name was Emily either.

Teddy says that they could make a fake grave. His father agrees that this is an excellent idea. At the bottom of their orchard, a tombstone is set up on which is written, "Sacred to the memory of Emily. Her last words were, 'Tell Johnson I love him. The ghost falls on the fake grave and cries. The ghost has never troubled Teddy Biffles or his family again because he no longer goes inside their house.

Instead, Johnson can be seen at the fake grave every night from summary of a ghost story by jerome k jrome to 4am, except on Saturdays when he only stays until 2am. The Doctor's Story According to all of the other listeners, the doctor's story was the best and most frightening story of all. Unfortunately, the narrator did not understand it and does not include it in Told After Supper for that reason. The narrator knows that the story ends with somebody finding something.

Coombes of his story, which he proceeds to tell. Coombes' brother-in-law Joe Parkin goes to live in an old windmill in Surrey. The miller who once owned the windmill was well-known for being a miser.

It is rumored that he hid a large amount of money somewhere in the mill. Many people who have lived in the windmill over the years have looked for the hidden money but have found nothing.

Joe Parkin is skeptical about the story of the miller's hidden treasure and does not look for it. Nevertheless, he cannot forget the story of the hidden treasure entirely. One evening, Joe Parkin wakes up just summary of a ghost story by jerome k jrome the clock on the village church finishes chiming midnight.

Standing at the foot of his bed is a little old man in old-fashioned clothes. Joe Parkin is certain that the little old man is the ghost of the miserly miller who has come to show him where the treasure is hidden. Joe follows the ghost downstairs to the kitchen. The ghost stops in front of the stove, sighs and vanishes.

The next morning, Joe gets some workmen to remove the stove and the chimney behind it. They do not find any hidden money. The ghost appears again the following night. Joe follows it to the kitchen again. It stops in the middle of the floor and sighs. Joe decides that the treasure must be under the floor. Some workmen spend all of the following day taking up the floor. There is nothing underneath it apart from an old fork with a broken handle.

That night, the ghost appears for a third time. Again, Joe follows it down to the kitchen. This time, the ghost looks up at the ceiling and sighs before vanishing. The following morning, Joe Parkin gets some workmen to remove the kitchen ceiling and the floorboards of the room above it.

They do not find any treasure. Two nights later, the ghost leads Joe up to the attic and points to the ceiling there before vanishing. Joe has the roof removed in order to search for the treasure. He does not find any money and needs to have tarpaulins put up to protect his roofless home from the rain. Joe continues following the ghost night after night.

Each night, the ghost seems to suggest that the money is hidden in a different place. After three weeks, Joe's home is not fit to live in because every wall has been knocked down, every floor has been taken up and a hole has been knocked in every ceiling.

After those three weeks, the ghost never appears again. Joe does not find any hidden money and has to have his home rebuilt. Coombes does not know why the ghost of the miller played this trick on Joe Parkin. It may have been to punish Joe for not believing in the story of the hidden treasure at first. It is also possible that the ghost was not that of the miller at all.

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