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The benefits of making children do housework

They help children discover their purpose They help children take pride in their accomplishments They create teachable moments They create opportunities for parents and children to bond They create opportunities to fail and succeed in a safe environment Resist the urge Yes, chores have received a bad rap. And if your childhood experience with chores links to any of these, the very thought of them most likely still conjures up painful memories.

I must admit, getting my children to do chores is a labor-intensive activity. It would be much easier to do them myself. And that would require no supervision, no frustration, no emotion… and definitely, it would be done much faster! But what would that teach my child?

  • I know that if my children are used to doing chores they are more likely to cooperate when I ask them;
  • To get all those pro social benefits, the tasks should be about taking care of the everyone, rather than self care jobs like tidying your room.

Today, I give my children chores without shame. How much housework do you give a 7 and 4 year old? In our home our little ones regularly contribute in the following ways: Helping sort laundry Setting the table before meals Vacuuming, dusting and polishing the furniture Emptying the dishwasher and putting things away that are within their reach Helping to put away groceries by washing the fruits and veggies and organizing cans in the pantry Cleaning their room this includes putting away toys, clothes, etc.

Emptying the smaller trash cans around the house into the larger kitchen garbage can Raking the leaves in the backyard We have normal children.

Like many others, they are not always pretty playful and jolly, and occasionally, shed tears. Focus on the bigger goal Household chores need to get done.

That said, doing chores is more than just having our children clean their room or taking out the trash. There is a bigger goal. Doing chores creates opportunity for parents to connect with their children.

14 Ways Chores Will Benefit Your Children

Informal yet deep and meaningful conversations spontaneously spark while working together in the same space. This healthy interaction is priceless, especially as children grow up and become more expressive and self-reflective.

In the same manner, household chores affirm children as vital members of the family. Children learn that they have a valuable role and their contribution is appreciated. This further tethers children to the family as it fosters a sense of belonging.

Also chores prepare children for adulthood, a major function of family life. The ability to begin and finish something, doing it in a focused manner, and even doing it correctly, builds character. Work together with you child. Laugh and make it fun! Treasure these memorable moments.

In the process, you will be molding men and women who can do for themselves in years to come. What chores did you do as a child? What helpful tips do you have to help children do their chores? Kelvin Belfon is a native of the island nation of Grenada.

He and his wife and 4 children live in Denver, Colorado.