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They earnestly hope to someday have a child of their own. As they are lamenting, a witch suddenly appears! So how did the witch get revenge? By placing a curse on his family and future generations so that the Baker would never be a father… ever. Still in another part of the town, we are introduced to Jack and his mother, who are in serious financial trouble.

Mother tells him he must go and sell his best friend, a cow, for 5 pounds. Of course, he mistakenly sells his cow for magic beans, instead. Add some giants, a girl in a red cape, and a nasty wolfand what you get are these unlikely people coming together for a story as deep and confusing as the woods themselves.

Once upon a time there was a man named James Lapine. In the late 1980s, Stephen Sondheim caught interest in the story and decided that he himself wanted a part of this. Lapine sat down together and determined how they were going to turn this idea into a great musical. Could they capture the essence the musical offered? I rather enjoyed the changes Sondheim made in his collaboration with Disney. My only disappointment with the music is that one main character and one major song from the original musical were cut in this film.

There are many good performances. In the stage musical, the Baker is the star. While James Corden does a good job in this role, as does Emily Blunt as his wife, the person I am most impressed with is Meryl Streep as the witch. What a voice, what an actress! From what I heard, Sondheim actually approached Meryl Streep and pleaded with her to play the part. She nailed the role. She is shrewd, uncaring, selfish, nasty, but all in a different way.

She was born for this role, and there is a reason she is a three-time Academy Award winner. Cinematically, this movie is spot on.

The story, while changed in some parts, stays relatively true to the original. The scenery is appropriately dark and eerie.

The camera work is impressive, making one feel as though you were in the theater watching the original production.

To make the film more kid-friendly, parts of the original musical were cut. There is still some material to point out. A mother slaps her son in the head several times for his disobedience.

Grandma and Red are eaten by the Wolf and later the Baker is shown cutting open the wolf to free them. The implied action is done off screen. In one scene, a man tries to silence a woman for provoking one of the Giants by knocking her in the head with his staff.

And the stepmother and stepsisters are later blinded by birds as consequence of their treatment of Cinderella. Three characters are also killed off screen in this story. I did not sense this in the film, and Sondheim himself stated in an interview that he and Disney made sure this was not the case. Others may disagree, so caution might be necessary. Some female characters are seen wearing revealing outfits.

It deals in the fantasy magical arts of witchcraft, but not to the extent of films like the Harry Potter series. It is also important to note that characters like the Wolf and the Giants may be frightening for some younger children. Parents should use caution before deciding to take the family to see the film.

  • The Baker and his Wife decide to escort her;
  • During the same month, it was reported that Janney had been confirmed to join the film as well;
  • The show was filmed professionally with seven cameras on the set of the Martin Beck Theater in front of an audience with certain elements changed from its standard production only slightly for the recording in order to better fit the screen rather than the stage such as the lighting, minor costume differences, and others.

Truly, no one is alone. Sometimes people leave you halfway through the wood. Others may deceive you. But no one is alone. Someone IS on our side and that someone is God. But unlike people, God will never leave nor forsake us halfway through the woods.

He will always be there to guide us, strengthen us, pick us up when we fall and tell us to press on.

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The world is large, dangerous and enticing. But when God is on our side, we need not fear the world.

We will never stand alone. As Moses once said to the Israelites: Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. We both agreed that while there were elements the film left out from the original musical, the movie is still a worthy adaptation and the heart of that original show is still there. I applaud Disney and especially Mr.

Sondheim for NOT changing the musical to the point where it was unrecognizable. With some caution, I think this fairytale is okay for families with children ages 12 and up.