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The impact that practicing martial arts has on my life

Training to become a fighter more than anything is like an emotional roller coaster. There have been times in my training where I have felt like I was untouchable and triumphed over just about everyone I stepped in the ring with, besides my instructors of course. I also was in prime fighting condition so I could train continuously for long periods of time.

I remember a time where I was tapping guys out left and right and giving them hell in kick box sparring. There have also been times, more recently, where I've been injured and mentally burnt out from training. I used to fight and train three to four hours a day, six days a week.

Especially under the training system of my head instructor, Derek Panza, the quest to black belt is made exceedingly difficult. If one has natural athletic ability and good coordination, it would take approximately six years of continuous, rigorous training and sparring both in striking and in submission grappling to obtain a black belt in MMA.

I have been training in MMA for 6 years now, and I've taught for about 3 years. About two years ago, I was becoming lethargic, and failing to meet the demands of my head instructor. I think I had become so emotionally and physically burnt out from all the training I had done over the years.

  • Everyone else, however, told me how well I did and that they were proud of me;
  • The training area will have all matted floors, as to be ideal for ju-jitsu grappling training;
  • Now of course a move cannot truly be learned unless it is demonstrated by the instructor and then performed by the student;
  • I was fourteen then and I needed something to help focus my life and give me a sense of dignity and worth;
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And one day in the ring, I got beaten up pretty badly, to the point where I had increasing headaches and panic attacks from all the trauma to the head. Mostly, it should make one more humble and disciplined. Sometimes, however, it could make one irritable and impatient. I've poured my heart and soul into MMA to obtain the rank of black belt.

My mentor head instructor made the criteria for me more difficult than anyone else. So after the incident in the ring two years ago, with the exception of some bag and mitt training here and there, as well as teaching some, I had taken in my mind I believe to be a self-forced hiatus from fighting.

And I had to accept that I was no longer going to compete even if I did come back to the ring, simply because it had become very dangerous for me to have any more trauma to my head. In recent months, I had gone back to submission fighting, and now I can train with sparring drills, ones that such do not entail getting hit in my head.

It is understood now to him and me that if I continue to train with the grappling and kickboxing techniques, that I should receive a black belt in approximately one year. I will teach MMA now. As I stated before, training to be a fighter whether you compete or not is both a physical and emotional roller coaster.

But if you hang on, and you have enough motivation and determination, much like anything in life, you can achieve it.

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One of the most interesting, moving stories I have heard from any fighter has to be from my former kickboxing trainer, Tim Lane. Based on my experience with Tim, in training for six years, I have come to know him as one of the nicest guys I have ever met in my life.

When Tim was growing up, in the Carolinas and Virginiahe got involved with delinquent, trouble-making people and activities. His parents divorced when he was young, but I'm not sure as to whether or not that is the sole cause of Tim's behavior.

  1. We also touched upon the potential for reducing violence in adolescents as well as pre-adolescents.
  2. In her and my own opinion, if one does not have patience, then they will not succeed in the martial arts.
  3. They're also going to be expected to display there knowledge in the form of live fighting.

Tim had been in the martial arts ever since he was a young boy. He was involved in Karate and Judo. Both judo Greene, 1987 and karate Gorbel, 1990 have been useful in reducing dysfunctional behaviors in male, behaviorally disordered adolescents. This undoubtedly coupled with his rage, made him into an even more vicious person. Eventually, Tim had landed himself in Prison. He spent five years in jail.

  • I also would deal with parents who try to bribe me with money to promote their child or threaten to leave the gym, with great apathy;
  • We worked out our issues and ended the feud;
  • A business may also generate name recognition and respect by hosting a specially designed website;
  • One of the moves he taught us was a reversal into a leg lock.

He had told me while he was in there, he thought about where his life had taken him, and he knew when he got out that he'd have to get his life together. He always wanted to take his martial arts to the next level and ascend to full contact kickboxing. He told me that he used to sleep there, at Gleeson's.

  • Martial arts instructors no longer fear that their fighting techniques will be used against them; instead, many educators view themselves as business actors first;
  • I looked up to him as a role model;
  • In the end, with this many variables, it can be tough to discern anything one way or another;
  • Martial arts have evolved from recreational activities with many volunteer coaches to a lucrative industry where interested parties may forge careers regarding the training of clients.

He lived in that gym, and spent every free moment, training himself or observing other fighters. Derek wanted Tim to be one of his instructors. Tim accepted and continued to fight under the training of Derek himself, amongst others.

It was Tim's life long dream to be a world champion in full contact kickboxing. They are constantly searching to find balance, to have inner peace and happiness, to be useful to humankind, to leave positive footprints while they are here on earth. He would then go on to face the world champion at Mohegan Sun, but the champ backed out last minute due to an illness.

Tim was beside himself. I remember that night so clearly. Tim became enraged and began to get out of control much like he did when he was growing up. Derek was there to calm him down, but you can see the look in Tim's eyes.

It is as if he was burning a hole through the arena, it was so powerful. It is a labour in vain to attempt to recapture it: Not only did he attain the world title, but he also changed his ways, and turned himself into a great, humble, soft spoken individual and an inspiration for many. The only thing is though he has told me stories of despair and times where his training got the best of him.

I have seen Tim in bad moods before, and he is unapproachable. He turns into a completely different person. He gets nasty, snappy, and has this energy he holds that as I said before at the fight in Mohegan Sun, where it is almost like he burns a hole through the entire surrounding area and everyone in it. With Tim's success story, one could conclude that it is beneficial to bettering one's self. Several studies have suggested that participation in martial arts is associated with decreased feelings in assaultive and verbal hostility Daneils K, Thornton E.

In addition, Delva and Tauilili, 1995 showed children who trained in Aikido showed no changes in self control as reported by their teachers. Sometimes, however, the relationship between Sensei and student can be a negative influence.

Thinking of a Martial Arts Training Camp?

By November 2006, my relationship with my head instructor had now reached that point. In recent months, the feud between me and my head instructor, Derek Panza, came to a head when we met each other in the ring. It wasn't always like this. Years ago, he was my mentor. Knowing him transformed my life. I was fourteen then and I needed something to help focus my life and give me a sense of dignity and worth.

I looked up to him as a role model. He wasn't big yet, but he was going to become my head trainer, and my mentor. The place was a rinky dink garage, but he advertised that he would teach mixed martial arts and make man of you.

Later on, he would become more successful and obtain a larger viewable gym in a major town. My father was against it. He was afraid that I was going to get hurt, which, of course, I did eventually. I got physically and mentally burnt out, more specifically, concussions from blows to my head. So I took a hiatus from the impact that practicing martial arts has on my life ring and tried to become the best instructor I could be despite my limitations. And then at the moment I was really coming into my own after my hiatus from training, he wouldn't give me the overt respect in the form of the belt that he said I really deserved.

And to add injury to insult, he challenged me to a fight in the ring saying he wouldn't hit me in the head, but he thought nothing of slamming my neck causing reverberation to my head. Stress is sometimes conceptualized as a reaction to physically and psychologically taxing events Selye, 1993 but a more sophisticated definition views stress as a complex interaction between people and their environments Lazarus 1999.

This was arguably the most stressful moment in my life; staring down at the World Super Heavyweight Champion in the middle of the ring, waiting for the bell to ring. When the bell rang, the first thing he did was kick me full blast with a round kick directly into my hip bone, which still months later throbs in pain. I didn't flinch however, I wanted to prove to him that I was tough and I wasn't going to quit, and also to the audience that was there, I wanted to show my durability and drive.

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So I kicked him right back with a round kick to his leg. Not soon after, I went to try and take him down, because I did not want to stand up with him being that his expertise is stand up fighting. I wanted to take him to the ground to grapple with him. I have a lot of technical skill when it comes to Jujitsu grapplingmostly being that I know many submission holds. Derek just happens to be a lot stronger than I and a lot tougher both physically and mentally.

So eventually after exchanging blows with each other on the ground, he locked me in a choke hold, and I had no choice but to submit. Afterwards, he told me I didn't deserve that belt, and that I was crazy and paranoid.

And I cursed him out, saying everything under the Tuscan Sun. Everyone else, however, told me how well I did and that they were proud of me.

You stan up to him, like man.

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Dun worry, I talk to him, I gonna talk. Was good fight Jordanbe happy. One possibility is that the head instructor acts as a role model and leads by example. He stated that he and I in fact have had harder battles before when we were just training. The only reason this was so intense was because of the emotions involved. We worked out our issues and ended the feud.

  1. Wyden, ideally, martial arts training can help you learn to manage stress. Outcomes appeared to be more positive when training focused on the long-established approach to martial arts.
  2. Very little is written in academic journals specific to the marketing of martial arts; the bulk of the academic literature involves either using sports figures to market particular products or concentration of marketing upon more popular recreational activity.
  3. He awarded me the next belt.
  4. Martial arts training is an immensely enjoyable experience and will keep you coming back for more.

He said he was going to give me something last week but decided to wait since I did curse him out. He awarded me the next belt.

He said he respected that I stood up to him and held my own in the ring. And that I deserve to wear this belt. I am to train with him in kickboxing, and remain training with Dave in grappling. This whole long feud between Derek and I had finally died, and now all that there is to do is move positively forward into the future.