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The importance of industry in the united states

Share Despite The U.

  • Competition from high wage nations such as Germany is also increasing;
  • Instead of protectionism and industry-specific subsidy, improving governance effectiveness and the quality of regulation can enhance economic growth;
  • Information The Information industry encompasses companies and institutions which engage in the production, transmission, processing, storing, and selling of information which includes media companies, data processing companies, law firms, and telephone companies among others;
  • Road, bridge, and especially canal building was an expensive venture, but most state politicians supported using government-granted legal privileges and funds to help create the infrastructure that would stimulate economic development.

These signs indicate a prosperous recovery and a healthy, self-sufficient economy. Energy America is in the midst of an energy renaissance.

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Thanks to technological advancements in drilling and hydraulic fracturing fracking of shale formations, oil and gas production has increased dramatically. In 2012, the sector introduced 2. Currentlythe U. Though the recent drop in oil prices has put a dent in oil companies' exploration budgets, on the macro level cheaper oil is likely a net benefit for the economy.

The industry is expandingmeaning there is an increase in output. The Institute also reported manufacturing employment measured a four-month high. Fracking has created a boom in manufacturing jobs and the cheaper gas prices has made manufacturing more competitive.

It is estimated that 4. Transportation Not surprisingly, growth in manufacturing has led to an enhancement of the logistics and transportation sector.

Private companies in the general-freight trucking sector have showed continued sales and profit growth since 2010. As a general indicator of national freight transport, gains in the trucking industry show a greater demand for domestic shipments. Mass transit has seen record ridership as gas prices continue to plummet.

As the economy improved, transit agencies upgraded services as more people utilized the systems to get to an increasing number of jobs.

22a. Economic Growth and the Early Industrial Revolution

Thanks to an aging population and rising incidence of chronic diseases, the sector continues to grow and is indeed growing faster than the rest of the market. Increased access to healthcare and technological advancements have also become a widespread trend.

Investor interest in healthcare and biotech stocks was huge last year, and the healthcare sector dominated the IPO market. Healthcare stock growth has proven strong and also safe during turbulent economic times. Agriculture The agriculture sector was one of few to fare well during both the recession and recovery, and promise for the industry still remains. The industry has been bolstered by exports as the global demand for agricultural products continues to surge. This accounted for 9.

The Biggest Industries In The United States

Employment in agriculture-related industries supported an additional 15. Thanks to technological advances in the industry, low farm unemployment and investment in agricultural infrastructure, the sector is likely to continue strengthening the U.

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