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The settings of the story my brother s peculiar chicken

Elements of a short story Setting: The whole question began early one morning. Kiko and I were driving the chickens from the cornfield. We went into the house, and the discussion continued during lunch. Eduardo Cruz lived in a nearby town of Katubusan. He owned and operated the largest poultry business in town. We took the chicken to his office.

Cruz looked at the bird curiously and then said: I have never run across a chicken like this before. Kiko looked around for a suitable opponent. He finally picked a red rooster. My brother Kiko once had a very peculiar chicken. It was peculiar because no one could tell whether it was a rooster or a hen. My brother claimed it was a rooster.

My Brother’s Peculiar Chicken by Alejandro R. Roces

I claimed it was a hen. We almost got whipped because we argued too much. Kiko and his brother 2. What is the argument about this time? It is a rooster that looks like a hen.

That did not mean that he was the wisest, but anything always carried more weight if it is said by a man with gray hair. So my brother untied the chicken and we took it to the chief. He had studied poultry raising in the University of the Philippines. My brother would not listen.

The match was made and the birds were readied for the killing. Sharp steel gaffs were tied to their left legs. Everyone wanted to bet on the red gamecock. Man My brother Kiko once had a very peculiar chicken.

Man Before Kiko and I realized what had happened, Father and Mother were arguing about the chicken by themselves. Soon Mother was crying. She always cried when she argued with Father. Circumstances My brother would not listen. The fight was brief. Both birds were released in the centre of the arena. They circled around once and then faced each other.

I expected our chicken to die of fright. Instead, a strange thing happened. Then it did a love dance. That was all our chicken needed. It rushed at the red rooster with its neck feathers flaring. The fight was over. I was glad the whole argument was over. Just then the chicken began to quiver. It stood up in my arms and cackled with laughter. Something warm and round dropped into my hand.


It was an egg. People have different perceptions on a particular subject. One person sees something one way and another person sees the exact opposite when looking at the same situation.