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The starting point of the cold war in russia

The Causes of the Cold War A. America and Soviets had different beliefs and goals. Creating fear with demonstrating superiority of the American military with the Atom bomb. From the American point of view A. The Cold war at home a. Anti-Soviet propaganda was published c. Hollywood makes propaganda C. The arms and space race between the Americans and Soviets 4. Economic and social changes in America 5. The Cold War Cost A. Who won the Cold War?

Who lost the Cold War? How much they spent. The era of the Cold War did not end in just one night; it is a process that is not yet finished. It also affected each nation differently; the United States mostly western Europe profited from it, whereas Eastern Europe and Asia still have adjustment problems. These changes affected the United States of America in three ways: Just think about it!

All the hot little wars from Angola to Zairewith stops along the way in Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, Nicaragua and a few dozen other countries where the battles of the late 20th century have been fought between soldiers backed by the Capitalist and Socialist teams. Scratching that itch Cold War, n. Imagine what would happen if someone was crazy enough to push the button. Who started the cold war anyway? To some degree, how one answers this question is first determined by how one views World War II, or for that matter, how one views the causes of the end of the Great Depression in America.

As to who started the Cold War, I guess you could see it as both the Soviets and Americans starting it up as soon as the European hot war cooled down. The Causes of the Cold War: To understand why the Cold War era was such a dangerous time for both sides, you have to look back to its causes.

By 1945, however, the wartime alliance was crumbling. The beliefs of communism in the East and the beliefs of capitalism in the west created different goals for the two superpowers in the postwar period.

Historians today see the Yalta Conference as the starting point of the Cold War. The Main purpose of Yalta was the re-establishment of the nations conquered and destroyed by Germany. The allied forces under General Eisenhower were still west of the Rhine River.

However, during the conference, February 4 - 11 1945, the Russian Army was ordered to hold its position for one week. After returning home, Roosevelt was harshly criticized by the public in 1945, when the terms of this agreement became public information. He was being accused of a sell-out at Yalta, of giving away Eastern Europe to Stalin. Roosevelt, however, thought open issues would be handled further by the United Nations.

But Roosevelt did not abandon hope.

Still believing the differences could be settled, he left Washington early in the spring for a vacation at his retreat in Warm Springs, Georgia. There he suffered a sudden, massive stroke and died.

The Causes of the Cold War and the American Point of View

American History-a survey, 970. In the summer of 1945 the News of the atom bomb transformed the American position. The US military had been planning for an invasion of Japan, to take place some time between November 1945 and March 1946.

  1. It created a 25-square-mile fireball that vaporized an island, blew a huge hole in the ocean floor and had the power to destroy half of Manhattan. What the Cold War cost.
  2. Who started the cold war anyway?
  3. Roosevelt, however, thought open issues would be handled further by the United Nations. How close did we come?
  4. The first H-bomb test, in the Eniwetok atoll in the Marshall Islands, showed just how fearsome the nuclear age could be. Oxford University Press, 1993.
  5. As to who started the Cold War, I guess you could see it as both the Soviets and Americans starting it up as soon as the European hot war cooled down.

Now that the Americans had the atom bomb they hoped the war would end before the Soviets became too embroiled in it, or involved in the occupation of Japan. Stalin, who knew about the bomb through spies, ordered Molotov to speed up the Soviet bomb project.

Cold War-An illustrated history, 20. The political demonstration of the superiority of the American military created fear in Russian government. The response was Soviet militarization and a push towards nuclear technology. His support of the American-Russian division increased the separation of Europe and the intensity of the Cold War.

The interior and exterior battleground was made, and for the next 46 years, the United States and Russia would fight a war of nerves without any casualties.

Kennedy became President in 1961, he said: Actually, it was the second time in American history, when people were accused of being Communists and taken to trial, or those newspapers were censored. During this time a lot of AntiSoviet propaganda was published.

This propaganda was made to make Americans aware of Communist infiltration. Hollywood followed this line, producing many films portraying bad Russians. The arms and space race between the Americans and Soviets: Besides the Hunt of Communists, there was another event going on, the most visible part of the Cold War, - the arms race, and simultaneously, the space race.

Both nations waged an increasingly intense struggle for world leadership. Whenever one side appeared to be gaining the upper hand in the Cold War, the other would respond with new programs and policies.

  1. A major split had occurred between the Soviet Union and China in 1960 and widened over the years, shattering the unity of the communist bloc.
  2. Conflict spanned from subtle espionage in the biggest cities of the world to violent combat in the tropical jungles of Vietnam. In Hollywood , HUAC forced hundreds of people who worked in the movie industry to renounce left-wing political beliefs and testify against one another.
  3. But where would we be today in terms of technology without the push from the Cold War? After a U - 2 plane was shot down over Soviet territory, causing an international scandal, another solution had to be found.
  4. The Cold War was over. It does not take unnecessary risks.
  5. Soviet forces had invaded Czechoslovakia to crush the reform movement known as the Prague Spring.

They invested bombers, missiles, and submarines to launch these terrifying weapons of mass destruction. The spread of ominous new weapons would more than once raise the specter of global destruction. After a U - 2 plane was shot down over Soviet territory, causing an international scandal, another solution had to be found: The objective of the entire era was to find the next the starting point of the cold war in russia and conquer it before the other country.

When Sputnik, the first satellite, was orbiting the earth in 1957, the Soviet Union showed her lead and the possibility of spying undetected from space Cold War Homepage, n. Soon spy planes were no longer needed as photographic equipment, because satellites were able to read license plates on cars. Yet, the space race continued with Yuri Gargarin being the first human in the orbit by 1961. Shortly after this great accomplishment, the push for exploration died. One of the reasons for this development is the opportunity for American investors overseas to state businesses in former Eastern European nations, and, ironically, in Russia as well.

A huge new market, lacking high-quality consumer products, over decades, is waiting to be served. The economic power the United States has should be used wisely, because any significant disturbance could cause a serious crisis, as America experienced in 1929.

Another important impact on the U. The biggest advance was in communication, as people were now able to talk to relatives or friends whom they were not permitted to talk or write to for decades. Freeing Eastern Europe from Communism brought major changes in the human rights issue. The social impact on the average American citizen was not overwhelming; however, the prosperity caused by it changed the lifestyle and attitude of Americans.

The Cold War Cost: The Cold War decades were a boom time for the American defense industry. The billions spent each year to develop and produce modern weapons not only helped protect the nation, but also boosted its economy.

Cold War History

But the The starting point of the cold war in russia War was also important in terms of technology. The competitive nature of the Cold War fueled creativity among scientists and inventors, from the hang glider, to the microwave oven. But where would we be today in terms of technology without the push from the Cold War?

CNN-Cold war homepage, n. Take a look at what happened to the standard of living of the average Russian in the last 25 years and you can see they lost too-and of course now that the Capitalism has come to the former CCCP, their standard living has increased.

Scratch That Itch Cold War, n. The Cold war was an insane spending race where the first world and the second world held guns to each others heads and fought each other on the battle field of the third world.

Albert Einstein once said: How much they spent: Once Social Security is factored out of the budget, defense and defense-related expenditures account for close to 90 percent of the money wasted. The United States and the Soviet Union equipped themselves with thousands more nuclear missiles than were needed for self-defense, or to deter the other. These weapons cost the superpowers trillions of dollars; much of this money could have been diverted to other social need.

Also, continuing cost will be that for cleaning up weapons-related nuclear pollution. In Russia and the old U. Above and beyond the dollar cost is the cost in human lives.

The Cold war Cost, n. Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten While the Cold War dominated the world for almost half a century, an entire generation in both blocs grew up hating the other side. Today we take for granted what astonished us then: America-Pathway to the Present. New Jersey, Prentice Hall Inc. Word History-Connections to Today. Cold War-An Illustrated History.

Divided Germany and Berlin. Van Nostrand Company, 1962. The Walls Came Tumbling Down.