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Write about something valuable that you lost

And explain how you felt about it. I was in the second year of my university and at that time I lost my laptop with some other necessary papers and the experience was so bitter that I still remember it.

I was on my way to home from the university and I took a public bus to reach home. I had my bag with me that contained my laptop, charger, some music DVDs, a pen drive, 2 books and some other necessary papers.

I lost the bag so the things that I had in my bag were also lost. I remember that I had my bag with me and I had to stand inside the bus as there was no seat available.

After an hour I left the bus and took a shared taxi. I got so tensed and get back to the street and tried to remember exactly where I lost the item.

But I could not remember exactly where I lost my bag. I felt so low and depressed that I could not sleep at night. Even though I knew that it was impossible to get the stuff back, I tried hard to have those items back.

I reported to the nearby police station, contacted with the bus authority but after 7-8 days I gave up all the hopes I had to get my items back. I felt like a child who lost his most important toys! The laptop was really important to me as it has lots of valuable study materials and other files. I felt so stupid that, I was blaming myself for the whole thing and rebuked me not to be more careful. Honestly, the whole experience and the feelings were pretty depressing. Thank you very much for the opportunity you gave me to talk about my experience of losing something.

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In my preparation time for the given topic, I thought about many occasions when I lost something and finally I decided to talk about the experience I had when I lost my University ID card. I lost my ID card when I was in the 4th semester at my university.

I remember putting the ID card in my pocket while leaving home and to reach the University. But to my dismay, I could not find it anywhere.

This was the only valid form of Identification Card that I had at that time to show anyone in case I needed to.

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  • I was on my way to home from the university and I took a public bus to reach home;
  • With all the moving around, jumping from taxi to plane to hotel to the next destination, while suffering from jet lag and fatigue, it's a sure recipe for losing something along the way;
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  • Describe something important you lost.

So losing it was a disaster to me at that time. I felt pretty bad and was blaming myself for being such a careless person. I wrote an application to the University authority and they suggested me to make a General Diary to the nearest police station.

Have you ever lost something valuable while traveling? Read this.

I had to submit several applications and had to publish lost item news in the newspaper before I was issued another ID card after almost fifteen days. Meanwhile, I had to face lots of problems and had to submit several applications that made me remember this event pretty vividly.

Describe a depressing experience you have. Describe a sad event you clearly remember. Describe something important you lost. Describe a bitter experience you had.