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300 movie vs the battle of thermopylae essay

Hire Writer He even defied the very laws of his own kingdom to protect his people from the threats of the Persian empire. In the motion picture, Leonidas and the 300 soldiers are remarkable as they willingly lay their lives on the line for the safety and glory of Sparta.

The 300 Spartan warriors, despite their disadvantage in numbers, are devoted to stopping the enslavement of their homeland and unmindful of the large armies of the Persian empire. Leonidas tendencies of self sacrifice marks his leadership, the brave king does not let the vast number of Persian forces distract his focus. Furthermore, Leonidas leads practically by example giving his soldiers the comfort that their brave king is with them even in the face of certain death.

Leonidas shows comradery and respect by knowing the full capabilities of his army and by his treatment to his wife. In most occasions, he always considers his wife first before anyone or anything else.

Leonidas also respects his men in the manner of how he considers them as people and not as expendable soldiers in a battlefield.

Moreover, Dilios gathered a huge number of forces to stop the Persian invasion, and he does it without interest for personal glory, but only to fulfill his promise to his king.

300 movie vs the battle of thermopylae essay

Though there is difference between the two points of recognition, racism still involves prejudice and hatred. As the film depicts, Leonidas welcomes his Persian guests with arrogance, violence, and deadly threats. The self proclaimed god king does not show any indication of being a Persian man, let alone, a ruler.

Persians live in the Middle East, therefore, they have their distinctions as far as appearances are concerned. Both in the film and in historical accounts, Xerxes is Persian, but the film shows a white giant of a tyrant threatening to wipe out any person who does not follow what he wants.

How convenient is it to witness a white Persian king telling half of the world that resistance to his will is equivalent to death. In connection, Spartan ethnic nationalism is also rampant and uncontrollable throughout the motion picture.

300 movie vs battle thermopylae essay

First is credited to their overestimation of Spartan fighting ability, most of the Persian armies are the lauging stocks of the Spartan army. Spartans only make their arrogance more evident on their indirect insult to the skills of their own allies, the Arcadians.

The nationalistic supremacy is furthered by the first Spartan-Persian encounter. The battle which is more of a massacre goes to show that white Spartans are the greatest among other nations.

  • Sexism also concerns any points of sexual difference among individuals, the differences include physical prowess, mental ability, and technical know-how;
  • Leonidas then turns to his own Spartan soldiers and asks them, "What is your profession men?
  • Prior to these battles, it was originally the Athenians who had asked Leonidas to help them defend against the Persians;
  • They do not make policy;
  • New engineers then bridged the Hellespont again.

Persians, though massive in numbers, are shown as exemplifications of mediocrity and inferiority in words and actions. In addition, the Spartans appear to be the epitome of nobility and valor despite their inhumane knack for senseless violence.

  • It took a lot of distillation of the genuine history and I'm taking an awful lot of liberties with everything, but that's my job;
  • They were called the Immortals because they always maintained a strength of exactly 10,000 men;
  • The empowerment of Spartan women could be compared to the freedoms of modern day American women versus the restricted roles of many present day Middle Eastern women;
  • In the motion picture, Leonidas and the 300 soldiers are remarkable as they willingly lay their lives on the line for the safety and glory of Sparta.

In another note, the film shows some mild accounts of sexism on females members of the Spartan society. Sexism is usually described as resentment over people because of their gender. Sexism also concerns any points of sexual difference among individuals, the differences include physical prowess, mental ability, and technical know-how.

Battle of Thermopylae Essay

Sexism is popularly noted to be any form of supression on women, since most cases account for such incidents, but as the term suggests, sexism also happens to males and honosexuals Monroe, 2002. Most societies throughout history have deemed women as either second-class citizens or weaker gender.

“300” Compare/Contrast Essay Essay

Females being considered the weaker sex are also the most probable recipients of domestic violence, insult, and prostitution Monroe, 2002. The film is conversely given a modern treatment in most elements such as language and theme. In this context, it is questionable as to why the film includes several sexist approaches to women which can be ommited without taking effect on the plot or the story development of the film.

The stereotypical female suppression and abuse is seen in the entire film. Womanhood is once again suppressed when queen Gorgo tries to reason with the senate regarding support troops for Leonidas. It is true that she is given ample time to speak her heart out, on a crowd who refuses to listen simply because Gorgo is a woman.

  • The battle of thermopylae vs 300 movie what events in the movie are close to the actual event that took place in history;
  • Darius had seized power in 521, when he and six other men crushed a conspiracy of priests on a day that became celebrated on the Persian calendar as Magophonia — The Killing of the Magi.

Plus the mere fact that the queen has given something in exchange for talk-time in the Spartan council. Regardless if it is positive or negative, the film depicts the assets of liabilities of humanity from a historical perspective.

The motion picture may give out negative implications about issues, but it also gives a positive thought that can guide a person. In any case, the movie shows how man has changed overtime and that the mistakes are never to be repeated.

300 (2007)

The film also depicts certain issues that man has experienced since the ancient times which are still unresolved today. On the Arts and Sciences of Human Inequality. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Nunnari, G. How to cite this page Choose cite format: