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A short story that is written by sir arthur conan doyle essay

Extraordinarily prolific and multifaceted, Conan Doyle composed not only the Sherlock Holmes fiction, which comprises four novels and fifty-six short stories, but also fictional series about other recurring characters such as Professor Challenger; lengthy and detailed historical romances; numerous horror, mystery, science fiction and adventure stories; and a series of nonfiction books on spiritualist topics.

He also wrote a history of the Boer War, for which he received a knighthood, and a popular autobiography. Though Conan Doyle considered his historical novels and later spiritual writings to constitute his most important work, today he is most read and studied for his contributions to genre fiction, especially the enduringly popular Sherlock Holmes series. General Overviews Articles and books discussing the Sherlock Holmes stories, adaptations, and pop culture manifestations are abundant.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. A Biographical Introduction

Below are listed a few places for the beginner to get started, as well a sampling of some of the most interesting recent articles. Cox and Jaffe are simple and straightforward critical and biographical overviews.

  1. The Major Stories with Critical Essays. Charles 1832-1893 , Arthur's father, was not as successful as his elder brothers.
  2. He also wrote several books dealing with public topics, such as The Crime of the Congo 1910.
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  4. Pascal 18 As a young boy Arthur was an avid reader, and one of his most favourite books was Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe. For more information or to contact an Oxford Sales Representative click here.
  5. Stonyurst was conservative and ultra-montane. This meant that its Rector or Head, Father Edward Ignatius Purbrick, followed a firm papal line in seeking to stem the tide of materialism in post- Darwinian Britain.

Clausen situates Sherlock Holmes within late Victorian ideas of normalcy. Rosenberg is a semiclassic of Sherlock Holmes criticism, examining the stories for allegorical devices.

Harper and Row, Sherlock Holmes and His Creator. The Major Stories with Critical Essays. Novitiates should begin here for any critical overview of Sherlock Holmes. Like most studies of Conan Doyle, the spiritualist writings of his late career are relatively neglected. Begin here for an overview of critical opinion on Conan Doyle.

Authors include Dorothy L. Naked is the Best Disguise. Indianapolis, IN, and New York: Veering close to Sherlockian writing in its tone, import, and assumptions, the work is insightful enough to have become something of a classic in Sherlock Holmes criticism.

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Arthur Conan Doyle Mystery & Detective Fiction Analysis

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