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Actions speak louder than words essay toefl

Saturday, June 8, 2013 Do actions speak louder than words? Of course, it's always easier and safer during the test to agree or disagree based on what you personally believe. However, it's a good idea to practice by arguing for the opposite side. It exercises your reasoning skills and prepares you for questions on the TOEFL or on any test when you don't know which side to take.

  • It exercises your reasoning skills and prepares you for questions on the TOEFL or on any test when you don't know which side to take;
  • In fact, we had better try to apply actions and word in line and that will truly do because you become a skillful person who can get control of the situation and can get the matter out of your life perfectly, which is really a happy ending;
  • The thesis statement of the essay is in bold.

With practice, you will be able to take any side, whether you agree with it or not, and reason it well. The following essay was written during a 30-minute writing exercise, and for practice, the writer argued for the side opposite what he believes.

Actions speak louder than words. TOEFL ibt writing

The thesis statement of the essay is in bold. In addition, the arguments, which should be mentioned in the introduction and as thesis statements in the body paragraphs, are underlined. There's a common adage that says, "Actions speak louder than words," It gives the idea that a person can say anything, but if his actions convey the opposite, his words become invalid or irrelevant because his actions will have a stronger influence on others.

While I agree with this saying, I also think that there are times when words, in fact, speak louder than actions. These happen during times after we've acted out on impulse such as during times of stress and also when someone's personality or habit says the opposite of what the person wants to convey.

  • Definitely not, so we have act in time to get a meaningful action;
  • On the other hand, some disagree that actions do not actually bring a matter to a happy ending.

One instance when our words speak louder than our actions is after we are angry or stressed. When we are upset, we may show annoyance at people or even express anger toward others. However, when the difficult moment has passed, we can correct these personal misdemeanors with our words, and without even explaning or apologizing, we can use the right words to show others the kind of person we really are, that we didn't mean to be rude, and that we are capable and in fact have a greater tendency to be kind.

While some may disagree with this argument and counter that in fact our negative actions showed our true feelings at the moment, just like our positive actions when we began to feel better showed our good side. I would insist that words have power, and they have the ability to erase any of our momentarily negative actions.

Other times when I think words speak louder than actions is when a person's character comes through in his words despite his actions. One example is when actions speak louder than words essay toefl person conveys sarcasm.


A person might be smiling or may act nice, but a hint of sarcasm in his voice can easily betray his good or kind actions. In addition, I've encountered people who simply look angry. However, once I've had the chance to talk to them, their kindness comes through in their words.

Some people may describe someone's bark as being worse than his bite, which is often used to refer to a strict or intimidating person. This means that this person may look intimidating because of the way he conducts himself, but in fact, this person is actually quite nice and approachable once you get to know him.

There is no doubt that the saying "Actions speak louder than words" definitely has truth to it. However, there are instances where the opposite is definitely true.

Words also have their way of communicating that can correct any mistake made in someone's actions, and it can show someone's real personality when a person's actions somehow show a different persona.