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Aim of my life essay in english

Child of Earth, Still mindful to the heavenly birth: There are, however some persons who do not plan their careers. They have no aim in life. Those who have no aim in life are like a ship without a rudder or an envelope without an address. They are tossed to and fro by circumstances. They complain of hard times and blame their fate. It is no wonder that they cut a sorry figure in the battle of life. While deciding our aim or choosing a career, we have to hope for the best and get prepared for the worst.

We must have some aim or ambition in life and should leave no stone unturned to achieve it. Different people have different aims. Some persons want to become doctors while others want to start business. If law appeals, to some, army has attraction for others. Some aim at becoming a teacher while social service or politics attracts others.

  1. It is a very rewarding and satisfactory job. Its a state of My aim was self-forgetfulness..
  2. So different people adopt different aims according to their inclination or taste or pocket.
  3. I have a strong liking for medical profession. Adam Johnson, Stegner 01 and current professor of English at Stanford, won the 2015 National Book Award and the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction; Jesmyn University with the aim of providing young, talented writers the guidance, encouragement and funding to further their writing knowledge and craft.
  4. I belong to the lower middle class of society. There are people who have a craze to become poets, writers and novelists.

So different people adopt different aims according to their inclination or taste or pocket. It is the duty of the parents and the teachers to persuade their wards to choose a profession according to their aptitude. Right aim means right life and wrong aim means a wrong life. So, we should be very cautions while deciding our aim. Perhaps the most difficult problem that a young man faces is the choice of a profession.

If a person does not choose his aim rightly, he will be a square peg in a round hole. The best profession would be one in which an individual feels at home and can do something worth- while and which, at the same time, assures him of good prospects in life.

There are various professions. I do not want to take a leap in the dark. I know that success in life depends upon the well-planned aim. Law and business may have charm for others, but they have no attraction for me. Business needs a huge amount of money which I do not have. My aim, however, is to be a teacher. Teaching is the noblest form of profession.

It is like killing two birds with one stone.

English essay writing my aim in life

A teacher can earn an honest and independent living. He can serve his society and country in the best possible way. He is a nation-builder. He can mould the destiny, shape the future and can ennoble the minds of the students who are the wealth, pride and future of the country. In a democracy where every adult is a voter, education is of utmost importance. A teacher alone can impart the right type of education and make the students ideal citizens. He can inculcate refined qualities in the young minds and create patriotic fervor in them.

If teachers are efficient and serve as torch-bearers to the students, our democracy will have a bright future. I know that teachers in these days are ill-paid and can hardly make both ends meet. But money is not the only consideration with me.

He lives among the smiling faces and young hearts. So, he neither become old nor feels sad or serious. I will create a family atmosphere in the school and will teach my students as Gurus did in ancient times. May God inspire me to be what I have decided to be!

My Aim in Life I am now in class X. Some months after, I shall pass the High School Examination and shall proceed to a senior school. Everybody who wants to study further joins a senior school. But that is not saying much about my aim in life. Let me be more definite about my future. Let me tell you at once aim of my life essay in english I want to become a good doctor.

Essay on “Your Aim in Life” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

I have a strong liking for medical profession. I doctor gets fat fees for consultations, and this is an independent profession. He gets many chances of serving the people and for securing their good will and affection. But my aim is not to become a mercenary doctor. I really want to help the people by lightening their sufferings.

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Though not unwilling to take fees for I want to enjoy life I would be generous if my skill failed to cure my patient. I would willingly giver my time, If AI am able to lessen the pain of the sufferers.

Years after, when I have made enough money, I would build a home for the sick I would collect about me a band of workers and hand over the home to them a d quietly retire from life. They workers would be as sincere as I would be in life. Only then I would retire from active service. It shall be my aim as a doctor to make no difference between the rich and the poor.

  1. A life without an aim is life a boat without a rudder. Teaching is the noblest form of profession.
  2. Surgical job is not my favorite one. I will elaborate this one in my next essay.
  3. Science always deals with facts.
  4. There are, however some persons who do not plan their careers.
  5. There are people who have a craze to become poets, writers and novelists.

I shall perhaps treat the poor better for their illness, because they will be the more helpless and therefore the more needy. I would not mind even giving them free treatment if needed. Again India is a land of villages. A large number of villagers are without any medical attention. Every year the toll of plague, small pox and other epidemics is very heavy among these medically desolate masses of humanity the villagers.

After I become a doctor I shall try to contribute my mite to the struggle against the epidemics which are ravaging the villages of India.

My Aim in Life to be a Doctor Essay

Thus I would live up to the highest ideals of medical profession, and would leave behind me a tradition of true and selfless service to be followed up by other doctors who would come after me.