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Assess the arguments for and against the banning of smoking in public places essay

The places they do allow smoking might lose a bit of money, but it will also help with the health problems that occur. Most people beleive that someone who is not in the smoking area of the public place will not be affected by the smoke, but smoke is able to spread in a room and affect the people around.

Smoking causes alot of problems not only for the smoker, but for the people around. If someone were to put together a protest for those to stop smoking in public, I bet that every non- smoker would say they should. Oh and by your logic, if someone is a pyromaniac and always has the need to light fires that its ok for them to run around in public with fire, the non pyromaniacs just need to avoid the fire.

No big deal right? I would not say that smoking should be banned, but I do not think it is necessary that people should go as far to have to avoid another person purely for them being a smoker.

What I think they should do is just go back to a smoking section with air vents leading upwards and away from people in the smoking section, making it less likely that if a door is opened to the smoking section, that smoke will go out. Also, businesess are not losing a little bit of money, there are bars that have been there for years all around me that are being completely shut down.

All because people will not go there because they cannot smoke. Yes, it should be banned Obviously, the cloud of smoke exactly disturbs other people; especially non-smokers feeling.

Imagine sitting in a restuarant unable to enjoy the meal because of the smoke from neighbor's table. It should be banned because the percentage of non-smokers is higher than active smokers so non-smokers have right to clean air and also second hand smoke is more dangerous than actually smoking as well.

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Just because the non-smokers of America are more populous than the smokers, doesn't mean that smoking should be banned just to please them.

All of the older kids smoke so the youger kids like to be influenced by the Juniors and Seniors. They will eventually start and gett into the habit of smoking. Its also very unhealthy. Secondly, being in a restaurant and having to smell that smoke while eating is not only disrepectful but also disturbing and once again not healthy. I respect those who smoke away. In fact, accordintg to some reliable surveys, numbers of smokers are rapidly increasing these day.

Of course, we can smoke if this will affect no one. We together make some tigh and strict regulation for smokers if we dont want to have any adverse influences on our next generations. For example, many countries around the world, especially tropical nations, like Cuba as well as England consider cigarette as an important product to export to many other countries to get money or exchange other commodities.

As a result, this can bring some jobs for people and partially solve rate of unemployment.

Yes, it should be banned

What if said business doesn't have smoking employees? Say in a restaurant they have a smoking area even with ventilation. The larger the area, the larger the vent, the larger the vent the more powerful it needs to be, the more powerful it needs to be the louder it is. This would disrupt the non smokers as its just an annoying noise created to feed the poor addicts their poison.

Should Smoking Be Banned in Public Places?

But what if we wanted to dull down the power or remove the vent all together? No a manager does not NEED to go through and would then be making it their own decision, but the other staff still needs to do their job. Asking a restaurant to hire only employees that 'dont mind' inhaling the second hand smoke is, in my opinion, far fetched and out of line.

It is bad enough that smokers get to go outside every 30 minutes to smoke for 5-10 minutes while non smokers have to work work work work all day without those breaks. Now we're going to suggest that smokers get jobs over them just because smoker need to inhale their cancer sticks? Yes, it is a real problem. The smoke bothers every non-smoker. But a complete ban is not necessary.

I mean, those public places can save up some money so they can build special areas for non-smokers and those areas would be vent. This way would thank both parts: So if somebody wants to smoke, let him do. As long as it doesn't socialy harm anyone. And by using this special areas for smokers, everyone would be happy and the restaurants would make profit. But i hope i proved my point. By smoking in public places all the people that go to those places have got to inhale their smoke although they have a made a choice to not smoke, they dont have a say in whether smoking will be a part in our life or not.

BUT if it was banned smokers could smoke in their home and cars, and harm themselves and not others.

What are the arguments FOR and AGAINST a ban on smoking in public places?

Sorry if it didnt make sense, but i think u will get the points that i was trying to make. So if ya'll wanna complain go somewhere else.! People who have asthma need to carry their inhaler just in case of a smoker or cigarettes.

We are a county built on equality, why are you taking my right of being cancer free away?

Essay: Why Smoking Should Not Be Banned

We fought for our independence and im glad we have it! It's called the second amendment!!! The second amendment means you have the right to bear arms, and a cigarette is like a gun. Even though cigs are bad, they are classified as a harmful weapon that can cause serious injury or damage.

Also, right now we are both breathing in campfire, barbecues, and even marijuana smoke! I do not see a ban on those items and I do not see a ban on cars? How about we just ban cars???? Also, I looked up that the smoke from smokers produces 0.

I have tons more but I'm about to run out of battery, so my last point is that we are building our own natural disasters, like building power plants!

Only two out of the 50000 power plants in the world produce more carbon dioxide than the smoke from smokers does in a year! It needs to be banned!

Smoking needs to be banned because of people with asthma can't or barley breath when smoke is around. Also in places like Disneyland, there is a few "smoke-zones" but even so, if you walk pass them you can still inhale the smoke that they are smoking.

  • This is an unfair practice, but one backed by the government in the form of smoking bans;
  • Just because the non-smokers of America are more populous than the smokers, doesn't mean that smoking should be banned just to please them;
  • Business owners, employees, and patrons can make decisions for themselves and decide whether or not they want to expose themselves to smoky environments;
  • Secondhand smoking is a concern, I agree;
  • Almost no middle ground exists on the topic of tobacco smoking, and individuals against smoking have taken great strides to promote the cessation of smoking in public places.

Bad for Health Non-smokers should not have to suffer from the very poor choices of smokers. Non-smokers who come across smokers "Lighting up a ciggy" suffer as badly as the smokers do.

I don't think it is right that ANY of the non-smokers have to suffer, smokers only think about themselves not the people around them which sickens me and I think it is about time that non-smokers got a little justice.

I don't give a fuck about the smokers, all I care about are the people who don't smoke who have to suffer. You would just take away the rights of smokers people just like you, only with different habits because they like to smoke?

Your argument seems very narrow-minded and shallow. Ignorance is not bliss, so instead of continuing on your pointless rant about how "bad" smokers are, how about you accept the fact that not everyone has the same viewpoint as you do. By the way, to wish ill upon a group of people is discrimination.

That is because non-smokers should not be forced to secondhand smoke against their will. Even though it is an obvious etiquette not to smoke when surrounded by many people, a large number of smokers don't seem to care so much about it.

There should be rules restricting people who have little regard for the well-being of others. Another reason why smoking should be banned in public places is because of the garbage problem.

Not many smokers throw away their cigarette butts into the trash cans. Most of them just toss it on the streets. The streets will be much cleaner if smoking is banned. However, smokers should not be treated unfairly. There should be more places where only smokers can smoke freely. Therefore smoking should be banned in public places but more smoking areas should be built as well. Secondhand smoking is a concern, I agree.

But a complete ban of smoking in public is unecessary. To your comment about "rules restricting people who have little regard for the well-being of others", I have nothing to say but shame on you. Smoking is a choice via that person. You cannot tell who is a smoker from just looking at them unless affected greatly by smokingjust as you cannot tell who is a thief from just another customer at a store.

Just because they smoke, doesn't mean that they are out to get people who do not. I have friends who smoke, who are very nice people, yet I do not smoke myself. Don't make judgements upon a group of people based on stereotypes.

Smoking shouldnt be banned look, everyone should not be so botherd about smoking and live with it. All smokers go outside to have a smoke at least in countries where it assess the arguments for and against the banning of smoking in public places essay banned indoorsnon smokers stay in the pub or wherever you are.

Non smokers complain about everyones health, but smokers are not stupid, they know it can harm them. If we should not ban smoking because smokers are well aware of the health issue, should we remove the speed limits on all the highways as well? People aren't stupid, they know that speed driving can be dangerous and they don't care or they will stop doing it.

So people should be allowed to drive for as fast as they want regardless if this can lead to car accidents which can do harms to other people.

And smoking should be allowed too because smokers aren't stupid and do not care about their health even if the smoke they produce can harm other people. Exact same principle here, and obviously speed limits is on, so should the ban of smoking? Tbh we are seriously not interested in how you manage your health; we don't care if you care or quit or anything, we just don't want you to harm us just as we don't want a car to hit on us.

  • Yes, it should be banned Obviously, the cloud of smoke exactly disturbs other people; especially non-smokers feeling;
  • As a result of this, many believe that smoking should not be allowed in public places;
  • Yes, it is a real problem;
  • If we should not ban smoking because smokers are well aware of the health issue, should we remove the speed limits on all the highways as well?