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Business intelligence and data warehousing as a solution essay

  • This split is a serious impediment to building this new environment that demands a tight feedback loop between the two environments;
  • Second, Cloud and big data together mean that distribution of data is becoming much more prevalent;
  • Instead of adopting a strict change management process which for the most part is based on change prevention , you can instead adopt a more agile approach to change management where your stakeholders can easily change their minds as the progress progresses.

Facebook then demanded the gaming firms reduce their wall spam and therefore decreased the viral coefficient. This allows Zynga to quickly identify the frequent players from the part-time ones and adjust the amount of communication and also the bonuses available to those players. Zynga are now able to identify groups of users with similar behavioral patterns for even more precise targeting of game-related promotions and activities.

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  2. A vertical slice can be very small, such as a single edit field on a screen, the implementation of a business rule or calculation, or the updated layout of a screen.
  3. As a result of the improve phase, new areas of measure may be added to the upcoming future "measure" phase to track the progress of decisions made during the last cycle.
  4. User resistance can be one of the biggest hurdles for suppliers of Business Intelligence providers to overcome and handle. For this technical vision to work, the real challenge will be organizational, as is always the case with acquisitions.

What we can refer from these facts is that Zynga appear to be a highly technical company, with the huge amounts of data needed to be processed into information and knowledge, which is then used to improve the three bullet points identified above. From the facts, we can also see that their relevant criterion for success is related to user experience and retention.

They have identified that user retention and positive experience increase the amount of expected revenue. The data shows that people enjoy playing their games and spending their money to progress deeper into these games.

The case states that many gaming powerhouses, such as Blizzard and Activision are trying to imitate Zynga by using social media platforms for new games. This shows that Zynga are becoming a powerful competitor in the gaming market.

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However, despite Zynga becoming a hugely profitable gaming company, the company is not perfect. Not only does it rely on Facebook staying popular, it also relies on the fact that Facebook continues to allow it to leech of its platform.

  1. First, processer power continues to grow, so database performance has proportionately less impact. These measures tell a company the "what" e.
  2. It allows for the real time distribution of information through email, messaging Systems and interactive displays.
  3. Can't business do better? You can pre-order the book on Amazon ; it should be available in mid-October.
  4. Through BI concepts Companies or organizations have understood the importance of enforcing achievements of the goals defined by their business strategies.
  5. Unlike classification which analyse class label, clustering analysis analyse data without consulting a known class label. In other words, they can give you better answers.

Should they ever decide Zynga is no longer a profitable part of Facebook, they would have to find another platform or way of hosting their games, which poses huge problems to the success of their social media style of game and data analysis. Despite this problem, we still do not have enough information available to say that Zynga do not already have other methods of hosting their games or if Facebook relies on Zynga as much as Zynga does on Facebook. Zynga relying on Facebook is currently not a problem.

But should it ever become one, they would need a contingency plan in place. Zynga would need to identify a method in which they could host their games on their own.

  • First, an evolutionary approach to development demands an evolutionary approach to data modeling and therefore you don't need to create detailed data models up front;
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  • And, I can rejoin the land of the living;
  • Another potential problem is the tools of Business Intelligence;
  • The advent of big data and the excitement of operational analytics have confirmed my early enthusiasm.

One solution could be that they produce their own social media network strictly for gamers. However, one immediate issue this would give is that the viral coefficient might decrease due to it being strictly a gaming social media network, unlike Facebook. They would then have to rely on user referrals and advertising, which would increase company expenses.

However, nothing can be taken away from Zynga as it has used its own business intelligence to identify Facebook as a platform for its game, not the other way around.

Zynga Wins with Business Intelligence Essay

Currently no decision needs to be made as to a solution to the problem, because it is not yet become a problem. But Zynga do need a contingency plan in place to ensure they are able to continue functioning should Facebook ever become unpopular. The idea regarding Zynga becoming self-sufficient mentioned above is a good starting point, but they would obviously need to analyze their data further to see how much of an impact Facebook has on their current revenue and how much their viral coefficient would decrease without it.

Many bigger gaming companies focus on people who have large amounts of time available to play and enjoy complex games.

  • Collaborative working is finally taking hold in BI;
  • The first message of Business unIntelligence, therefore, is;
  • In this stage, IT must become highly adaptive in order to anticipate emerging business needs for information;
  • Consistency is an important contributor to quality, and guidance which is willingly followed by developers seems to be more effective in practice than guidance which is mandated and enforced by your governing bodies.

Instead they prefer simple but rewarding games through a platform they more than likely already use, Facebook. The future is definitely bright for Zynga, but business intelligence cannot solve all its problems. For Zynga to continue to grow, is also requires Facebook to do the same, which is out of their hands.

Zynga must dedicate a portion of its analytics team toward finding other methods of growth should Facebook ever lose its appeal. It is safe to say, they will still be looking at their data for answers.

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