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Cause and effect essay about drug addiction

Order now A drug can be said to be any substance used in medicine.

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It can also be said to be any substance taken by some people to get a certain effect, such as happiness and excitement. A drug addict is said to be someone whose life has become dependent on drugs, hence drug abuse. Peer pressure; — youth associates themselves with different types of people, otherwise known as friends.

Through the pressure from these friends they tend to have a taste of these drugs and once this is done, they continue to take it and become addicted to it in the long run.


Depression; another primary cause of drug abuse is depression. When certain things happen to someone that is considered very sad and disheartening, the person starts thinking of the best way to become happy once more therefore the use of hard drugs will come in. This later on turns to a habit, hence drug abuse. Another major cause of drug abuse is said to be the rate of unemployment among the youth.

This kind of abuse is associated with soft drugs. Effect of drug abuse; — The effect of drug abuse on youth is going to be viewed from three aspects. These are social aspect, financial aspect, health aspect.

  • Prevention Prevention is better than cure;
  • Basically, the phones have hypnotized people into doing one thing or the other on a continuous basis, whether it is essential or not;
  • Participating more in real-life activities, accepting help and support from friends and family are some of the other wonderful ideas that actually work;
  • Essay on Internet Addiction Introduction Unfortunately, we as a world, are living in an era of internet addiction;
  • It can cause more stress and lead to serious depression.

Social aspect; — the hard drug makes the taker hyperactive at the point of taking this drug. This makes the taker to behave abnormally, contribute to immoralities such as armed robbery, sexually transmitted diseases e.

The causes and effects of drug abuse amongst the youth Essay

Financial effects; — The person that is so much addicted to drugs tends to spend more money on the purchase of these drugs. This can make the taker to become bankrupt or start searching for money by all means.

This will eventually increase the problem of the taker.

  • Most of the people would justify their phone usage by using excuses like work, networking, business needs, or for fun;
  • For regaining the healthier version of society, it is important to limit the use of phones;
  • There are stages, rules, rewards, a particular degree of challenges so that the game is neither too easy to lose interest nor too difficult that one would want to quit;
  • The regret, however, may not always be reversible, leading to mental breakdown and suicidal tendencies in the teenagers;
  • Porn addicts are more likely to cheat and behave dishonestly with their partners.

Health effect; — It makes the taker become unstable. The taker tends to go mad and starts behaving abnormally.

Essay on Addiction

It infiltrates a lot of diseases into the system of the taker and can eventually lead to death. Family risk factors for teenagers engaging in drug abuse include low parent supervision or communication, family conflicts, inconsistent or severe parental discipline, and family history of alcohol or drug abuse.

  • In conclusion the drug addiction means that people destroy their life with each little portion that they consumed;
  • And the reality is, addiction to gambling cannot be dealt with overnight.

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