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Effective ways of managing a project essay

Reference Copied to Clipboard. Skills, trait, characteristics or personalities for an effective project manager. The professional objectives like career development and growth are dependent upon the enhancement in personal and professional skills. The individuals need to focus upon improving their skill set so that the available opportunities within the organization could be grabbed very easily. Here in current scenario the concepts and theories related to personal and professional development has been taken into special consideration Zepeda, 2011.

The self management learning approach and lifelong learning has been discussed in current scenario. Ahead current study also include the explanation of various time management strategies which are required with a view of developing the professional attitude. For the same purpose the selected organization is Vodafone.

The Importance Of Project Management Essay

A Analyze and discuss the various approaches to self managed learning and lifelong learning. There are various skills which are required at very large scale in order to become effective project manager. The first and foremost skill is to ensure the time management. Being a project manager the significance of time is very huge for an individual. The timely completed work can help in minimizing the wastage of resources and money.

The efforts could also be reduced. It is to acknowledge that the time management has direct relationship with the cost structure of any project Richman, 2006. If a manager is not able to complete the work or task within the stipulated period of time then it delays the commencement of work and it can definitely put its impact at the expenses and budgeting process.

With the help of time management the project manager can increase effectiveness in terms of allotting the right amount of time to each and every task. The task or complete project could be divided into sub tasks and can definitely be accomplished as per allotted time. The time management is actually a part of personality and characteristics as well. The time management also includes the discipline and punctuality to do all the tasks within the stipulated period of time.

The Importance of Time Management (Aspects of Project Management Part 1)

The project manager is required to focus upon the development of habits like punctuality so that the alignment between personal and professional behavior could be established in an appropriate manner Gido and Clements, 2011. The significance of time management skill is that the planning to do all the tasks could be done in proper way and the project manager can contact with other people associated with the project. The time management can also help in taking the decisions as per the need and demand of situation of task.

Thus it is one skill or personality trait which can affect the effectiveness of project manager. It is another very significant skill that has direct relationship with the effectiveness of the manager. Resource management is the management of resources like collecting, processing, acquiring the raw material on time, as per the need, managing the inventory, avoiding the over stock and situation of under stock, ensuring the quality, managing the price etc. It actually involves the technical knowledge as well.

The project manager has to focus upon the fact that the resources must be utilized in most appropriate manner so that cost could be diminished.

Further the resources management includes the knowledge about various project management tactics and techniques that could play immense role in bringing the improvement in working of any project Schwalbe, 2013. These tactics and techniques can help in allocating the resources to various departments in effective way and most importantly the availability of resources could be ensured.

The resource management could be treated as field knowledge or expertise related to particular project. It is a skill that could deliver benefits to both the organization and an individual. The major benefit of developing the skill like resource management is that the quality of raw material could be maintained. The project manager gives preference to allocate the financial resources as per the requirement. The wastage could be diminished as the project manager is dedicated to control the usage of resources within the project.

Further the project manager can definitely become effective if he possess the knowledge of new techniques that have been introduced to manage the resources for the particular project.

Effective Project Communication Management

Therefore these are second most crucial and significant skill which is essential to become effective project manager Curran, 2009. With the help of these techniques or skills the effectiveness of the project could be increased at very large scale. This essay is an example of a student's work Disclaimer This essay has been submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

Become a Freelance Writers Place an Order 2. How these skills can help in completing the project successfully. The skills mentioned above have potential to ensure that the project manager can achieve the objectives related to their job profile and project.

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Most importantly the time management skills can help in achieving the most significant objective which is to complete the task within the set time frame.

It is to ascertain that the every project runs as per the deadline which is required to meet out for the benefit of company. Thus the time management skills can help in accomplishing the major objective of the project or task. Time management has certain strategies which could be inherited within the personality trait. The major is that the habit of maintaining the diary manually or digitally could be developed.

Within the diary the tasks and important aspects of the project, transactions could be recorded. It could help in reaching out from one task to another in set time frame.

Effective project team

Every sub task can get sufficient amount of time and most importantly the deadlines could be meet out in an appropriate manner Cowie, 2003. Thus time management skills can help in achieving the one objective and completing the project successfully.

Project Management

effective ways of managing a project essay The parameter to complete the project successfully is related to accomplishing the objectives of project. Majorly another objective of the project is to manage the cost of the project. The contribution for the same could be done through resource management. With the help of resource management the quality material could be acquired and most importantly the project could be finished properly.

The resource management can help in maintaining the level of project and the benchmarks could also be maintained. Further the resource management can also help in managing the resources. The inventory for the raw material and required projects could be maintained. Within the project the project manager can definitely get the details about the available projects Gido and Clements, 2011.

The risks could also identify and planning could become concrete. In completing the project successfully the role of resource management is immense as the allocation could be done properly. In current project the success could be attained easily through avoiding the wastage of resources.

Thus these are certain aspects through which the project could be successfully completed by developing the skill like time management and resource management.

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