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Essay in defense of prejudice by jonathan rauch

Reflective Essay: In Defense Of Prejudice

Jonathan Charles Rauch is an American author, activist and journalist. He graduated from Yale University.

Presently a columnist and senior writer for the National Journal, a writer-in-residence at the Institutional correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly, and a vice president of the Independent Gay Forum.

He also authored five books. In this article, he utters that the public is not well aware about the term structure and it has nonetheless to be correctly identified. He made his point comprehensible in this excerpt by saying that racial discrimination along with freedom of expression, as without any one of them, one cannot have the other.

Jonathan Rauch Essay In Defense Of Prejudice

Author also asserts that nonetheless prejudice may be mistaken belief, there is no requirement to pick sides and that is the magnificence of academic pluralism. Rauch's article argues that knowledge is something that channels to pluralism and more awareness is not essentially good.

But with the aim of gaining understanding about anything, one has to have information. In the end, we endure on basic knowledge.

“In Defense of Prejudice” by Jonathan Rauch Essay Sample

Even if there are many inferences about what really pluralism is, the community in general extremely misinterprets what it actually means. In reality, there is not virtually enough information to describe what pluralism is rather than disgraceful ethnic insulation.

Narrating one side of the argument, he quoted Ralph Reed who denounced namecalling, scapegoating, and religious bigotry.

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  • Bigotry cannot be successfully controlled and efforts in doing do end up looking irrational;
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Ralph Reed was born in Portsmouth, Virginia, only a short distance from Pat Robertson's first broadcast studio. His early years were interrupted by frequent moves. Three years later he was the executive secretary of Robertson's new Christian Coalition.

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Reed eventually lost this journalistic position because he plagiarized a story. Always on the political right of every issue, Reed was a leader among campus conservatives by 1982.

The former executive director of the Christian Coalition is quoted at the beginning of Rauch's article.

In Defense of Prejudice by Jonathan Rauch - Essay Example

Why use this specific name? What was Reed doing when Rauch wrote this article in 1995? Use the biographical and historical context to analyze.

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