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Essay old age a boon or curse

All living beings undergo a gradual development from neonatal stage to old age. But the situation is like that we are really scared to become old.

Old Age a Blessing or Curse?

In this modern age one want to dominate other in every field of action. So relationships are vanishing among todays generation. All are busy running in making money and they hide their fault in terms of time even though it is their fault that they are not caring their family members. Non stop race for earning money had made people victims of diseases. This reduced our life expectancy. Death rate is increasing from buds to flowers.

Unhealthy food habits are responsible for changing the youthful appearance of a person.

Old Age a Blessing or Curse?

So we become old fast. Young generation lack respect, caring and affection towards the old people. Now most of the old parents are finding shelter in old age homes and orphanages. They are completely neglected by their children. Old parents are becoming a burden for them. Like that all children should realize that one day they also become old and if they want their family to consider them they should take care of their parents first.

Their demonstration will be an inspiration to their children. The presence of a grandpa or grandma will make our home a heaven. Their experience, and maturity will surely throw light on our life. So one should find time to look after their parents. Our parents struggle throughout their life time for our happiness then why cant we take out sometime for them from our busy lives.