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Essay on educate and empower the girl child

Feed by sandy Cat- Essay Education is an essential part of living life, whether it is a boy or a girl, education helps a person learn new things with skill and learn about the facts of the world. Education plays an important role in the protection of women's rights. It also helps to prevent discrimination on the basis of gender.

Education is the first step to give women the right to choose the way of women, on which it progresses. Education helps women to give more productivity in their work. An educated woman has skills, information, talent and self-confidence that makes her a better mother, employee and a resident of the country.

Women constitute almost half of our population, men and women are like two aspects of coin and they need equal opportunities to contribute to the development of the country. Both can not survive without each other. In order to help you with this topic in your exams, you have to present the essay of different time for girls' education.

Here you can find essay on the education of girls in English language of student in 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600 words. Essay on education of girls - 1 200 words Girls' education in India is very important for the development of the country because girls can work better than boys. Nowadays girls' education is important and it is also mandatory because women have a future of the country. Girls' education is essential for the socio-economic development of India; educated women have made a positive impact on Indian society by contributing to professional areas like medical, defense services, science and technology.

The women know how to do business well and to handle their home and office, they know very well. Better economy and better society is the result of girls' education. Educated women can help control the country's population by marrying essay on educate and empower the girl child women at the right time or later. Girls' education was very good in early Indian society, but due to many limitations for women in the Middle Ages, it was not so good.

However, it would have been better every day since people in India have understood the fact that without the development and progress of women, the development of the country is not possible.

It is true that in the same expanse of both sexes, the country will be encouraged to get economic and social development in every field. Essay on girls' education - 2 300 words introduction Girls' education was never considered necessary in the first period, but over time people have realized the importance of education of girls. It is now considered as promoting girls in the modern era. Now women are competing with men in all walks of life, but there are some people who oppose girls 'education, because they believe that the girl's work is limited to the house and she feels that girls' education Money is a waste of money.

This idea is wrong because girls' education can change society. Importance of education of girls There are many advantages in girls' education: An educated and beautiful girl can play an important role in the development of the country. An educated girl can share the work and burden of men in different areas. If an educated girl's age is not low, she can serve the country as a writer, teacher, lawyer, doctor and scientist. Apart from this, he can perform very well in other important areas too.

Essay on girls' education - 3 400 words introduction Girls' education is essential for the proper social and economic development of the country. Both men and women move parallel to the two equal wheels in society. Therefore, both are important components of development and progress of the country. Thus whenever it comes to education, both of them need equal opportunity.

Benefits of education of girls in India Girls' education is essential in the country for the future of the country because women are the first teachers of their children who are the future of the country. Uneducated women can not contribute to family management and fail to take proper care of children.

Women Empowerment Essay

Thus the future generations may be weak. There are many benefits of girls' education. Some are mentioned as follows: Educated women are more capable of shaping their future.

Educated women are able to reduce poverty due to work and financially strong. There is less risk of child mortality due to educated women. Educated women are less likely to be victims of domestic or sexual violence. Educated women have reduced corruption and have changed the conditions that lead to terrorism.

Educated women are doing better to contribute to family income.


Educated women are healthy and they have a lot of self esteem and confidence. Educated women help contribute and enrich their community. Women who are educated have the ability to promote education in others. Educated women can handle their families more efficiently without any doubt.

Girl Education Essay

He can make every member of the family accountable by providing good qualities in children. Educated women can participate in social activities and it can be a major contributor to a socio-economically healthy nation.

Only a part of the nation can be educated by educating a man while educating a woman can educate the whole country. The lack of education of girls has weakened the powerful part of society. Therefore, women should have full control of education and they should not be considered as weak from men.

Conclusion India is now a major country on the basis of education of women. Indian history is full of talented women. It includes female philosophers such as Gargi, Visabbarra and Maitreya.

Other famous women include Mirabai, Durgabati, Ahalyabia and Lakshmibai. In today's time, all the great and historical women of India are the source of inspiration. We can never ignore their contributions to the society and the country. Essay on girls education - 4 500 words Introduction Girls need education time. We can not make a developed nation without educating the women of the country. Women play an important role in the progress of all the areas of the country.

To make democracy a success, women should be educated. They are the foundations of a happy family. By educating a man, we educate only one person, but if we educate a woman then we educate the whole family. It shows the importance of education of girls. It is true that a woman is the first teacher of her children and she gets her first lesson in mother's lap. So if a mother is well-educated then she can play an important role in shaping the future of her children.

Educated women vs uneducated women If we look at it, then we will find that a knowledgeable woman not only serves her family but also serves her country. He can serve his country as a teacher, a nurse, a doctor, an administrator, a soldier, a police employee, a reporter, an athlete etc. It is a true fact that girls have achieved more success than boys in less time. An educated wife can reduce the burden of essay on educate and empower the girl child husband's life by sharing a job or sharing her thoughts about jobs.

An educated housewife can educate her children and teach her children about their rights and moral values.

  • They can contribute to the development of the country as men;
  • It is true that a woman is the first teacher of her children and she gets her first lesson in mother's lap.

He can also guide them to find out the difference between good and bad things. Girls are getting their rights and honors in the society and our society is working hard for it. Girls have the ability to lead their country in every field. Once Napoleon essay on educate and empower the girl child said - "The progress of a nation is impossible without trained and educated mothers and if half of the people of my country are not educated, then half of them will remain illiterate.

In this era of economic crisis education for girls is a boon. It is really difficult to meet the requirements of a middle class family in today's time.

If an educated girl works after the marriage, she can help her husband to fulfill her family's expenses. If a woman's husband dies, then she can earn money by doing the work Education also increased the scope of women's thinking, so that they can increase their children well. From this he can also decide what is best for him and his family. Education helps one girl become financially independent so that she can recognize the rights and empowerment of women, so that she can help fight the problem of gender inequality.

Conclusion Improvement in any country depends on the education of girls, therefore, the education of girls should be encouraged. Contribution of girl's duty and education There are three roles that women play during their life - daughter, wife and mother.

In addition to playing these important duties, he has to establish essay on educate and empower the girl child as a good citizen of the nation. Therefore, like boys, it is important to give different types of education to girls too. Their education should be in such a way that they can be able to fulfill their duties properly.

Through education, they become completely mature in all areas of life. An educated woman well knows about her duties and rights. They can contribute to the development of the country as men. Conclusion Women should be given equal opportunities in education like men and they should not be deprived of any development opportunities.

Proper awareness program is essential for the importance and progress of the level of education of girls across the country, especially in rural areas. A knowledgeable woman can educate her entire family and the whole country. Essay on girls' education - 5 600 words Introduction In the case of population, India is the second largest nation in the world and the rate of education of girls in India is very low. Education of girls in medieval India was a matter of concern though now it has been resolved to a great extent.

To make some encouraging changes, women's education in India has been given a lot of priority as men. Earlier, women were not allowed to go outside the door of their homes. They were limited to domestic tasks only. He paid attention to the education of women.