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Essay on good friends are like stars

Our Class Essay Blossoming into Friendship by the Students of Room 10 In the garden of life, you start out as a little rosebud, and the first step to blossoming into a beautiful flower is to choose a good friend. The main keys to a long-lasting friendship are loyalty, supportiveness, integrity, and someone who likes you for who you are.

Loyalty is important so you know that you always have someone to lean on when times are tough. Additionally, supportiveness is a splendid quality in a friend; a friend should encourage you to achieve greatness. The sweet ones, among many other things, should be loyal. You have to learn how to choose the sweet lemons as your friends.

They should always stand by your side, no essay on good friends are like stars what. Friends should hang out with you in and outside of school. A loyal friend is always there for you and never lets you down when you are injured, and they stay with you and feel your pain, too. This was not friendship. A true friend always stands by you and has your back.

  • These components work together to make a movie unforgettable!
  • Number the stars study guide she also wears the necklace as a way of staying close to her friend a ed number the stars essay questions gradesaver;
  • I have known her since 2003, which is the longest I have ever known someone and still be friends with;
  • You Don't Have to Like Me;
  • Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.

No one wants to be friends with sour lemons; you want the sweet lemons that are loyal to you. To find a good friend, one of the main things you need to look for is a consistent ability to support you.

A friend can always act encouraging, but you need to make sure that even in the hardest situation, your friend can have the courage to sustain you. Everybody needs an ally who stays by you through your thick and thin. Likewise, a genuine friend likes you for who you are. Your friend should like you for your personality, celebrating everything that makes you the unique individual you are.

Essay on good friends are like stars

A real friend likes you even if you are a different race, have a unique style, and are not considered popular. If there is a science assignment where you need a partner for the project, and a person comes over to you, swears to be your BFF, and asks to partner with you on the project, and you agree, but you end up doing all the work, this individual is just taking advantage of you.

This is not how an authentic friend behaves. So, the next time you go to pick a friend make sure they like you for who you are, not because of something you have or something you can do. You will find yourself with a happier life and a true friend. Another one of the great qualities of a friend is acting with integrity. Integrity means to do the right thing, like being honest, even when nobody is looking.

A good friend acts with integrity by being essay on good friends are like stars for you and having your back. A good friend should never lie to you and should always treat you with kindness and respect. When you act with integrity, it pays off. Therefore, if you are seeking a good friend, consider these valuable elements for a long-lasting friendship.

Remember the keys to a terrific and meaningful friendship: You also need a reliable friend who likes you for who you are, not for the person they want you to be. If you follow these guidelines, you are guaranteed to have a cheerful and rewarding relationship with your excellent companion.

Next time you are searching for a magnificent friend, be absolutely sure that your chosen friend meets these standards. You will not be disappointed! Some movies are magnificent; some movies are dull. So in order to have an extraordinary film, you need to have these astonishing elements: A spectacular movie is born!

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The actors must be phenomenal professionals who know their lines. Clear dialogue has to lure you into the plot to make you understand the content. Then, the ambitious actors have to bring the splendid scheme to life by acting like their character so that the actor almost becomes the person in the film. Now, of course, confidence is a value that every actor should have to become one with the role and with the audience so that the viewers nearly forget that it is a movie instead of real life.

For a movie to be exceptional, the acting must also be divine and include the aforementioned elements. If you think the actors are all you need in a good movie, then you are wrong! Who would record the movie? The camera crew, of course!

Their cameras MUST be adjusted so they can penetrate more deeply into the visible world, to explore and record visual effects.

This is important because, if the camera crew wishes to captivate the viewers, you have to make the movie visually fascinating. If the camera crew does not, the audience may find the movie uninteresting.

For instance, who would want to watch a movie where the camera swerves, making you seasick, or where the camera crew fails to capture the main event of essay on good friends are like stars scene?

Clearly, camera work is important in a marvelous movie. Besides strong camera work, an amazing movie must have a spectacular plot. The plot should have a sensible organizational structure and order, and it should be clear and have a twist. Likewise, a suspenseful plot, a plot that makes you writhe in your chair, is often best.

A suitable storyline should have an intriguing central conflict that will eventually be resolved, many smaller conflicts and resolutions that are part of the rising action leading to the climax. In fact, a plot is like a jigsaw puzzle; the viewer needs to piece it together, throughout the movie, for the story to be complete.

All these elements of the plot create an exhilarating movie that leaves the audience breathless. The next ingredient of an amazing movie is a tremendous and clear theme. The theme is the part that provides an engaging message, such as telling the viewer to take a step up in life, to take sacrificing chances, to laugh at oneself sometimes, and to trust people, especially the loved ones.

Another theme may leave the audience feeling confident, departing the movie theater happy, knowing anything is possible and with a willingness to take the chances that life offers.

If the viewer does not leave the movie with some new learning or insights, then the movie failed to have a suitable or clear theme. The film needs to provide the viewer with an important life message. Clearly, themes are important to movies because without a theme, you have no movie. In a film, there must be drop-dead and glamorous actors who make you feel in love, as horrified as though a slobbery zombie is crawling at your feet, or whatever emotion the movie intends to convey.

Camera work is important when making a film, especially to make it visually astonishing. In conclusion, a splendid movie must contain these four key elements: These components work together to make a movie unforgettable!

  • Some movies are magnificent; some movies are dull;
  • Although this is a science fiction story set in another time and place, it contains an important message to readers;
  • If a story does not have powerful pacing, the readers might never get to the suspense, mystery, or heart of the tale;
  • It had been like dying, that sliding down the mountain pass;
  • Best friends listen to what you don't say.

Recipe for an Extraordinary Novel by the students of Room 10 Some people say that a mystery or a heart-breaking story makes a book awesome, but what truly makes a novel amazing are its characteristics. An outstanding book must have excellent description and unique characters who you feel as though you know.

Additionally, an extraordinary novel should manipulate pacing, racing through the slow parts and focusing on the interesting action and details to prevent readers from putting down the book or falling asleep. A terrific life lesson also helps a story to become a page-turner that engages readers and keeps them reading. Clearly, a marvelous book needs to contain all of these essential elements to get readers interested and inside the story.

Everyone knows that one component of a fascinating book is great description. For example, in a book about a captivating castle, if the author simply writes that the castle is big and gray, it is not interesting. With exceptional descriptive language, the author can both engage readers and transport them into the story, making the novel exquisite. In addition to strong description, an excellent book has well-developed and interesting characters. A high-quality story should make the readers feel as though they and the characters are best friends or worst enemies, perhaps as if the readers and the characters are so well-acquainted that they have known each other all their lives.

Characters must pull the readers essay on good friends are like stars the story as if they are participants in the chronicle.

Friends are like Stars

Each character should have unique personality traits and behaviors that make the character an individual, but each character should also be realistic enough that readers can relate to him or her. Basically, for a story to be truly tremendous, the characters must be thoroughly described and uniquely designed since the readers will be spending their time with these individuals.

Furthermore, an outstanding tale manipulates pacing, bypassing the slow parts and immediately getting to the main points, ideas, or action. For example, if a book stated: I walked and I walked and I walked, and when I got home, I sat on my couch, and I looked for the remote, and then I watched TV, the readers might be bored out of their minds.

A stronger story might say this instead: I dashed to my house. Ten minutes later, I plopped onto my couch, grasping the remote tightly. Soon I was engrossed in my favorite television program. If a story does not have powerful pacing, the readers might never get to the suspense, mystery, or heart of the tale. Superb stories manipulate pacing perfectly to keep the readers satisfied and immersed in the saga.

Similarly, an important component of a fabulous book is a life lesson. The readers should learn something from the story. Every phenomenal book contains at least one important life lesson. Although this is a science fiction story set in another time and place, it contains an important message to readers: Be your own person despite the obstacles.

A life lesson that changes the readers as people is something vital to a spectacular book. Even if readers were perfect in every way, shape, or form before reading the novel, everyone can grow and improve. A brilliant book should help make this happen. A life lesson makes a story complete. Therefore, a truly amazing book that touches the heart and sparks the mind must contain specific, imperative elements. Moreover, a fascinating book needs to have unique, interesting characters who become almost real to the readers.

A splendid book also needs to manipulate pacing, racing like a car through the content rather than moving as sluggishly as a snail.