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Essay on mobile phone is a curse or a boon

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The most evident example of that is the proliferation of smartphones. Even children are proudly flashing their smartphones these days and using them at all times. In almost all cases, these smartphones are being given to them by their parents and there are various reasons for that.

  • Here they can get all the information of their school such as the latest news, birthdays, events, leave applications, and discussions to name a few;
  • It should be used for improvement;
  • With the help of these systems, they can also collaborate with their fellow students.

In some cases, they just want to make sure that their child has what they want. In other cases, there is a genuine wish to make sure that their kids are abreast with the latest happenings in the world.

The question that needs to be asked in this case is how this is affecting their education. Is it a bane? There are several circles where it is sincerely believed that using smartphones at such tender ages can have a pernicious influence on the children.

In fact, there are some experts who say that children under the age of 16 years should not be allowed to use them at all. They have also placed the onus on the teachers. They say that they should not allow such usage until and unless there is no other way to do things.

In fact, it is being believed that such usage is actually promoting bad behaviour among students as well. Creating disruption As has been said already, smartphones are being seen to have a disruptive influence in classrooms. The number of children using them and bringing them to class is always going up. This has created a situation of sorts for the teachers as well.

The seriousness of the situation could be understood from the fact that even primary school students have these gadgets.

Some of them have tablets as well! The biggest concerns, in this case, are over unsavoury elements like pornography and cyberbullying. How are the schools dealing with it? Different schools around the world have reacted in various ways when it comes to dealing with the bad side of using these essay on mobile phone is a curse or a boon in schools. Some of them have partially banned the use of such devices and in some cases, there is zero tolerance being shown. Experts say that the pull of using smartphones in the classroom is one temptation that students are finding quite hard to resist.

However, they say that instead of banning it outright schools should give some thought to how their proper usage can be promoted in classrooms. They suggest that students could be allowed to use them in cases where the teachers themselves ask them to do so. Getting access to technology at a young age One of the biggest issues, in this case, is that children are getting access to technology at an age when they may not even be ready for it. Parents often ask experts when they should give their children their first smartphone.

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In answer to that, they say that the ideal time is when they are at ease with the idea of them watching pornography. Children, experts say, are a curious lot and they would always check those things out when they get hold of a smartphone.

The importance of adult supervision Experts say that if a child is given a smartphone before the age of 16 years there should be strict monitoring by the adults to see that nothing untoward is happening.

It is very important that they are shielded from social ills such as racism and violence that is freely available on the internet these days. Ideally, they should be using smartphones in order to get a rough idea of the world that they live in and further their knowledge. It should be used for improvement.

How the use of mobile phone can they be beneficial for students?

Are mobile phones a boon or a curse?Are mobile phones a boon or a curse?

It would be completely wrong and unfair to assume that nothing good can come out of using smartphones in schools. Just like two sides of a coin technology too has its benefits — even for kids in schools — and probably these benefits outnumber the ills significantly.

These days, learning and school management systems are being created with the view of making education better and easier than what it was earlier. These technological systems are available only on the internet and this is perhaps the biggest reason why students should be encouraged to use smartphones in class. These technologies are dashboard driven and they are pretty user-friendly as well.

  • How are the schools dealing with it?
  • Several of these have internet access and students will use that to look;;;
  • They have also placed the onus on the teachers;
  • Cheating never really helps anyone get any farther in life then they would have previously;
  • They can complete the assignments at their homes and then upload them on these platforms where the teachers can assess them and provide them instant feedback.

They are designed in such a way that the students using them have a great experience. Here they can get all the information of their school such as the latest news, birthdays, events, leave applications, and discussions to name a few. This enables them to plan their schedules properly enough and maximise their time. Making communication easier and better These school management systems have also made it really easy to communicate with teachers and fellow students regarding studies and other important issues.

These systems come with inbuilt messaging systems and this makes it really easy for them to send and receive messages to and from other users in the network. In fact, these systems are beneficial for other entities related to the school such as parents, teachers, and administrators as well.

Communication done on these systems can be used for future references as well. Students also get automated messages from these systems about all important affairs in their school. In almost all cases these communications remain private and this is a great facility to have in this day and age of peer pressure. Thanks to this students can sort out their doubts and get answers to questions that they would be afraid to ask in the class. This is because there is always the fear of being mocked by their fellow students for asking those questions.

Essay on mobile phone is a curse or a boon this can be done at any time in the day students are encouraged to study at all times and this only benefits them in life.

Tips to Hire the Right Administration for your Institution 3. Help with attendance With the help of school management systems, students can also keep track of their attendance. They can know how many classes they have missed, how many classes remain in a session, etc. This way, they can get to know whose classes they have missed. In case there are important classes on that list they can take notes from their peers.

This, in turn, helps them stay updated with all that is being taught in the class and they never miss out on anything. Distance education made easy These school management systems have made it incredibly easy to attend classes no matter where the students are. This has been possible because the distance education facilities that are built into these systems. Now, even if a student is not keeping well or cannot attend classes physically because of some other reason she or he can still be part of the same.

With the help of these systems, they can also collaborate with their fellow students.

Boon or bane the usage of mobile phone for students?

The best part of all this is that these classes can be recorded for later use. This benefits the students immensely as they always have ready references. In fact, these systems are so advanced that students can clarify their doubts during these sessions as well. Uploading assignments These school software come with inbuilt assignment facilities as well.

This means that as a student one can get the latest information on any and every new assignment being created by the teachers. They can complete the assignments at their homes and then upload them on these platforms where the teachers can assess them and provide them instant feedback.

The quality of the entire process and the speed at which it happens are really beneficial for the long-term development of the students.

Mobile phones: A blessing or a curse? Essay

These school management systems make that possible with their inherent discussion facilities. Over here it is very easy to create such forums on various issues of importance. Students can always come in and provide their views on the same.

Based on the quality of discussions they can also learn a lot of new things as well and this can stand them in good stead for a long time to come. Such discussions play a major role in broadening the horizons of the students. Calendar facilities Thanks to the calendar facilities of the top class school management systems such as Fedena it is now possible for the students to get a whole lot of information at one place.

They can learn about all the important events, holidays, and examinations, and that too at one place! Besides, they are also informed about their outstanding dues from these modules as well. They can view such information on a monthly basis, which helps them get ready for the month ahead.

It also helps that these systems are really easy to navigate, which helps them get the information in a short span of time. Related Posts Top 7 benefits of student management system The first significant advantage of a student management system is that as a school you are able to keep proper track of data related to students. This includes areas such as fees being paid by students, examination records of the students, transport facilities being provided by the school and availed by the students, and usage … How Mobile is Transforming the Way We Do Business Using desktop computers might have been the way to go just a few short years ago, but mobile has recently usurped it as the leading way for people to consume media.

Mobile Phones - A curse or a boon?

In fact, in 2016, more users accessed the Internet via a mobile device as opposed to a desktop for the very first time.