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Essay on moral values of mahatma gandhi

This is also known as pragmatic or bread-and-butter aim. Gandhiji advocated the self- supporting aspect of education mainly on two grounds: After seven years of instruction, i. With this object Gandhiji emphasised craft. With the introduction of a productive craft the school will also be self- supporting. The costs of education can be met by selling the articles manufactured by the students. Gandhiji attached great importance to the cultural aim of education.

According to him the cultural aspect of education is more essay on moral values of mahatma gandhi than the literary aspect.

Mere acquisition of knowledge is not enough for a man. Culture is not the product of intellectual work. It is the quality of mind and of soul which is reflected in the daily conduct of a man and in all aspects of human behaviour.

In short, it is the reflection of life. The complete or harmonious development of personality is another aim of education that Gandhiji advocates. The complete development signifies a whole man. Preparation for Complete Living: Gandhiji was fully conscious of the growing complexities of life in the present world and accordingly he formulated his scheme of education which would fit the child in later life.

Education must prepare the child to face the grim realities of life and enable him to adjust with his immediate environment for complete living. Moral or Character-Building Aim: Gandhiji attached highest priority to the character-building aim of education. To him it was the chief aim of education.

He made it the central purpose of education, and all other purposes were subordinate to it. By character Gandhiji did not mean a collection of good habits and principles of conduct.

  • A child gets to know and can easily decide what is right and what is wrong for him, learns to behave mannerly in a society, he understands his responsibilities through moral values;
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  • It also includes speaking truth, no stealing, becoming a good citizen;
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An individual lives his own life, the life of the society he belongs to as well as the life of Universal Man. Therefore, he must play his role in this drama of essay on moral values of mahatma gandhi well. If he can do this he is really a man of character. Sociological Aim or Citizenship Training Aim: For successful functioning of the democratic order, dutiful and responsible citizens are needed. That is why Gandhiji advocated universal mass education. Without education a citizen cannot properly discharge his duties and exercise his rights.

With this end in view Gandhiji aimed at producing educated and useful citizens. This is the primary need of democratic India. His aim was to create a classless society based upon truth, non-violence, love, justice, equality, universal brotherhood, cooperation and national solidarity.

Craft would produce the spirit of social service and dignity of labour in the men. Education should foster a keen sense of personal worth, desire for self-improvement and social service in cooperative community.

Sarvodaya Samaj was the cherished mission of Mahatma Gandhi. The aim of such a Samaj should be the upliftment of all, regardless of caste, creed and colour. Contented and happy humanity was the ideal of his plan of education. We have discussed at length the ultimate and immediate aims of education as formulated by Gandhiji.

Now it is amply necessary to judge whether his educational aims are social or individual, or both. An educational aim is social when the needs and requirements of the society are uppermost. An educational aim is individual when education helps to make the life of an individual better, richer and happier.

Every individual is distinct in character and must be developed in the interest of the society. An individual has a social self. Individual development must be in conformity with social advancement. Gandhiji valued individual freedom but did not forget that man is essentially a social being.

Unrestricted individualism is the law of the beast of the jungle.

  1. Preparation for Complete Living. For successful functioning of the democratic order, dutiful and responsible citizens are needed.
  2. The committee suggested spinning and weaving, card-board and wood-work carpentry , leather work, kitchen gardening, agriculture and fishery as obviously suitably crafts.
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We have learnt to strike a balance between individual freedom and social restraint. Willing submission to social control and restraint for the sake of the well-being of the whole society enriches both the individual and the society of which the former is a member. Individual development and social progress are not contradictory but complementary. The individual can reach his highest development in and through a spiritual society. Gandhiji thus nourished a synthetic view in relation to individual and society.

Essay About Mahatma Gandhi

He made a happy synthesis between individual and society in his philosophy of life and education. The ideal of self-realisation and social service must go hand in hand. The individual develops in a social atmosphere. A society makes progress with individual enrichment. Gandhiji synthesised the individual and social aims of education.

A fusion of the two in a man makes the man complete. It is psychologically sound as it is based on the principles of activity and learning by doing. There is ample scope of harmonious development of both body and mind in his philosophy of education.

Essay on moral values of mahatma gandhi

Again, the scheme of Basic Education gives ample opportunities for self-expression through some productive craft. The scheme provides an effective outlet for the creative urges innate in every human heart. The scheme thus satisfies some of the fundamental psychological needs of children.

According to Gandhiji, education is not mere literacy — it is an all-round development of the whole man. Education should fit a man for playing a useful role in the non-violent social order. The introduction of the craft will bridge the gulf between manual and intellectual labour.

It will remove the cleavage that exists in Indian society between the intellectual and laboring classes. It will cultivate a true sense of the dignity of labour and human solidarity.

This will develop better social integration. It will provide a lasting bridge between the city and the village. It is also helpful for productive citizenship.

  • It will remove the cleavage that exists in Indian society between the intellectual and laboring classes;
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  • Gandhiji attached great importance to religious education.

Success of any educational experiment depends to a great extent on teachers. Gandhiji was fully conscious of this fact. Character results from purity of personal life. He holds a high office from where he can exercise great influence upon his pupils.

  1. No society or nation can progress keeping women in dishonor, ignorance, superstition and conservativeness. Character results from purity of personal life.
  2. Man is supreme in the outward activities and, therefore, he needs a greater knowledge of the outside world. The villages form the vital force in India and hence their regeneration is a must through education.
  3. This education should be imparted in the mother-tongue of the child and English should not be taught at this stage; 3.
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Teacher has to fashion the heart rather than the brain. This is possible only on two conditions. Our ancient Vedic system of education also emphasised this aspect of education. Essay Gandhiji on Religious Education: Gandhiji attached great importance to religious education. Gandhiji emphasises the moral aspect of religion. Essay Gandhiji on National Language: The question of National Language is closely connected with that of medium of instruction.

Gandhiji was against English as the national language. He strongly advocated Hindi as the national language. Besides, it is easy to learn for the whole of the country.

Essay Moral Values

Thus, Hindi alone can become the national language. But English can be learnt as a subject of study because of its international importance. It is the window to the world. For international commerce, diplomacy, treaty and introduction of Western thought and culture — particularly science and technology — English earn be continued.

Gandhiji realised and sincerely felt the degrading condition of Indian women. He was moved by the upliftment of women in other progressive countries of the world. No society or nation can progress keeping women in dishonor, ignorance, superstition and conservativeness. Education is the most potent instrument for their regeneration. Men and women are a peerless pair — supplementary to one another. Man is supreme in the outward activities and, therefore, he needs a greater knowledge of the outside world.

Essay Gandhiji on Adult Education: Gandhiji was the greatest educational worker in the cause of adult education in India. He was a mass leader and brought awakening in them.

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  • He carried the torch of knowledge to the remotest part of the country and roused crores of people from their age-long slumber;
  • Gandhiji was the greatest educational worker in the cause of adult education in India.

He made experiments on the field of mass education.