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Essay on my best friend for class 11

Select Page Paragraph on Friendship A friend means so much to us.

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And we enjoy being with our friends. True friends are hard to come by. True friends love each other through thick and thin. They share with and care for each other at all times.

  • Still best friend essay on essay in english how to learn science of my friend essay store;
  • He has a dream of becoming an excellent administrative officer;
  • Hence it stays intact; rather, it grows from strength to strength;
  • I shall never go against him at any time.

The bond between true friends is so strong that it lasts through life. Having a true friend is a real gift. It is valuable like a precious jewel. And the friendship between true friends is always treasured and cherished. You will find below a number of short and long paragraphs on friendship of varying word lengths. We hope these friendship paragraphs will help students in completing their school assignments. These will also help children to write and read out paragraphs in simple words and small sentences.

Students can select any paragraph on friendship according to their particular need and requirement. Paragraphs on Friendship Friendship Paragraph 1 100 words A friend in need is a friend indeed!

A true friend will be one who will stay by your side at all times. A real friend stays by you through thick and thin. A true friend should be cherished and whose friendship should be safeguarded. Losing a true friend is like losing a treasure. And you may never recover the wealth you lose. A true friend is difficult to come by. So value the friendship of such a friend.

  • It is love and care that keep a friendship going;
  • My father is particular about being neat and clean;
  • Friendship gives true happiness, because when you have a real friend you have all their love;
  • He is a nice debate.

Most of all, reciprocate the love your friend has for you. And give your friend a special place in your heart. Your true friend loves you come what may. It is the love and friendship your friend has for you that matter most. Any change of circumstance matters little to the deep love shared. Friendship is to be treasured like a jewel.

If jewels are lost they can be replicated. But a true friend cannot be cloned. It will pass the test of time.

  • Tess hanlon, and 10 pm i want to present our real and neighbors;
  • I cannot repay all that my father does for me;
  • Treasure your friendship Friendship is a bond between two hearts;
  • Books are written by the wise mans and therefore books are our right adviser and philosopher;
  • We passed the ICSE;
  • Books provide us right advice.

Once true, always true. Such is a real friend. A true friend cares for you at all times.

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Even when the going is bad, your friend will stay with you with unwavering love and affection and as much care and concern. Likewise, even if you are not in physical proximity with each other the friendship with a true friend does not wane.

Essay on My Best Friend for Kids and School Students

Space and time do not matter in true friendship. Friendship Paragraph 3 200 words Man is a social being. He lives in society.

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As a gregarious and social being he lives and interacts with so many people all through his life. In our interactions with people we make many friends. We enjoy the company of our friends; in fact that is why they are our friends. We influence our friends, and likewise our friends influence us. Friendships therefore have a great bearing on our life. That is why we must be choosy when we make friends, because we want long lasting true friends whom we may trust and who, in turn, can trust us.

Friendship calls for loyalty. If you cannot be loyal to your friends, you will lose them. In a real friendship that has matured over time, there are not even any expectations between two friends. You love your friend whatever may happen, and you love not for any reason or to get anything in return from your friend.

And this is the sentiment shared by your friend too. Such a friendship is a real friendship and it gives true joy and contentment. Even troubles and miseries that life may bring seem insignificant when you have such a friendship to bank on.

Essay on my best friend for class 11 Paragraph 4 250 words Friendship is a bond that is built carefully and treasured fiercely. It is a bond that you would not let go easily; you will defend it at all cost. It takes time to nurture a friendship. It is not created for the nonce. It is cultivated with much love and care over time. There is a great deal that goes into building and keeping a friendship. It is love and care that keep a friendship going. Where there is no love but only greed and selfishness there is no friendship at all.

A friend is one who will sacrifice anything for you and yet not feel it a sacrifice at all, for there is love and concern for the other in a true friendship. When there is love in a friendship it can last a lifetime. A true friend is one who will share in your joys and in your troubles. Your friend will feel joy in your enjoyment and pain in your time of trouble. It is heart-warming and comforting to have a real friend. You know you will have a shoulder to weep on if sorrow or failure comes your way.

Just as you will be assured of a hand to share a high five with in your joy and success. A friend is one who shares with you with no expectations. There is no quid pro quo in such a friendship.

Paragraph on Friendship

Friendship gives true happiness, because when you have a real friend you have all their love. Friendship Paragraph 5 300 words Who is a true friend? In a world where everyone thinks of themselves and is concerned only of their own welfare if you have a true friend on whom you can bank on you are indeed lucky. A true friend is cherished. The bond of love and special friendship that you share with your friend is always treasured. Who is your true friend? It may be your mother or your father.

It may be your brother or sister. It may be your spouse. It may be your childhood friend or your classmate. It could be anyone with whom you share a very special bond.

With a friend you can share so much of your life. You can share your joys and successes and essay on my best friend for class 11 can also share your troubles and failures.

Your real friend loves you for what you are without being judgmental and without having any expectations either. A friend will lend you an ear and hear you out. Sharing your troubles reduces their intensity and you feel so much lighter when you have poured out your heart to your friend. Likewise, your true friend will feel joy at your success and cheer for you. It is only a true friend who can play the role of a friend, philosopher and guide.

Such a friend will advise you with your best interest at heart. A true friend is one who you will always value and cherish with all your heart. Friendship Paragraph 6 350 words Sharing and caring characterize a real friendship.

True friends share with each other and care for each other with all their heart. Anything of life can be shared by true friends. Friendship is all about love A true friend is one who loves you and appreciates you as you are.

There are neither any demands made of you nor any compulsions on you from your true friend. In a true friendship there is an unsaid mutuality and reciprocity. A friend is one you can be sure of. And you in turn will always do anything to keep your friendship going strong. A true friend brightens your life Friends can make us chirpy when we are low and down. A true friend will do anything to make your sour face brighten up with cheer and smiles. A friend is one who will be your side when all others will part ways with you.