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Essay on success comes with ability boldness and courage

Ability plus boldness and courage as a catalyst reaps success. Every individual has some kind of ability to perform. To reach the pinnacle he has to sow the seeds in his ability. Ability is very important in our march towards our goal. Ability means to believe we are the sparks part of that divine fire Almighty. It is the greatest sin, proclaim the Vedas, to say that we are weak and helpless to do this or that work. Such type of ability has to be aroused in us to succeed in our missions.

That is why on this basis, the modern religion says that he is an atheist who did not believe in himself whereas old religion said, he is an atheist who did not believe in God.

There shall be very little chance of success in our mission, if we have faith in all the mythological gods but do not have ability in ourselves. Having ability in oneself brings out divinity from within us. The motive power more potent than others in the lives of all great men and women in the history of mankind was that they had ability in themselves.

They believed that they were born great to accomplish great deeds. Neither the bark of puppies nor the thunderbolts of heaven could frighten them whereas the ordinary mortal is afraid of them. Nothing can be achieved without boldness in any walk of life. Even a child has to work boldly to learn the simple act of walking. It is the mother of good luck as well as the best of all tonics bringing cheerfulness to the man.

Bold people are the happiest members of their society, are generally honest and have no time for day-dreaming. They are the gold of the nation and salt of essay on success comes with ability boldness and courage earth. Nothing worth having can be had without boldness.

Sometimes fruits of labour are denied to a person due to his inadequacy, inefficiency and irregularity. It is rightly said that genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

It acts like a catalyst in reaping success. In achieving any target, one has to face failure. To emerge out of that failure and to redoubled his vigour requires courage. Courageous attitude comes straightly from mind. Courage is the most crucial and significant tenet of our life and behaviour. There can be no courage without faith and it is not possible for a person to march ahead in life, with all his hard efforts virtually failing to materialize, if the person is found to be lacking in faith.

If we have indomitable, unassailable, rock-like courage in ourselves, no one can stop us from attaining our desired goal in life. It is our mind which moulds our destiny. The so called mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts which gradually acquire the form of faith depending on our thinking power and psychology. Failure brings forth certain realities which should be attended to at the earliest possible.

It reveals the flaws and defects in the process, applied to sort out the problem or, better to say, to get the success. Here comes the role of courageous mind, it guides and inspires to change the path or way trodden on. Courage teaches to mend the ways and plug the loopholes which led to setback. Essay on success comes with ability boldness and courage of wailing or mourning in case of failure, one should, without any delay, give serious thought to the process applied and should do an overhauling of all the steps as well as methods taken to achieve the goal.

Further, courage gives vigour to act more emphatically and impressively.

Success comes with ABC...

Courage empowers to overpower the challenge at disposal. Courageous attitude gives place to enthusiasm and zeal as well as motivates to take recourse to a certain impeccable path to go on unhesitatingly and consistently to fulfill the cherished dream. In brief, it can be summed up that courage truly prepares a person, in limbo, to go for the next endeavour.

It is Creative While Despair is always Destructive. Who can forget the story of Robert Bruce who had virtually given up in despair after suffering initial humiliating defeats at the hands of enemies and had retired to a cave where he was taken aback on seeing a spider which inspite of falling again and again did not gave up in building a web and at last succeeded.

  1. To obtain them, we have to dive into deep sea putting our life in danger. First type of winners do ordinary things in extraordinary manner and second type of winners do what losers do not do.
  2. But we understand the moral of this poem only when we step in this competitive world. With her 'never-say-die' spirit, she has been named in the list of bold and powerful women of the world.
  3. We have to row the boat of our life gently in the right direction to cross the stream of struggles and reach the final destination to achieve the desired goals.

This particular incident inspired him to fight and at last with his rejuvenated courage, he succeeded in defeating his enemies and getting back his lost kingdom. At the battlefield of fort Sinhagad near Poona MaharashtraTanaji fought bravely with mughals. While attacking, his shield dhaal get broked, then in that wounded position he wrapped his turban into one hand and sword in the other hand.

He fought like a Lion. This story gives you immense zeal and moral that with the help of courage and burning desire any difficult task can be achieved. To control the nerves and to act sensibly requires great mental make-up of courage.

Another example is of Australian former captain Steve Waugh. Steve Waugh played brilliantly.

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That was the qualifying match for Australia to reach semifinals of 1999 Cricket World Cup. His catch was dropped by South African player Herschell Gibbs at very early period. He made a century and reached the semifinals. Be bold and courageous. Face the situation, however difficult, with courage and conviction and you are bound to succeed.

Remember courage conquers, boldness pays and ability helps in rejoicing with success. Related This entry was posted on June 11, 2007 at 10: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site.