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Essay on the role of youth in protecting environment

Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? MERGE exists and is an alternate of. Introduction In the past decades, calls for environmental protection have emerged from different parts of society, from civic action groups to members of the community.

In the essay on the role of youth in protecting environment regard, these demands are indeed backed up by well-researched studies and well-documented cases and accounts of the adverse implications of environmental abuses and maltreatment. These are eventually heeded by legislative bodies in both local and international scale.

Nevertheless, ratification of such laws in pursuit of protecting the environment may not be enough. At this point, enforcement of such laws is as important as its existence and ratification. This task is given to the state.

The effective enforcement averts the possibility of these laws as merely ceremonial at the most and be treated as mere suggestions for those who appear to have encountered environmental dilemmas on their normal day-to-day functions. As indicated, the international community has started decades ago to create a standardised set of laws that could be implemented by nations all around the world.

Nevertheless, there are certain elements indicating whether these laws are practicable in a universal sense. Certain states and nations may not see it fit to implement certain provision of the law in their local settings. To this end, the primary objective of this paper is to provide a detailed examination of the existing laws in environmental protection and the consequent enforcement of HUSSAR on these legislations. The secondary objective is to compare these legal initiatives as well as the effectiveness of enforcement with the legal regime governing in other countries.

For the purposes of this thesis, the foreign countries to be regarded will include Australia and the United Kingdom. Moreover, it is also deemed important for this study to address another legal regime in Asia in its pursuit for environmental viability.

To this end, the study will also look into the case of China. Background and Concept behind the Statement Studies focusing on the environment and its protection have constantly been regarded by lawmakers and politicians in both international and local levels in determining the proper rules and legislations needed in a particular state. For instance, studies have mentioned several areas of concern which could be addressed by legislation.

These include the quality of the air, the quality of water, level of noise pollution, waste disposal, and its consequent environmental impacts. The need to determine the need to address these perceived elements involving the environment intensifies almost in a daily basis. Particularly, with the continuous and unrelenting drive of state towards development and urbanisation, these stated elements will continue to deteriorate unless the state places a firm stand on its protection and act on breaches on these laws.

Focus on the environmental regime governing Asian countries has been rather scant as compared to the discussion relating to the United States and European Union. However, these types of discussions relating to these major countries tend to provide a model for less developed ones in the enforcement of such laws.

Essay on role and responsibility of youth in protecting environment sections

For instance, the study of tried to justify the criminalisation of the laws covering environmental protection to intensify the enforcement of the laws and some level of protection because of the consequent deterrence it could bestow as precedent cases are established.

In the context of China, it has won it bid and anticipating the hosting of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Articles have noted that the city, as well as the entire country's environmental well-being was rather Coal burning and emissions from automobile and the industrial areas were not regulated.

The rivers were brimmed up with sewage and pollutants. In this regard, the state has been up in arms in battling this deteriorating state of environment in China.

Essay on role of youth in environment protection

In the recent study of Schmidt, he pointed out that hosting the summer Olympics should "serve as a catalyst for environmental improvement and help to promote sustainable development" on the part of China. Cheesier on the other hand indicated that this would be feasible considering the fact that the "country's leadership can make tough big-ticket decisions and implement them quickly.

Statement of the Problem The study intends to look into the enforcement of environmental laws in Hong Kong. Specifically, the discussions will provide a comparative analysis of the implementations in other states like China, United Kingdom, and Australia.

To keep the discussions coherent and systematic, the dissertation will answer the following questions: Conditions of Air Quality b. Environmental Impact Assessment 2.

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Environmental Impact Assessment 3. How does the implementation of laws in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region fare up with Australia in terms of a. Environmental Impact Assessment 4. Environmental Impact Assessment 5. How can Hong Kong implement these existing environmental laws in the impending Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics? Significance of the Study There appears to be a scarce amount of studies and articles pertaining to the capabilities and competencies of the special administrative region to implement its laws pertaining to the protection of the environment.

In the same regard, there has yet to be a study that focuses on the regard of judicial bodies on "environmental crimes" in the said region. This dissertation will be able to unlock the information on the level of implementation and criminalisation of breaches of environmental legislation. In the same regard, the assessment will also be based on the presentation of the level of implementation and regard of courts on the respondent countries. In doing so, not only does the dissertation provide the readers an analysis of the legal conditions in Hong Kong, it also gives a detailed description of the legal systems of enforcement implemented in Australia, UK, and China.

Scope and Coverage The essay on the role of youth in protecting environment will be discussing the laws pertaining to air quality, noise, wastes, water quality, and environmental impact assessment implemented in Hong Kong. In the same regard, research will be made on such areas and its implementation in the respondent countries of China, Australia, and United Kingdom.

Along with the description of the actual laws implemented in the said respondent countries, court decisions and some case laws relating to the environment laws will be taken into account. Moreover, the study will also consult past and existing academic and scholarly articles covering environmental enforcement with the rest of the world. Literature Review This part of the study seeks to establish the theoretical frameworks of the dissertation by discussing the claims and observations held by the existing literature.

Specifically, the discussions will be covering existing studies on international treaties on the environment, the watchdogs that protect these treaties, trends towards criminalisation, the implications of international events like the Olympics in the environment, and observations regarding the legal regime of environment protection in China, Australia, and UK.

International Treaties In the international arena, the issues of environmental protection and polices are covered primarily of treaties and signed agreements of particular participants of a certain international assembly. Basically, this treaty intends to point out certain issues of the environment surrounding sustainable development.

The agreement establishes a precautionary principle in environmental protection. This is displayed in the passage in the signed treaty indicating that "In order to protect the environment, the precautionary approach shall be widely applied by States according to their capabilities.

Essay on the role of youth in protecting environment

Where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing cost-effective measures to prevent environmental degradation.

However, issues related to economic and investment opportunities are linked to such conditions of sustainable development. As Cowling indicated in his study, noted in his study that multinational corporations tend to favour operations in a developing country because of the possibility of making the most of its natural resources. In recognising this reality, he further intimated that developing nations are not in the position to protect its resources for purposes of sustainable development given the motive of multinational corporations.

The Rio Declaration dismisses this apparently unequal situation for developing nations. This is seen in Principle 11 of the declaration indicating that "States shall enact effective environmental legislation. Environmental standards, management objectives and priorities should reflect the environmental and developmental context to which they apply.

Standards applied by some countries may be inappropriate and of unwarranted economic and social cost to other countries, in particular developing countries. Created in 1979 in the first world climate conference, the principle of the agreement is to take into consideration the implications of sulphur emissions and its relation to acid rain.

The possibility of the occurrence of greenhouse effects has been one of the greatest issues at that period. The problem in that regard is that despite the decrease in the sulphur emissions, the increase of nitrous oxide has been apparent as the increase in road traffic in the rest of the world is becoming commonplace. This agreement is closely connected to the subsequent high profile international conventions and protocols.

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  2. How can Hong Kong implement these existing environmental laws in the impending Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics?
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  5. Greener essay on role of youth in environmental protection environment way to combat climate change and essay on role of youth in environmental protection. As we saw in the past, there are many more rules, laws, conventions are made for protecting the environment but there is no effective implementation for this implementation youth play a vital role.

Basically, these said agreements focused entirely on the possibility of climate change and how to prevent it. In the said protocol, the countries participating in the said convention "agree to cuts in emissions of three of the most important gases: For instance, the work ofintimated that population sheath may be compromised by drastic changes in the levels of heat and consequent torrential rainfalls as a result of global warming.

They also mentioned the possibility of intensification and even evolution of infectious diseases present in the environment. It is more commonly known of the London Convention of 1972.

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  • They show the consciousness and save the various energy sources by going on foot or bicycle to schools and other places.

Basically, the said convention covers the intentional disposal of waste in the sea. Along with this is the list of substances that have different levels of adverse effects once they are dumped in water systems.

Nevertheless, a clear shortcoming of this agreement is that it doesn't cover the discharges from land-based structures. This agreement is succeeded by Protocol 1996 and successfully addressed this previously mentioned shortcoming. In the said innovation, changes were made to emphasise new concepts like "precautionary approach" and punishment of the perpetrators of pollution.

In the same regard, Protocol 1996 has also changed the actual list from the London Convention to a "reverse list. If the dumped substances are not included in the list, then sanctions will apply. International Watchdogs As indicated in the earlier parts of this dissertation, the performance and enforcement of environmental laws are as important as its actual ratification.

The following discussion will be describing the organisations and international bodies that seek to carry out the principles of the international agreements indicated above. Specifically, the UNCASED is tasked to make sure that the member countries have corresponding laws that honours the principles of the Rio Declaration on sustainable development, which the United Nations coined as Agenda 21.

The UN-EKE specifically has to make sure that the eight protocols ratified in the convention are properly followed and possess similar legislations in the participant countries. Protocols on ground-level ozone, organic pollutants, sulphur emissions, organic compounds, and nitrogen oxide are among those included in the mandate of the commission.

According to the work of Mole, UNAPT has to carry out the following activities "Assessment and protection of atmosphere and terrestrial ecosystems; promotion of environmental science and information; early warning of problems and emergency response capacity to deal with environmental disasters and emergencies" Moreover, it is also maintained that countries who fail to comply with the self-enforcing requirements of the company may be taken to the International Court of Justice.

In any case, the organisation could also act as a body that broker arrangements with countries that are seen to closely breach the said agreement. Aside from organisations sanctioned by the United Nations, private organisations and civic groups tend to heed the call and remind states and other private organisations of their responsibilities as indicated in environmental law.

One of the most noted and well-renowned organisations are Greenpeace. According to their website, the organisation is described as "a global campaigning organisation that acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace by catalysing an energy revolution to address the number one threat facing our planet: The quote above indicates that not only does the organisation focus on abuses; it also tries its best to encourage essay on the role of youth in protecting environment consumption of the natural resources.

Over the years, the organisation has acquired the favour of the public as accounts of their extraordinary feats as well as the actual footages of "heroic" programmes established them as the protector of nature and mother earth. This organisation in fact has spawned numerous other organisations operating in a much smaller scale, specifically regional and local operations. In Hong Kong, there are three existing environmental organisations: These organisations tend to focus on environmental education and discuss issues on conservation and policies of the government.

Criminalisation of Environmental Offences A recent trend in the ratification and enforcement of environmental laws is to "make the polluter pay.

For instance, Adler pointed out that "pollution control efforts should focus upon instances where an unwanted emission causes actual harm and not on whether a company complies with a permit or generates the right amount of waste.