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Essay writing on mother day in english

  • We learn lots of poem, rhyme, essay, speech, conversation, etc for the celebration of this occasion;
  • She cares for her children whole-heartedly without asking for anything in return;
  • She makes us strong human being mentally, physically, socially and intellectually from a small and incapable child;
  • She never restricts and limits us to any limitation;
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She is the one who is probably endowed with all the power. God has in a way given her the power to take up the affairs of the world. The day is celebrated on every second Sunday in the month of May.

This auspicious day brings with it a lot of happiness and joyfulness. But a day has been so dedicated to make all mothers out there feel proud of themselves and can understand that life would not have been what it is today, had they not been there.

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  2. She is the one who is probably endowed with all the power.
  3. Mother is like a security blanket for us because she saves us from all the problems before it comes to us.

It comes in the month of May every year and reminds people of the courage of a mother that she shows up in order to make our life a brighter one.

She is so patient that she listens to all of our problems and gives the best solution to each one of them. Even if we get wrong somewhere in life, she never backs off her hands and keeps us motivating till the time she is alive.

Essay In Mother

Specifically mothers are invited in the schools so as to make them feel honoured for whatever they do to help their children grow and understand the intricacies of the world. She can alone handle all the relationships and give one the taste of all the love one gets from different members of their family.

She is the best friends you can share your life with without bothering to be judged and be caught for something which we not right in your life.

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  • She cares us so much, she becomes happy when we laugh and she becomes sad when we weep;
  • She always leads us towards right direction in the life and most importantly she scatters true happiness in our life;
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It is her selfless love that a mother showers upon her children which makes you and your mother an inseparable entity. She laughs when her children do, she is happy when her children are and she cries when her children do.

Mother Essay

A mother is only the person who will not leave their children alone whatsoever may be the circumstances. She cares for her children whole-heartedly without asking for anything in return.

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  • She tells us stories at night to make us sleep in the night;
  • It is being celebrated since many years every year on the second Sunday of the month of May in India.

It has been very rightly said that a home cannot b4e called as a home without a mother. Those who have lost their mother can understand very well the implications associated with not having a mother.

Essay In English Onan essay on my mother in english

A Mother is the only one who cares about us just like she does for a child even if we grow up. Her contribution in our life is in fact countless!!

When she finds her children in pain she literally forgets about all her own pain. She is such a satisfied creature that she takes up a huge responsibility on her shoulders and that too without being paid for it.