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Is the world changing for the better essay 6

Share via Email It's for you: Tell them there was no Uber. Tell them that when you went out with your mates, you made cast-iron plans as much as three weeks in advance via numerous landline telephone calls, each of which was subject to sudden interruption from bill-obsessed parents or housemates eager to get on the blower themselves.

Tell them that if your rendezvous fouled up, your options were limited: Thank you very much. And this is just for a casual night out: When mobiles began to become commonplace, the difference they made to our lives was stark and simple; we could communicate important information, often of a time-sensitive nature, without being either at home or work, and without relying on the availability of a free phone line.

Is the world changing for the better (pro for better con for not)

The annoyance they created — the mundane domestic detail loudly recounted on a packed bus, the wrong-footing sight of someone apparently jabbering to themselves as they walked down the street — was worth it. And pretty soon, we got turned on by the additional innovation of conveying that news in text form — no need even to speak to a human being!

Is The World Changing For The Better Sat Essay

But what is your phone doing now? But like most people, apart from a dwindling band of smartphone refuseniks, I would find plenty more cheery diversion if I were to linger among the apps for a while — music, podcasts, social media, photographs, games.

I might do a spot of work on a train, reorganise my diary, blitz my emails, tidy up my fiscal loose ends. If the book I failed to open had been a novel set in the last few years, it would almost certainly have featured mobile technology, unless it was deliberately and self-consciously refusing to do so. If its plot was powered by any sort of intrigue — criminal, political, sexual — it would be unthinkable were the characters not to interact virtually, and probably, given the relative novelty of the device, crucially so.

Is the world changing for the better essay humanity

Mobile phones have changed culture and continue to do so; not merely in the nature of the material produced, but as a means of distribution beyond the obvious. A perfectly named example: For music-mad residents of North Africa, sharing music by mobile telephony is a creative response to an obvious situation: Is my world widened by easy access to whatever my eye or ear might alight on or is it diluted, my attention weakened by an excess of possibilities?

Do I become dismissive of what is near at hand, increasingly avid for exotica? We know from repeated examples across the world the vital part that mobile phones have played in rapidly developing political situations, connecting protesters to one another and the outside world, documenting abuses and victories alike. Is an untweeted thought worth a fig? A resounding yes to all three. So who on earth are you talking to?