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Modernization concept meaning and relevance sociology essay


Steps to be taken for Modernisation: According to Rustow and Ward, steps to be taken for modernisation include the following: Faster industrialisation of economy and adoption of scientific knowledge and technical know-how to make industry, agriculture more productive and profitable in modernisation process.

Secularization of Ideas, values and rites 3.

Modernisation: Introduction, Meaning, Concept and Other Details

Higher standard of living and thinking 6. High degree of Urbanisation. High level of literacy 8. Developed and wide spread mass media. Eradication of Poverty and Unemployment 12. Broader outlook to fight out superstition and blind-faith. Modernisation of society through a switch-over, from traditionalism requires certain essential pre-conditions. According to Myron weiner, the main instruments which make modernisation possible are: How to achieve Modernisation?

Modernisation can be achieved by two ways: Both these methods are regulated by two guidelines —such as: It should be strictly ensured that all contemporary changes like ragging in educational institution, eve-teasing, divorce, living together without being married are not modern.

Whom should we call modernizers? The elaborate list of modernizers includes the following. Elite constitute those who are more equal than others.

They may also be called First among the Equals. Elites include political elites, religious elites, social elites. Business elites, academic elites and the like.

These Elites contribute new ideas to replace the old ones. Make their political elites contribute to political modernisation.

  1. It is this later form of difference that theories of modernization have directly addressed.
  2. However, any sudden social change disrupts this equilibrium. He certainly appreciated the social bonds and community feeling, which he called mechanical solidarity , characteristic of small, traditional societies.
  3. In effect, Habermas posits the dynamic of the dialectic of modernity firmly within European history. Rationality and Freedom Enlightenment thought posited that human beings could be freed from tradition and blind faith by the use of reason so as to reorder their relationship to nature and other humans according to rational principles Kant 1991.

In India, eminent Nationalist and Political leaders have also played role as modernizers with their belief and faith on certain ideologies and political techniques.

Army having spirit of devotion, service to the nation and sacrifice also acts as agents of modernisation. Neutral Bureaucracy having clear-cut objectives, efficiency and universality act as modernisers.

Social Reformers with their modern outlook expedite modernisation process through various socio-religious reforms. Eminent socio- religious reformers like Raja Rammohan Roy, Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar, Swami Vivekanand, Swami Dayanand Saraswati have fought for casting off orthodoxy and socio-religious superstition and creating foundational base for change over to modernity.

Law makers who actively participate in the law-making process in the legislative have a constructive role to play as modernisers. They deliberate and contribute new ideas for the over all socio-economic development of the people. India exhibits progressive democratization during the last half-a-century.

Right to vote has been given to all adult citizens of 18 years of age to elect their representatives through periodic elections. These voters who have this sacred duty and obligation to vote are required to be wise, intelligent and vigilant to ensure the democratization process moving and to adhere to democratic values and norms thus making political modernisation a success.

Modernisation involves transformation towards progress democratic, socio-economic and scientific ideals. Modernisation as a process of change requires both structural and functional changes. Modernisation does not mean elimination of all traditional and ancient values. Those ancient values are to be preserved and protected along with induction and modernity has to be intelligently solved to accommodate overall progress. Conflicts and problems are bound to arise, but a dynamic leadership with a progressive and modern outlook is required to solve these problems in time.

Ultimately, the choice of proper leadership is the sole responsibility of the conscious voters. India possesses vast cultural heritage and it is the overall responsibility of the people of India at large and the popularity elected government.

No Nation, not even India, can be modernized without protection modernization concept meaning and relevance sociology essay preservation of its cultural heritage.

Modernity and Modernization

No tradition bound society is a backward society because a few traditional elements have universal appreciation. Modernisation in India is a continuous process of transformation from tradition to modernity and these has to be a synthesis of tradition and modernity in India. Not all, but a few traditions in India are partial to modernity and those traditions have to be preserved and protected.

Three views describe the tradition-modernity relationship one of them is the optimistic outlook that supports faster westernization. The other view, obscurantism believes in tradition and orthodoxy which are considered to be eternal and hence not to be spared.

Only these orthodoxy elements which prevent progressivism have to be abandoned to achieve modernity and socio-economic development quicker and in a planned manner.

In India, Progressivism implies well-planned-Socio-Economic changes for the community-welfare. It is debatable to identify which traditional and orthodox elements in India have to be cast off and which have to be retained. Yet, the agreed view favoures a synthesis of tradition and modernity. Lastly it is relevant and wise to cast off misconception of modernity in India and to ban blindly aping the misconceived modernity and westernization.

But, that has to be done through scientific outlook, tolerance and respect for others point of view and without any coercive imposition.

Hence in India, Modernity has to be belonged to coexist with rationality based tradition and cultural heritage.

  1. The latter sphere cannot, then, be understood as a premodern relic; and, because of the substance of its social relations, neither can it be analyzed as simply one more institution within a generic functionally differentiated division of labor.
  2. Modernisation can be achieved by two ways.
  3. For Your Review If you had to do it over again, would you go to a large university, a small college, or something in between?
  4. Three views describe the tradition-modernity relationship one of them is the optimistic outlook that supports faster westernization.

Modernity and Traditions are not poles apart and there has to be an agreed and well-accepted synthesis between the two in India.

India has to be modernized and not westernized at the cost of the cultural past and tradition.