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Of mice and men -symbiotic relationship essay

Hire Writer Their relationship is not of a regular companionship, I regard it as a fraternal bond made over time.

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  • And, after so many recitations, George begins to believe that owning a piece of land may actually be a possibility;
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Steinbeck implies from the innocent actions by Lennie, that he genuinely admires George. Although it seems as though Lennie is dependent on George, this is not the case.

Of Mice and Men Relationships

I believe that George, a stoic man enjoys the company of Lennie; however a burden he may seem. This dream is what fuels both Lennie and George to go on.


Steinbeck places importance on these two and dream, while we believe they will be successful as the story develops. We got a future. Someone who listens and that cares for you. Their friendship is natural, for George it had always been a promise to care for Lennie, but they simply bonded over time.

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  • Someone who listens and that cares for you.

It is this simple statement that proves the relationship to a natural course. But we can still agree this is remarkable for them to be so close, in such a world where men do not do this. The tragedy of Lennie dying highlights the importance of the relationship. George who shot him in an act of compassion showed mercy and care.

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The tension Steinbeck builds in the last chapter, shows how distraught and vulnerable George become and relieving Lennie of torture and pain to come. This is really the climax of the relationship where Steinbeck reveals feelings in the relationship.

  1. I could live so easy and maybe have a girl-- George is ashamed and later recites, With us it ain't like that. Relationship between george and answer section for a day's work.
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  3. Relationship between macbeth and men essay of mice and answers.

Steinbeck uses the thoughts and curiosity of other characters such as Slim and the bitter, avenging side of Curley to portray the relationship between Lennie and George. The support George had given Lennie from the time he was in a fight with Curley to when he kills his wife, shows the dynamics and security of the relationship.

Of mice and men george and lennie relationship essay

George would always look out for Lennie, as Lennie would always be protective over George. Their relationship is pivotal and underlines the main theme of friendship in the novel, which led to Steinbeck focusing so much on the friendship of the two men. The readers are aware from the beginning that this relationship is powerful and meaningful although this is not always depicted.

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