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Strike while the iron is hot essay

Strike While Iron is Hot Meaning and Appreaciation Short Essay by Posted on Sunday, April 16th, 2017 Strike while iron is hot Strike while the iron is hot is best phrase are said in the common word, but it most appreciated phrase by which people can understand the survive in the life.

In a life of every person should try to be the success with the great confidence while they are the failure. They should not reject by the failure. Once upon the time, the Ironsmith tries to put the iron in the fire till it becomes red hot.

Once the iron is red hot, then it becomes soft and he loses no time in moulding it to the desired shape. If he allows it to cool, he loses and excellent opportunity. Appreciation in the life If success will be more appreciated in the life of every person, then people cannot lose their confidence. They should try to become a success that time when some important chance has got by them.

  1. In the field of sports for example in a hockey match if the goal keeper does not spring to life when the hall is near the goal-post his team will certainly lose by a goal.
  2. Whereas people who are not watchful, let the opportunity slip by, and then find it extremely difficult to succeed in what they wish to do.
  3. The country prospered under the successors especially Akbar. Those who are not ready to avail of the opportunity miss the tide.
  4. The players never defeat the chances of the opportunities, in fact in the weakness and seizing the opportunity of defeating them.

Factors There are several factors which help to make venture for success, which is following as Always think that you can be successful You have to plan the proper venture for success You should make strategies and pit in concerted effort Always be confident about your luck because it plays the very big part. An effort carried out in planned manner with perseverance is sure to bear fruit. One has to take stock of the situation and act when the time is appropriate. So, it is very helpful for you to take the proper decision at the proper time.

Great opportunities It provides the great opportunity by interpreting and applying the daily human existence. It seizing the opportunity when it presents itself. It is the great opportunity to always alert and makes the best use of the opportunity that comes their way. Those people skip the opportunity to succeed, then it can be extremely difficult for them.

When any opportunity knocks the door, then never miss that chance to get that opportunity and take full benefit for success in the life. Some people are the more sufficient, who takes proper benefit and proper uses of the opportunities and never left them behind because opportunities seldom repeat themselves.

When once the great opportunity left by the people, then they can miss that for a long period of time. Great examples There are strike while the iron is hot essay great examples had given for better understanding the value of the great opportunities The most important examples are the, When the sea is in a tide, the sailors who are alert, seize the chance to set their ships on the sail.

Those sailors who remain anchored on land miss the opportunity and are forced to postpone their journey till the arrival of another tide. As similar this example, there is a tide in the affairs of human beings that, there is a less time for complete the all ambitious objectives of the life and it can miss that chance to achieve that things, which is propitious for life.

It is greatly evaluated, which is applied in the shape of life and in the fields of sports, those players play with good efforts for making the best opportunities of the life.

247 Words Paragraph on “Strike when the Iron is Hot”

The sports person succeeds, when they take the full advantage of the great opportunity and by playing the game, they can make their nation feel proud of them. The players never defeat the chances of the opportunities, in fact in the weakness and seizing the opportunity of defeating them.

We all have heard, in the history of the world have taken a different course by many intelligence people that are If Hitler had seized the opportunity of carrying out an offensive Britain rather than Russia and in the meantime, England was able to gather the support of its allies and defeat Hitler in the Second World War.

The Hitler ambitions were conquering the world were nipped in the bud because he did not grab the opportunity when it came up to him. Apart from that, the wealth, he also took away the Peacock Throne of Shah Jahan, which was a precious relic. In the history of India, there was also the Aryans was living in the Indian society, who was following the archaic pattern of society.

The splintered society was never able to resist and aggression. The Aryans invaded and settled down in India and shared their religious beliefs, culture and traditions with the inhabitants of the country. Due to the medieval period, Turks and Muslim invasion become frequent because the country was divided into different empires which were not strong enough to defend the aggressions.

In the Indian history, the Mughal dynasty was founded by the Babur, who have restored the stability in the nation. The country prospered under the successors especially Akbar. When the Mughal dynasty was declined, then it led the era of British conquest in India. The British also took the advantage of the growing instability in the country to further their vested interest. There is the certain type of people, who are more often caught slumbering when it comes to recognising the opportunity.

Conclusion This strike while the iron is hot essay proverb is explaining that never make the chance to fall in life and always be in the success way. I love helping Aspirants. You may join me on Facebook Related Post.