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Teenage suicide in death by landscape essay

From my understanding, based on the information given in our textbook, an allegory is a moral or virtue embodied within and told through a story, and those values are brought to life by human or animal characters. Symbols are a little easier, considering that almost anything or anyone can be a symbol for a number of things, such as a value, societal role, or a life experience.

Unlike allegories, symbols can have multiple meanings, and can be significant in different ways, depending on the context of the symbol and the perspective which someone looks at it.

For example, Harry Potter could a symbol for love, bravery, or leadership. To be honest, I had difficulty trying to find an example of a pure allegorical figure in literature, because every character I could think of was also a symbol for some important virtue or message.

Teenage Suicide In Death By Landscape

Wilderness in any narrative can be very symbolic. The forest provides the werewolves shelter from the prying eyes of the outside world, and gives them the freedom to show their mythical forms, so to speak. Same with the Forbidden Forest in the Harry Potter series; the Forest is regarded with apprehension, fear, and wonder.

The Forest contains a world of its own, again separated from influence from the outside. It is home to mythical creatures, who are free from societal restrictions and boundaries, and their choice of habitat is appropriate considering that wilderness can represent freedom.

To Lucy, I think the ruggedness and untainted wilderness represented a life free from her suffering and responsibilities.

Teenage Suicide In Death By Landscape Essay Term Paper Writing

So, while her death was incredibly tragic, if you look at it from a optimistic perspective, Lucy found freedom and peace in becoming one with nature. Her sense of helplessness should never have become that overwhelming. I wonder, since the story does take place a few decades ago, if Margaret Atwood was using the wilderness as being symbolic of the escape teenagers especially today find in alcohol and drug abuse.

She bought them because she wanted them. She wanted something that was in them, although she could not have said at the time what it was.

Teenage suicide in death by landscape essay

It was not peace: Looking at them fills her with a wordless unease. Every one of them is a picture of Lucy. In the picture of the cliff she is hidden by the clutch of fallen rocks towards the bottom, in the one of the river shore she is crouching beneath the overturned canoe.

Everyone has to be somewhere, and this is where Lucy is. Mistery Alley To me, this piece really represents those two quotes, and the idea of Lucy being somewhere in each painting.

Death by Landscape Summary