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The audiences perceptions towards macbeth through act one essay

The drama techniques are used as tools by Shakespeare to manipulate the plot and characters, to express fundamental concepts and themes and dictate the actions of the characters.

How the audiences’ perceptions on Macbeth change through out act one.

They also create suspense and keep the audience aware throughout the play of the relationship between Macbeth and his wife as well as his interactions with the Weird Sisters through techniques of foreshadowing and dramatic irony. Dramatic irony is employed from the beginning of the play. Dramatic irony is employed here, since Macbeth is unaware at this stage of the importance of his words. The audience though are able to see the connection, which creates dramatic suspense.

His words highlight the contribution of the Witches to the events and outcomes of the play. Foreshadowing is one of the first dramatic techniques to be used in the play.

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In his meeting with the witches in Act 1 Sc lll, Macbeth learns of the prophecy. It plants the idea of treason in his mind. Dramatic Techniques in Macbeth We have so large base of authors that we can prepare a unique summary of any book. How fast would you like to get it? We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Without the deliverance of the prophecy by the Witches, Macbeth would not have considered becoming king.

Macbeth at this stage of the action considers the witches insignificant, lowly and evil.

Macbeth Analysis

He is initially fearful of them and approaches them with caution. This is because at the time the play was written, witches were thought to have forbidden knowledge and to be servants of the devil. Curiosity overcomes his initial reaction and he is drawn to the possibility of becoming king. Dramatic monologue is the first technique to be used. It is our first insight the character of Lady Macbeth and reveals to the audience her perception of her husband.

Lady Macbeth considers him too weak to pursue the kingship.

  • Lady Macbeth is the stronger of the two and her love for Macbeth is apparent;
  • Macbeth becomes completely reliant on the guidance and reassurance of the Witches instead;
  • This can often be seen in the history of civilization...

Lady Macbeth is the stronger of the two and her love for Macbeth is apparent. When Lacy Macbeth receives Duncan in to her home she plays the perfect hostess even though she has just concluded talking with Macbeth about her plan to murder him. Macbeth when left alone comes to the conclusion that he has no need to go through with the proposed action. This vacillation in his decision to murder the king serves as a dramatic technique.


It allows the audience to see how easily Lady Macbeth persuades Macbeth. Her constant pushing and rebuking results in Macbeth committing the murder. The rebuking of Macbeth is also evident in the banquet scene. Macbeth claims to have seen the ghost of Banquo. After this scene the relationship between Macbeth and his wife disintegrates.

Macbeth no longer relies on his wife for support. Macbeth becomes completely reliant on the guidance and reassurance of the Witches instead. Macbeth goes in search of reassurance.

Dramatic irony is employed in the fact that Macbeth seeks guidance from the only people who know he is doomed.

The armoured head warning him of Macduff, the bloody child telling him he cannot be killed of man born of woman and the crowned child holding a tree sceptre.

  1. Have they detected a potential for evil within him which they may work on, or is he an innocent victim picked at random? The audience though are able to see the connection, which creates dramatic suspense.
  2. From the first scene the reader is introduced to...
  3. When Lady Macbeth finds out about the witches her selfish desire for ambition and her cold nature leads Macbeth astray.
  4. However, there are also other genres like horror, suspense and drama that come later on during the play. Ela Macbeth Essay Diploma exam topic — January 2011 Discuss the ideas developed by the text creator in your chosen text about the conflict between pursuing a personal desire and choosing to conform Macbeth is a dramatic play that displays a strong emphasis on the effects from personal desires and choices made by...

The armoured head a symbol of military threat, the bloody child symbolic of child born by ceasarian and the crowned child holding a tree foreseeing that Malcom, heir of Duncan, will cut down Birnam Wood to camouflage his army. Foreshadowing and dramatic irony are again employed to increase the tension as the action moves inexorably to its final stages. Need Help With Your Essay? Get Help From Professional Writer Macbeth has been completely blinded to reality by his trust in the Witches and by his own ambition and false sense of security.

Throughout the play dramatic techniques such as dramatic irony and foreshadowing are used to explore the relationships and interactions between Macbeth and the women in the play.