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The causes and effects on street children young people essay

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Family fiscal state of affairs, overcrowded schools and even safe topographic point where they can run and play. Furthermore, wars or armed struggles cause the increasing of this job where the kids parents are killed and go forth them entirely with no shelter or topographic point to populate. On the other manus, there are kids whose have defenders, but the defenders sent them to work to assist the household, others are forced to work and populate in streets. Even there are kids from good to make households or in-between category who run off from places.

The intent of this essay is to demo some of the causes and its effects sing street kids job, and analyse the solution to distinguish between good solution and bad solutions.

  1. In the street he would be beaten by the public, street adults and others.
  2. The money collected by begging used for food and for drug. However there remain so many causes that bring children on the street.
  3. It reflects to the increasing concern of public towards child right.
  4. A finite circle is job, because when kids grows to be grownups.

Childs have lost contact with their parents or households, which consequences the loss of the kids in the streets. Some kids are the progeny of cocottes. Some households reject their kids if there are handicapped. In those causes the background is non allows hapless. The kids without instruction are without future, which means that they will non be able to support their hereafter and they will confront tonss of troubles to hold a better life.

Furthermore, being undernourished from such a really immature age causes bad side effects on their wellness like malnutrition which effects at that place immune system and as a consequence shorter life anticipation.

Street Children in Kathmandu

This is a immense job as those hapless childs do non hold individuality, which exclude them from other right like the right to vote or the right to hold a proper instruction or even low degree instruction.

Furthermore, condemnable packs which truly represent a immense catastrophe, as they use those unregistered kids to make felons and force.

Those kids have no standards to cognize what is right and what is incorrect. They may expose themselves to really barbarous state of affairss like harlotry, sexual misdemeanors, drug ingestion and other signifiers of modern bondage.

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The demand of street kids is high among the procurers and the whorehouse proprietors because these kids sell themselves at inexpensive rates. These kids are at high hazard because they neither use preventives nor inquire the clients to utilize them. A finite circle is job, because when kids grows to be grownups. They will be the best form for offense ; there will be evil walking on his pess.

Street children

There will be single nonreader grownups with low moral beliefs, with damaged psychological science. Those lovely hapless kids in the yesteryear will be the immorality which will suppress other helpless and guiltless kids.

All of this means that street kids of today will be felons of tomorrow. The statistics need to be disaggregated by sex and age. This research will necessitate to analyze the nexus between poorness, inequality, development, force and exclusion. To switch the attack to street kids from legalistic to preventive, protective and rehabilitative intercessions, through a focal point on: To implement and supervise all international and national committedness to kids 3.

Status message

To set up clear authorizations and lines of institutional duty for street kids 4. This entity would be a accelerator advocating, passing and supervising the state of affairs of street kids. To invent a comprehensive kid protection system that addresses the issues of all classs of vulnerable misss and male childs in all their diverseness of age, category, faith every bit good as household and regional background 5. To invent a National Strategy, programmes and undertakings specifically for street kids 6.

To beef up the advocacy function of civil society administrations working with street kids 7.