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The spanish colonization in the philippines essay

And we are very thankful because those schools were still teaching the Filipino people until now. And also the Spanish government transformed the Filipino people socially.

Like the hispanization of Filipino surnames.

The Spanish Colonization in the Philippines Essay

Also the Spanish introduced to the Filipino to used the stone in building construction so that the bahay kubo was transformed into bahay na bato with balcony and we think that was the style of some houses today.

And they also changed the mode of Filipino dressing.

  1. The unknown journalist persists in criticizing the country of "the incredible ingratitude obtained by the generous country which with a precipitancy, blameworthy because of its magnanimity, instituted laws designed to elevate these islands to the ranks of the most civilized countries.
  2. The Filipinos will find in it the history of the last ten years... The feature that impedes contemporary historians from gaining an insight to the pre-Hispanic Filipinos is that the use of writing suggests that they had been unfamiliar in recording historical records; perhaps they did not think that such records would be of any use to themselves, as its basic purpose, then, was for personal communication and composing literature.
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  4. People and goods are moved by land road and rail , water, and air through the assurance of efficiency and supervisions of Unemployment and Migration in the Philippines 2027 words - 8 pages a great factor in the development of the country and is generally affected by several elements such as lack of job opportunities, population growth, the annual increase in the labor force insufficiently met by the labor market, and particularly more attractive prospects in developed countries Brooks, 2002.
  5. He furthered his studies and had accomplished a where he graduated as doctor of medicine and philosophy. New York, Rinehart and Winston, 1979.

The Spanish introduced the wearing western coat and trousers or amiricana, which replaced their traditional jacket and bahag for men.

They also encourage the Filipino men to stop using the putong and instead wore hats and they even started wearing slippers and shoes instead of going around barefoot. And for women they started using saya and camisa, replacing their traditional sarong.

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The women also learned to used manton de manila or shawls and handkerchief and also like the men, the women started using slippers and shoes. The Spanish also influenced us to celebrate religious feasts honoring patron Saints because this is the consequence for being converted into Catholicism. The Spanish changed the lives of Filipino.

Even though the Spanish was inhumanity but the Filipino was still lucky because the Spanish people exerted efforts to implement our country by sharing to us the way of their living and those things contributed a lot to us Filipino. And we also give thanks to the Spanish because they converted the Filipino into Catholicism because if the Spain had not succeeded to colonized our country, then our country would have been a Muslim nation now.

Catholicism is the most important contribution that the Spanish given to us. The Spanish colonization in the Philippines brought such poverty, violence, misery to us Filipino.

Philippines And The Spanish Colonization Essay

But it also contributes us a lot of good things. They improved and helped our country in many ways. Even though the Filipino experienced the inhumanity of the Spaniards but still they influenced us the way of their living and until today we still used and make those influences in our daily lives. The only thing that we can say in the Spanish colonization is that we felt different emotions. We felt angry because the Spaniards abused the Filipino they treated them as slaves.

We felt sad because their are many Filipinos sacrificed their own lives just for the sake of the country man.

  1. People from other The Cold War and U.
  2. Catholicism is the most important contribution that the Spanish given to us. Taxes, tributes, extortionate rents and forced labor increased tension among the villagers.
  3. The local people were required to pay taxes to the Spanish government and to support the church. Paciano had studied under Fr.
  4. Every aspect of their society, politics, religion and culture revolutionize irrevocably. Filipinos, before the Spanish, practiced the backfiring of land in order to produce fertile plantations for their agriculture.

And for the freedom of our country. And also we felt happy because the Spaniards contributes many good things in our country, the Philippines. How to cite this page Choose cite format:

  • Since various characteristics of the past are being chosen, by the writer, with specific recognition and emphasis on the benefit of the Spaniards upon the Filipinos;
  • And for the freedom of our country;
  • It was not necessarily Spain itself but the Spanish friars priests in the Philippines that he believed were the exact barriers to reform.