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Unit 5 assignment1 securing windows media services essay

Securing windows media

The metabase has a hierarchical organization structure, which depicts the IIS installation structure. After successful installation of the latest updated operating system and the IIS, the process of securing then gets on the move.

  • For faster and straightforward securing of this account, the IIS Lockdown Tool, which is a product from Microsoft, is run;
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This process begins at the network layer Novick, 2010. This configuration, though not complicated, bars the attack of the web server by any malicious external intruders. Securing the network only protects the web server. Therefore and as aforementioned, after testing the security updates of the operating system and the IIS patches, automatic updates is scheduled.

In adding security and removing vulnerabilities to the IIS application, the administrator has to rename, disable or delete the IUSR account and recreate it.

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  • To further the security of the server, an encryption connection may also be used;
  • After windows insiders installed update kb4046355 for the insider build 1629915, they discovered that windows media player had been silently removed from the computer as build 16299 is the fall creators update that is scheduled to come out this month, it is unknown whether the removal of windows media player is intentional as part of this.

The IUSR account refers to an anonymous user in the web. For faster and straightforward securing of this account, the IIS Lockdown Tool, which is a product from Microsoft, is run. The use of this tool qualifies the account to become a member of the local group of the web anonymous users.

Likewise, adding these group users to be members of the local group will give the same results. UrlScan Security tool is also found within the Lockdown tool and it helps, in conjunction with the former tool, in eliminating web extensions that are considered to be dangerous and of no consequence and checking any attempts to run EXE, IDA and HTA file extensions that are restricted.

Disabling socket pooling also plays a pivotal role in IIS securing.

Unit 5 assignment1 securing windows media services essay

The technique of connection pooling allows many sites to share TCP sockets. Consequently, disabling this enhancement will ensure that the IIS server is not in a position run services that are using ports with similar port numbers. Since the socket pooling option is by default enabled, the administrator renders it inoperative by configuring the DiasbleSocketPooling, an option in the llisWebServer classes and llsWebService. The IIS web server can further be secured by implementing various logon methods by applying basic authentication realms.

For instance, web server user privileges. This strategy assigns a user name and password that ensures only the users having them are the ones who can physically access the server. Another logon procedure is the use of password pass through. To further the security of the server, an encryption connection may also be used.

However, this option of securing the IIS server has some loopholes since the username and the password are passed over the internet in each log in thus becomes exposed to hackers. Therefore, in order to increase the security levels of the IIS server, modification can be made. These include employment of authentication methods that are interactive, application authentication and authentication of the network that has the capability to preserve the user credentials.

This provides an extensive security function to the server through the numerous steps of installation and application settings for maximum functionality. However, most of the implementation procedures and steps unit 5 assignment1 securing windows media services essay more or less similar to those of the UrlScan and the IIS Lockdown tool. How to cite this page Choose cite format: