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What would the world be like without music essay

Can You Imagine a World Without Music? A Terrifying Thought

A A A Icomment on There exists within every individual, an unquenchable lust, a relentless passion, constantly brimming just under the surface of the human conscious. It affects us in unexplainable ways, it's presence lifting us up into it's euphoric highs, enveloping every fiber of our being with it's blissful presence. In contrast, when forced to wallow in the abyss of it's absence, we are drug down to down to it's emotionally painful depths of despair and drollery.

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Contrary to what you might be thinking, this is not a mere mind-altering drug, nor simply a heady bodily pleasure. In fact, I believe there is no equal, nothing attainable in this life and perhaps the next, that could hope to equate to the sheer power it can have on the human mind.

This devilishly simple, ancient magic, has been harnessed for many a millennia by even the most primitive of men. It can be achieved by the tapping of a foot or the clapping of hands, if one was so inclined to in a pinch. This magic, perhaps unbeknownst to the first to discover it, would become known as music. The German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, put it simply, "Life without music would be a mistake. The blind can hear it and bask in the sweet melody, experiencing a beauty which they may have never understood in their otherwise in their sensory darkness.

World without Music

While the deaf, although unable to hear, can compose it for the enjoyment of others, and may very well create the most enjoyable and majestic masterpieces of all, as Beethoven so showed in his later years. What's more, music is inherently unique to each individual, each person tailoring his or her own meaning and relevance to every piece.

Being a language in it's own right, you must borrow a symbolic-interactionist approach to fully grasp the power of music. What might inspire a kind childhood memory to one, could spark a triggering and painful moment to another.

Life Without Music Would Be A Mistake

That is a key component of the beauty that music holds; while it brings humanity together, celebrating shared experiences and the collaboration of emotion, it also allows each person to validate their own unique individuality. Even though people differ in their tastes, there are a few things which no one can dispute. It carries many cliches, although proved true time and time again.

Music most certainly has the ability to soothe the savage beast, it also has the capacity to incite fury and passion. The blowing of a horn has long been used to signal the beginning of a battle in ancient times, much like how today, popular, energetic songs are used in the preliminaries to sporting events to make the fans and players feel the heat of the game.

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Thankfully for us, some eternal truths remain. Let there be no mistakes, that music is, and always has been part of our humanity.

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It is a law of life.