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Why am i the way i am essay

Who Am I Essay

That has always been an essential question for incoming freshman to SLA. Which takes me here, to Mr. Sadly, the ones that I can be really descriptive on are the sad ones. Block likes to call them. You have ten minutes. I sat in class, during last period for about 4 minutes pondering on what to jot down.

  • And the teacher of mathematics considers that I am stupid and lazy;
  • We then as a class, left the technology room;
  • To them, I was the backup.

Words of any kind, non-stop about anything that my two scenes reminded me about a larger part in life. I stared and stared until I finally thought of a good idea.

While trying to haul all my thoughts and words on this page quickly I finally knew what to say and how to say it. I know that not everyone is going to like or approve of you but sometimes I just feel this way. Other times, I feel empty, just as hallow as a log.

“Who Am I?”, Free Essay Sample

Who am I really? The darker thoughts reminded me of how it all started like a punch to the face. I remembered how I first felt like I was lost in myself trying to find my true self out.

The picture was very alluring and it drew me in like the smell of a fresh homemade apple pie. With constant friends leaving, and promises broken, I understood the pain and sorrow that screamed through the picture.

With my speechless eyes I stared at the why am i the way i am essay. It was if my eyes hunger for the understanding of the photo. It felt as if I needed the reassuring judgment that the photo brought to it self. The power in the photo was overpowering that everything I was supposed to hear, was closed and pushed out. And with that, I pushed in my chair with aching noises of yelling and got in line.

We then as a class, left the technology room. Having this whole flashback moment I realized how many bad things must have happened when I was little. I guess you can say I kind of just gave up on people?

I still have things to strive for, but now people are just an obstacle for me. But knowing that I still feel as though I would be hated for being the me that I think is my true self. Sometimes not caring is the only thing that saves you. I learned how to control my tears.

I mold myself into the person that everyone wants me to be. To them, I was the backup. The one everyone looks to in time of need. But what if the backup needs a backup? I remembered one time when I tried to pour out all my thoughts, my feelings onto paper.

Example of Introduction of “Who Am I” Essay

I somehow wanted to get all the pain out. Sitting there on the farthest of my couch I thought about the happy times that used to be fun and made everyday seemed as though the sun was out and smiling down on us. I wiped my face with the quickness. I was angry with myself. How could I possibly cry over something that happened so many times already? With my thoughts filled with rage I finally begin to write.

Who Am I Essay Essay

I was confused with how my coping skills had failed me like my 5th grade teacher tried to do. How could I still be feeling upset if I just poured out all of my feelings on the paper that was trying to keep it hostage?

After a while I just sat, and pondered on what to do next. I then noticed that all I could do was just accept all of it. Accept the pain, happiness, sorrow, everything. And after my friendship of 8 years ended with one of my closest friends, I told my self to shut down completely.

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I just go with the flow of my life. I follow what people want from me. So I continue to find out who I really am. Searching for the chance when that one faint light shines to lead me out of the surrounding darkness of my own shell.