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Why is education so important in canada education essay

Cultural Change in Canada Essay 515 words - 2 pages farm. Canada began to accept more immigrants to Canada and created the Points System which allowed people to come to Canada not based on racial criteria but, based on education, age, personal characteristics, and fluency in French or English.

If these immigrants met the qualifications then they were accepted into Canada. The significance of the Library and Archives of Canada is that it holds every important document this country was built on and more including the Census of Canadian citizens all the way back to 1871 in addition to a military Women in Canada 1116 words - 4 pages the history of Canada including sports, political representation, and education.

One thing that women have done for Canada would be historical milestones. For example, in 1912, Manitoba was the first province to grant women the right to vote and hold office. This is important because women got the right to vote in Canada before they got the right to vote in the United States. Comparative analysis on Chinese and Korean immigrant groups and there degree of integration to Canadian society 1167 words - 5 pages Many of the Asian immigrants come to Canada to escape political pressure and to achieve a better economical status.

Education In Canada Essay

How they are different and where you would prefer to live 569 words - 2 pages are not as crowded as in India. The people in Canada live in cities and usually have smaller families.

  1. Even the students' averages are low, they can still go to universities that don't require high averages.
  2. In the united states, canada, higher education is therefore very important to national economies, and in so doing,. Immigration provides very constant growth in the labor force, which is helping the Canadian labor market.
  3. The education systems of Pakistan and Canada share similarities and also differ in the following aspects.

Although Canada is more advanced, it has an educational system similar to India. Both the countries provide free and compulsory primary education. A student in Canada has to attend school up to the age of 16.

Whereas in India, students can drop out of school at age 14 if they wish to. University education is competitive and expensive. In short, Canadian government has good reasons and absolutely authority to refuse to become part of U. After all, we also need to consider carefully if it really happened, what this happen going to effect other countries in this world. This essay is made by Roshan Jeyakumar from MDHS 611 words - 2 pages makes Canada have a nice balanced climate which is a very good pull factor.

EducationThe education in Canada is very good because of the technology and the educational system that has been well established in by the government for a long time. In Canada the high-school students study the compulsory and elective why is education so important in canada education essay together so that they get a wider variety of information to help them in their future.

In Canada you can only graduate by gaining Business Climate 959 words - 4 pages for skilled workers because not enough of the locals are continuing their education. The aging population is staying in the workforce longer because the birth rate is low and there are no young people to replace those getting close to retirement age.

Because of this situation the Canadians will continue to look at immigrants to hire. Canada is working on improving the education system because of the high school drop-out rate among locals or Defining Moments in the Canadian History 1295 words - 5 pages letCanadians liberate other countries and made Canadians really feel good abouttheir country. One of the most important changes of all in Canada was the impact ofimmigration.

Essay/Term paper: Canada's educational system

In 1967, Canada had made a new immigration policy. Immigrateswere chosen by a point system based on an education and employmentperspective. Canada needed people with training and specific skills. Under thissystem, applicants were given points according to criteria such as age Canada is in favor of Peace 1329 words - 5 pages: Culture and Customs of Rwanda. Immigration is a significant role in building our economy, providing growth in the labor force, making a strong economy, and becoming a multicultural nation.

Immigration provides very constant growth in the labor force, which is helping the Canadian labor market. Multiculturalism In Canada 1048 words - 5 pages Multiculturalism in Canada is actually a beautiful element.

  • After school, most students take private tutoring to supplement regular schooling in order to get into higher level of education, for example, universities;
  • Anti-Asian riots and pressure by groups such as the Asiatic Exclusion League resulted by 1923 in legislation to curtail Asian immigration including a closed door to the Chinese.

The stereotyping, that is describing people shape, colour and language they speak. Educational centres are all over the world. Education system varies in all parts of the world, yet is similar in its goals. The education systems of Pakistan and Canada share similarities and also differ in the following aspects: First, the curriculum is mostly similar.

Canada is ranked at the top or in the recommended margin of the following categories: Canada has an inflation rate at 2. More immigrants are jobless in America because of Xenophobia playing a role in them being hired. Moreover, Canada has a better education system than America. Canada has a better education program because they spend the time that they need to on it and Other Popular Essays.