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Why one peaceful woman carries a pistol essay

The American Medical Association claims that sexual violence, and rape is the most under reported crimes. In the U. S Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics revealed in that;women were the victims of a rape or sexual assault.

According to the U. S Department of Justice in, women were victims of rape or sexual assault. The statistics are endless and frightening. The article is compelling in the way she describes herself as a victim of many instances of harassment, and how she felt helpless in protecting herself against threats.

A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Pistol - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

The first paragraph introduces her argument. She states that the decision was a personal one due to the controversies surrounding handguns. The next paragraph is the thesis of her story: As a Freelance writer, I travel alone a lot- more thanmiles by car in the last four years. With woman freer than ever before to travel alone, the odds of our encountering trouble seem to have risen.

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Distances are great, roads are deserted, and the terrain is often to exposed to offer hiding places. This paragraph is the compelling argument for her decision to carry a handgun. After all the incidents that she mentions in the article; which are many and frightening, she describes the moment that she felt powerful and able to defend herself against several drunk men.

The incident happened one day as she was driving to the mailbox. She noticed a vehicle parked half way down the road with several men standing in a ditch urinating. The next paragraph is interesting because it serves the purpose of describing the imminent danger that she felt she was in, and the helplessness that would accompany it.

I believe the purpose to be that they might have had a prejudice against the foreign car, and the word small to mean that she was meek. The outcome would be obvious, as she withdrew her gun; she pointed to the cans with the gun making a statement; that she was not to be taken advantage of, or laughed at, and that she was to be taken seriously.

The presence of the gun tilted all the power to her side, allowing her to be in control of the situation. I believe that she was justified in her response, and shatter at the thought of what could have happened had she not been armed. In that situation, in that remote area, with four drunken men, the result would have been a disaster and life threatening to Hasselstrom. She was completely within her right, and furthermore she why one peaceful woman carries a pistol essay a perfect candidate to carry a gun, given the remote area, and lack of help in those remote areas that exist in South Dakota.

South Dakota is a Shall Issue concealed carry state. There are four classifications in the U. S for concealed weapons: No Carry means just that, there are no provisions what so ever that would permit the carry of a weapon outside of Law Enforcement.

The second classification is a May Issue State. Concealed Carry is allowed with a permit, and the issuing agency has the discretion to grant or deny a permit for any reason. In ; 28 states and Washington D.

  1. She relives certain events that put her in a position of distinction toward the opposite sex. I think Feels Like Far has some excellent writing in it-- some of my best.
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  3. I would say that the time period in which I wrote the essay [late 1980s through 1990] was considerably safer, with much less news about violence committed with firearms, than today. I try to tell exactly what happened as well as I can remember it.

C; in9 states The third classification is a Shall Issue State. Concealed Carry is allowed with a permit, and the issuing agency has no discretion and must grant a permit to anyone who meets the minimum qualifications. There are four such states in Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming, and Vermont. In there was only one such state, Vermont. This shows that the trend in the past thirty years has been to relax gun laws.

Peaceful women explains why she carries a gun

Given the rash of mass murders, and violence against women in this country, the debate is thriving. The Second Amendment guarantees: The Second Amendment is crystal clear. We have the right to keep and bear arms, but each state is the regulating body of that right to keep and bear arms. It is clear that some states have a higher threshold for a carrying permit than do others. The debate will rage on, that is evident, but with every massacre that happens, the outcry for more relaxed gun laws is louder and louder.

There are no simple answers. There are only difficult and challenging questions-that lead to more difficult and challenging questions.